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e-Con e-News 30 October – 05 November 2022

The (so-called Sri Lankan-owned) media has demanded with one voice that Sri Lanka default on debts & submit to the IMF. These debts were largely incurred to pay for imports of fuel, fertilizer, food, pharma and machinery, most of which was not invested in productive efflorescence.

      At the same time, the US Treasury’s IMF, which is not a democratic organization at all, is clearly working thakata-thei with US games to turn Sri Lanka into a US military base in the Indian Ocean. Until Sri Lanka submits, they aim to play all sides against the middle, while depriving us of the essentials we’re prevented from producing for ourselves.

      The media this week took instead to openly trying to blame China again for the ‘delay’ in imposing the IMF’s blessings. It is the US (& IMF) dictat that is creating further chaos. Instead, they are framing China for the continuation of the colonial import-export plantation oligarchy’s policies.

      This recent report blaming China originates with the Hindustan Times quoting unnamed ‘financial analysts based in Washington’. Of course we aren’t surprised that Hindustan is also the modifier for Hindustan Unilever, the largest English multinational in India – and not that coincidentally – the largest media advertiser.

      ee repeats: Unilever, World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, etc., are no democracies by any means. And yet, US President J Biden recently divided a multinational-corporation-dominated world into ‘democracies’ and ‘autocracies’:

‘By democracies Biden means the US & allied Western financial oligarchies.

Their aim is to shift economic planning out of the hands of elected governments

to Wall Street & other financial centers under US control.

US diplomats use the IMF & World Bank

to demand privatization of the world’s infrastructure

and dependency on US technology, oil & food exports

More recently, US diplomats appointed Juan Guaidó

as Venezuela’s head of state, instead of its elected president,

and turned over that country’s gold reserves to him.

President Biden has insisted, Russia must remove Putin

and put a more pro-US leader in his place.

This ‘right’ to select heads of state has been a constant in US policy

spanning its long history of political meddling in… political affairs since WW2…

By democracy he means a client oligarchy under US control,

creating financial wealth by reducing living standards for labor,

as opposed to mixed public/private economies

aiming at promoting living standards & social solidarity.

ee Economists, Germany’s position in US’ New World Order

This insight indubitably puts in percipient perspective all the pervasive parroting of the media: about an ‘independent’ Central Bank, the demand for unaccountable accountants and corporate-funded technocrats, the overmuch attacks on politicians – as if artists and professors, doctors and lawyers, were paragons of incorrupt rectitude, etc, – as if it is this ‘civil society’ dominated by corporations, who should select our leaders.

• It becomes clearer every day, and it has taken a determined Russian President V Putin to state it: The US is behind the unjustified inflation of the dollar, and the criminal strangling of supply lines related to fuel, fertilizer, food, medicine. Fuel, food & pharma multinationals, blocking supply chains, are making killings, ie, with profits going through the ozone layer, even as the rate of profits decreases due to the refusal to invest in modern production, rather than in non-productive rentier activity (eg, real-estate, tourism, luxury consumption, etc). And yet the English media says the very opposite, and not state the obvious:

Prices are not going up just because of supply chain or labor

or some other invisible market forces, they are going up

because powerful executives are making deliberate choices

to maximize their profits at the expense of the rest of us.

(see ee Finance, An Economist’s Chart Goes Viral)

• English media has been slobbering over Rishi Sunak being made England’s first off-white government leader, acting the Hindu Brahmin, etc. (England’s King is their head of state, who by law has to be an Anglican!).

      If ‘ethnicity’, ‘race’ or ‘genes’ are the major or only determining factor in human’s behavior on this earth, then Rishi Sunak’s real ethnicity or race is ‘fund manager’. He is the first Goldman Sachs employee to openly ‘rule’ a country. This Goldman-Sachs DNA is what determines his policies, not the blue Krishna!

      Sunak is compared to Italy’s Mario Monti and Mario Draghi:

‘A typical technocratic leader or central banker.

He is prime minister by appointment:

neither elected through a general election,

nor even by his own party or parliament.

The Conservative Party avoided a members’ vote

by setting an artificially high first-round voting threshold.’

(see ee Sovereignty, England’s transition from Tweedledee to Tweedledum)

      The policies Sunak has been chosen to uphold and impose, and perhaps even die for, do not issue out of his Brahmanic brain alone. He represents a particular strain of the English body politic, the same strain that goes in for sometimes dressing up in their mother’s garters but with some sense of what is a home game within the (financial) city’s boys-only sausage dens, and what’s played outside in their country towns and churches.

• The US-led NATO alliance is increasing their resort to terrorist tactics in the Ukraine and Russia. This includes the bombing of nuclear plants & dams, threats of ‘dirty bombs’, and the exposure of England’s hand in recent large-scale attacks. ee focuses on this Baltic arena, not to divert from their daily horrors in Asia (from North Korea to Yemen, Palestine, etc) and Africa (East Africa, Libya, Mali, etc). The attempts to do what they normally practice in our countries, gets more media exposure because Russia and China do not stay quiet like our leaders.

