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A Counterfeit Cyclone is on its Way


Here comes Yahapalana 2.0

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 21-27 November 2021


“Climate Change” is camouflaging “Regime Change”, and “Global Warming” beclouding “Global Warring.” Gaps between meteorology, astrology & ideology narrow by the nanosecond. ‘Carbon Rights’ is weaponized & capitalized like ‘Human Rights”. ‘Sustainable’ is code for keeping dead capitalism alive, as ‘global’ multinational banks and corporations rule the world, snug in imperialist bases. Indeed, a cyclone is not just on its way, it is within the gates. And it ain’t just the IMF.


  • A German warship plans to park at Colombo port in January, as Germany this week demanded Sri Lanka ‘end import controls’ (see ee Sovereignty).

Yet, it is import controls that protected their nascent strivings, enabling Germany to rise as an industrial power, to become another model for such Asian countries as China and Japan in the early 20th century. ee continues our discussion of the roots of such industrialization in Asia, while noting it is the Communist Party of China that truly enacted modern (machine-making) industrial policy (ee Focus). Policies, our beloved economists are not allowed to discuss without distortion.

Meanwhile, the German blitzkrieg this week had ‘150 representatives of German brands’ strutting before Treasury Secretary PB Jayasundera at Kingsbury Hotel. Offensive it was to see German envoys, businessmen and their local importers showering tears of outrage against feeble attempts at protecting local industry.

Mercedes has 22 dealers in 50 Indian cities, with a backlog of 1,500 models! Saving precious foreign exchange for more important needs is not as profitable. They wish us to rain dollars on hail-ing and heil-ing Mercedes Benzes from Tamilnadu!

Our October 30th ee looked at how Germany intimately connected art with science and technology to industrialize from the late 19th century. Yet look at the insanity and idiocy of our ‘creative’ ‘middle class’: ‘The New Local Vision’ by the so-called Academy of Design launches Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sri Lanka 2021! ‘The New Local’ vision… champions design for export as a key solution’ (see, ee Business). Their slavish version of design knows nothing about machines making machines.


  • It is no wonder. Sri Lanka is ruled by an import-export plantation oligarchy, a malefic mafia of merchants and moneylenders, who are agents for multinational banks and corporations, pushing foreign industrial machines and goods, intimately entangling the government, particularly high officials, in a wild embrace. And artists, mainly employed by multinational PR agencies, march in lockstep.

It is this private-sector-dominated import-export ‘free market’ fraud that fertilizes the roots of so-called minor and mega ‘corruption’ (that the media, etc., love to go on about). This toxic linkage was accidentally confessed this week in the Daily Mirror. How it got thru their self-censors we don’t know (Random Notes).

The control of multinational banks and corporations (MNCs), many with budgets larger than most countries, is therefore key to an independent economy. MNCs control both government ‘technical and procurement’ policies and officials. MNCs aim to render words like ‘organic’ as meaningless as ‘independence.’


  • ee finds it refreshing therefore that President GR is being blamed for a ‘rant’ against ‘specialists’ who ignore the larger and longer picture. Even more cogently, he accused the state’s administrative ‘structures’ of being ‘linked to fertilizer corporates.’ ee has well documented this collusion by the colonial civil service under the English, which continues unchecked to this day.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture claimed, ‘a strong lobby of agrochemical importers have been trying to influence officials in the ministry and agriculture department.’ This was stated after the Registrar of Pesticides was removed for revoking the gazette banning pesticides. The Registrar, however, claims, the revocation was done ‘on the advice of the Pesticide Technical and Advisory Committee.’

MONLAR claims the government has ‘banned agrochemicals to break the existing cartel that controlled fertiliser imports and thereby help its business associates.’

Also, Lanka Sathosa (shackled to Unilever in a private-public partnership) ‘does not purchase goods through the Cooperative Wholesale Establishment (CWE)’ but has ‘instead been given a free hand to make purchases from the open market at higher prices’ (ee Agriculture).

     ee therefore wonders why the Minister of Agriculture says importers ‘have been trying to influence officials’? They do more than ‘try’ or ‘influence’. Multinationals have been running the Ministry of Agriculture as well as all the Universities’ Departments of Agriculture, their professors and economists, for a long time. And not just Agriculture: Education, Health (Pharmaceutical & Biotech), etc. You name it, they run it!

Inorganic fertilizer is distilled from petroleum. Agricultural policy is intimately connected to energy policy, which is controlled by Rockefeller’s Exxon, Caltex, Chevron, etc., who operate through local agents, e.g. McLarens. Fuel tops our import bill, and it’s not surprising the US has moved to grabbing the Mannar Basin, which, with Trincomalee, is what the terrorist wars were about to begin with. It’s also no coincidence that foreign policy has been handed over to the incompetencies of Rockefeller petroleum-linked ‘Pathfinder’ operators, like the Foreign Secretary Jayantha Colombage and High Commissioner to India, Milinda Moragoda.

