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‘Advocarting’ terrorism, tie-suit thieves, rating-fixers and deferred dreams


www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com offers the following gems of political economy

1) US-funded think-tank Advocata, chaired by a leading Indian merchant-family scion, is still promoting international terrorista, Ricardo Hausman of Harvard University. Hausman’s been advocating coups d’etat against governments around the world! Hausman and Harvard were paid by racketeer and ‘revolutionary of color’ George Soros to advise Yahapalanaya. Advocata’s panel discussion this week also included an old CIA ‘hand’ on Sri Lanka, another “Professor”, Mick Moore. Blunt artillery blatantly brought to the fore. Vultures smell blood?

2) On Monday, October 6, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, aka the Quad, namely Australia, India, Japan and the US, will meet in Tokyo. As US President Trump signaled white supremacist forces: “Stand Back, Stand by!” Joe Biden, and local US embassy officials, who wish to accomplish our lynching with even more deadly forces, would be too politesse to use such words.

3) World-Bank-linked Transparency International’s caricature of a corrupt politician/thief, is a slightly shady fat man wearing white ‘national’, displayed on its billboards around us. Yet the biggest thieves in the country are more likely slim, white or invisible, and if they have to wear anything, don suits and ties. Corporate corruption has no compare to the state’s misdemeanors, but why should the media advertise that? This week, JP Morgan, also backing issues of national bonds around the world, just got fined only $920million for 10,000s of illegal trades. They got off easy!

4) Moody’s got caught fixing its ratings to influence the budget and force Sri Lanka into an IMF stranglehold. Moody’s ICRA is linked to Indian state banks and US asset managers linked to Unilever. Fitch Ratings is owned by Hearst Communications which publishes the magazine Cosmopolitan. The SL distributor for Cosmopolitan is Capital Media (Echelon, EconomyNext etc).

5) Millions of Lankans watch warily while bankers and their rating agencies, merchants and their smugglers, media and their disinformation circuits, lawyers and their handcuffing clauses, stall attempts to steer the country through onrushing tempests, treacherous shoals and circling sharks. Naysayers who once backed massmurder in the 1970s/80s and bondscams in the 2010s, are crying, “Anarchy’, “Despotism” etc. What happens when the sweet nectar of euphoria turns to the bitter gall of dreams deferred? They shall soon find out.

6) Media choirs are baring their whitest fangs to pressure an unelected Supreme Court to undo a government with a powerful mandate from the people. The US State Department, their English and Euro poodles, their rogue UN bureaucrats, are animating their dollar-drunk civil society to fully display to an entire country the contemptuous depths to which their claimed ‘commitment to democracy’ can plummet, busy attempting to split the Rajapakse family and the ruling coalition [For all the wrong reasons].

7) There are threats  from the US military, their regional brown sahibs, related monkey armies and local feline mercenaries. NY and London bankers, their US Treasury, their ventriloquist dummies (WB, IMF ADB, etc) and their rating agencies, provide their fiscal coups de grâce, claiming we owe them for odious debts that finance their puppet oligarchy, their luxurious lifestyles, debts taken to pay for their machinations, machines and experts.

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