      This terrorism must be exposed because US corporations like Trimble Sensors have been contracted to ‘comprehensively’ monitor Victoria Dam, etc. (ee 2 Aug 2020).

• Build Better Colonies (BBC) – The 100th anniversaries of the BBC as well as Italy’s National Fascist Party are being celebrated this autumn. The link between the BBC and the promotion of fascism is quite enlightening (ee Focus). The fascists and the Nazis have always seen English colonial policy and their settler-states (US, Canada, South Africal Australia, New Zealand) as their ‘elder brothers’. Fascism indeed is ‘the return’ and recrudescence of Europe’s colonialism and imperialism.

      Italy: recall that Mussolini’s establishment of the Vatican as a separate state, and compensation for the confiscation of church properties (1929 Lateran Treaty) was made in return for the Catholic Church promoting, from every pulpit, the invasion of Ethiopia in 1936 (which Italy had also invaded in 1896).

      This Italian centenary marks the ‘March on Rome’ and the momentary triumph of fascism. Indeed the similarities between fascism’s ‘anti-state state’ demands, and the recent aragalaya’s ‘March on Galle Face’ with its demands to submit to the US and IMF, bear investigation. Also see ee Media, The Nightwatchman’s Bludgeon – 100 Years of Fascism.


• ‘These sites link to state-owned websites’, only referring to Russia or China, is now a mainstay banner witnessed by those who use Twitter, Facebook, etc. Such warnings could very well accompany Twitter, etc, themselves.

      Despite the monopoly control of the media by a few capitalist corporations, based mainly in London and New York, serving the aims of the imperialist powers, English media becomes more crazed by the hour.

      There is an almost total whitewash of the massive protests ongoing in the US colony of South Korea, demanding the end of US-South Korea-Japan war exercises. Why US colony? – you may ask. Now imagine what people may say if there were 50,000 and more Chinese troops in Sri Lanka? God Save the Anglican Queen or King or (gender-fluid) Monarch.

      Rising protests across Europe against US-led NATO war also do not make the daily news.

      The English media also ignores the increasingly closer relations between Asian & African countries, preferring to focus on differences. As, eg, this week Nguyễn Phú Trọng, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, stated: ‘Vietnam has made the development of friendship and cooperation with China the top priority in our foreign policy.’

      Russia recently labeled Facebook aka Meta as a terrorist organization, for posts promoting attacks on civilians. How long will it take for these US organizations to be banned all together or at least regulated in Sri Lanka? Contrary to their own propaganda (aka public relations) about individual-ownership, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, nay, the entire internet, their origins & their raison d’être, are controlled by the US government.

      This week it was revealed that ‘Meetings between representatives of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft and LinkedIn and US intelligence officers were [are?] held every month…’ (see ee Media, Leaked US Documents).

      Indeed, their hybrid wars using so-called (multinational-dominated) social media and lawfare (ask USAID-funded BASL) are their ‘fair and lovely’ masks….

      Meanwhile we notice that every single Daily Mirror, Sunday Times and Financial Times (all under the Wijewardena-owned Wijeya Group) online article shown online has ads for Unilever, and linked online distributors as well as supermarkets, eg, Cargills, etc, whose opening of its 500th outlet was graced by none other than the Central Bank Governor!

      It’s a no-brainer to see the link between the supposed Tamil-owned Cargills supermarket network and Anglo Unilever, the plantation and FMCG giant.

      Note the appointment this week of a new Managing Partner for Unilever-owned Moldova, Sri Lanka, ‘a data-centric, digitally charged marketing services conglomerate, with 6 agencies including Wavemaker, MediaCom, Mindshare, mSix, Motivator, Essence, and speciality services…’

      ee also notices ads by Pearson in this media. Pearson is now the world’s biggest seller of overpriced yet compulsory textbooks as well as examination systems! ee has already tracked Pearson’s earlier avatar in the origins of the Anglo-Dutch Shell Co, and their sabotage of DJ Wimalasurendra’s striving to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in energy. Wimalasurendra’s ghost most certainly would haunt any party with pretensions to leadership of the country, as ee  has kept saying so long before this year’s powercuts (see: Who’s Afraid of Wimalasurendra? ee 1 Aug 2020, and Wimalasurendra Yaka Caused the Powercut! ee 5 Sept 2020)

Pearson’s Police: Sri Lankan students relying on ‘Z Library’ for obtaining free access to overpriced school textbooks, are disappointed to hear of US police seizing digital database Z-Library domains.

      Users worldwide for years could freely access Z-Library books, from novels to academic texts and journals demanded by universities. Non-paying users could download up to 5 books a day. This week users were met with a blocker that stated the FBI had seized the website domain:

‘This domain has been seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

in accordance with a warrant issued pursuant to 18 USC § 981(b) and 21 USC § 853(f)

by the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York as part of a law enforcement action

by: The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York

and The Federal Bureau of Investigation,’


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