This week we were also treated to another charade of the northern political parties going to the US State Department and asking for more imperialist intervention, and then flying unlike geese towards snowy Toronto, where they were presumably honked by LTTE supporters and then ‘rescued’ by Canadian security officials. LTTE supporters in Canada have no independence from the white-settler state and their police to begin with, and simply do their foreign-policy bidding. It’s they who need to be rescued – for once Canada gets its economic way in Sri Lanka, they’ll be refugees again.


  • Sri Lanka’s current economic quagmire is due to three overlapping economic crises’, figures economist Vagisha Gunasekera. ‘Another long drawn-out global capitalist bust phase (which commenced with the 2007 financial collapse)’ has meshed with ‘a domestic economic crisis that has been unfolding since the country’s 1948 ‘Independence’; and the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption ‘of both global and national supply chains’. Gunasekera highlights the ‘urgent need for national planning and policy stability in Sri Lanka’. (ee Focus)

Yet since making and implementing our own plans has been forbidden by the ‘free market’, World Bank and IMF, the US Treasury and their dollar continues their domination of the economy.


  • ‘IMF, here we go again’ has been the rumor, ever since the forced resignation of WD Lakshman as Central Bank governor. At a moment when the country was intoxicated by a ‘landslide’, Lakshman had promised a development bank, which probably signed his professional death warrant. Such acts hastened the demise of such earlier luminaries as SWRD Bandaranaike and Philip Gunawardena.

The CB governor was, as suspected, sabotaged by the private bankers disguised as public officials hidden within the entrails of the Central Bank. ee likes to point out to those who demand ‘educated’ rulers, that the CB has the highest number of PhDs per square foot under one roof in the country. PhDs paid for by the people, but not profiting the people.


  • What will ‘going IMF’ mean? The Sunday Times lets the cat out of the bag by editorializing ‘The Public Sector is overstaffed to the extent of 1.5 million employees and is a burden on the country.’ Barak indeed!

It’s the powerful yet immensely wasteful private sector that is the tremendous burden. With the IMF, in remote or direct control, we’re in for that rerun, where over 50,00 workers were sacked at the behest of the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, to smash the July 1980 General Strike. This signal event, demanded by the WB/IMF, then heralded the consequent turmoil that engulfed the country continuously for almost 30 years after.

Of course, sacking masses of workers will be done under the rubric of ‘Fiscal Consolidation’, with the selling of vital national corporations – as demanded by all the Sunday Times’ and other economists every day, taunting the government for ‘lacking the political will and the guts!’

As we approach the end of the year what better time to announce submission to the dictates of international capitalism than during ‘Mahaveerar’ week? – the annual commemoration of those who fought and died to fragment the country. Yet the roots of such war as always has been most evident in the ongoing blocking of an independent modern economy, wherein controlling the (especially rural) home market is key to buttressing a modern industrial economy.


  • News that the JVP’s Vijitha Herath attended US-funded capitalist thinktank Advocata’s tea party, bringing together a range of actors from SLPP Basil Rajapakse acolyte Ranjith Bandara to one-time Hela helot Champika Ranawaka to Canada’s ‘Critical Student’ Suren Raghavan and the Assembly of God’s Harsha de Silva, tells us another US-orchestrated Yahapalana (Part 2) is on its way and fast.

A curious picket by ‘young socialists’ supporting Palestine also suggests that micro-attempts to slice off fractions for the present government are in full swing. Listen therefore to the video interview with Belarus President Alex Lukashenko explaining how the CIA and their English poodles create havoc to get their way (see ee Sovereignty). The EU enticing refugees – the victims of their wars waged in and on our world – also shows the despicable depths they attain to put pressure on their own working classes by threatening influxes of insecure workers, who they’re just as happy to drown in the English Channel.


  • Across the Pond & Beyond – A cyclone is being sent our way from east and west: a ‘Shadow Government’ in Myanmar supported by the whites to overthrow the government, has raised millions from a ‘Revolution Bond’, claims Bloomberg News, quoting a media agency linked to the very same ‘shadow’. The New York Times reports, US C-17 military planes have landed in neighboring Djibouti to supposedly evacuate US citizens from Ethiopia, as US-supported rebels march on capital Addis Ababa. Australia is sending troops to the Solomon Islands. France is invading Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. No repeated headlines about such invasions. So-called social media is un-outrage-ified.

At one time the English wished to exchange their claim to all of Canada for Guadeloupe (a centre of sugar production). Voltaire sneered back that Canada was: ‘a few acres of snow’.


  • Corporations have 3 sets of books that keep accounts. One for the public (& shareholders), one for the government, and a secret one for themselves. Their corporate media operates in the same way. The real truth is never publicized (see Random Notes).


  • The failure of 17 US intelligence agencies tasked to pinpoint the origins of Corona, is not making headline news (see, Random Notes). All hype about anti-viral pill Molnupiravir, is serving to hide the scandal of the century: Multinational & imperialist prevention of vaccine production in our countries: ‘Molnupiravir VL is like a market-guarding wolf dressed as an access-expanding lamb.’ Preventing vaccine production, is part of the overall prevention of modern (machine-making) production in non-settler colonial countries. See: ee Industry, Voluntary Licensing Agreements between Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) & Big Pharma – Increasing Monopoly Power!

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