Alaina dear, give Dayan a Green Card


US Exceptionalism is the new cover for genocidal white traditions, and we doubt anyone will countenance it one bit.

Geneva Jayay Dayan (hereafter GJ the DJ) wished himself happy birthday this week…at 64, saying he was born into a country, Western, liberal, democratic!

We calibrated his horror-scope: He may be the first living/jiving aborted foetus among the children of ’56. 

Then again, he was conceived during the reign of that Bandung Buruva of Kent.

GJ the DJ like many of our Leftists, then hajjed (or is it, trotted) to London and New York rather than Moscow or Beijing.

We always argue against calling anyone a CIA or a RAW agent, and/or both. GJ however constantly re-nominates himself for the award.

His new application for the prize (or green card) is his cheerleading for the latest brand of US imperialism: “Exceptionalism” – as enunciated by incoming US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

GJ acting the mafia wiseguy warns it would be “wise for the Gotabaya presidency to understand…” Sullivan’s take on who we should relate to in Asia.

GJ goes into paroxysms of orgasmic rapture (editor, is this hyper overkill?) describing Sullivan’s sketch of foreign policy, ending with: “Exceptionalism is how you reconcile patriotism with internationalism.”

Wha! GJ, despite all claims to worldly erudition, must have missed Germany’s Merkel thwacking US ‘exceptionalism’ to European legislators on November 30.

Of course Geneva Jayay will counter, how dare we, a “small island” claim equivalence with mighty Germany (errr…“middle power” Deutsch-istan)

Yet Merkel struck “a blow at the heart of the western liberal tradition”, which dictates who qualifies for international citizenship – that universal green card to imbibe Exxon’s monoxidal flatulence on this planet.

Exceptionalism is the new cover for genocidal white traditions, and we doubt anyone will countenance it one bit.

But not GJ: Decades of spewing reams and reams of anecdotal Marxism turns out to be blowing bubble gum for the beast.

Compare former Indian diplomat MR Bhadrakumar’s (MRB) acuity at assaying history, which is the future, in the clay of the present:

“In the real life of nation states, “value issues” turn out to be just optional add-ons to foreign policy….The value-based framework expounded by the West has always been something of a hoax – a kind of ad hocery lacking any fixed notions of shape and coherence, lurching erratically from one position to another, and picking up and dropping moral commitments and principled positions on policy issues where the domestic mood is fluid.”

Unlike an obsequious GJ, MRB takes on the Quad: It espouses an “open, fair, rules-based” international order, that won’t say who drew up such “rules”: Quad members are “notorious violators of international law.”

He says Merkel “spoke with an eye on Joe Biden’s presidency, which might proceed to resurrect the US’ post-World War II hegemony under the pretext of a value-based liberal international order…Biden saying “America is back,” is “profoundly disturbing.”

Consider the proposed A team of GJ the DJ’s ‘Amtrak Joe’ Biden who stole Trump’s electoral sound byte of ending ‘forever wars’. Tarantino long shots cannot encompass these murderous gangstas, all wrapped in the bodiliya raiment of Pink, Green, Obama Grey, Rainbows, etc:

Here comes, “Apologist for Torture,” and architect of Obama’s Tuesday “Kill Lists”, Avril Haines, who will direct ‘national intelligence’ for brain-dead Biden.

Says MRB: “An eternal campaign of armed drones and special forces isn’t a fulfilment of a promise to “end endless wars”. It merely appropriates a slogan for the sake of continuity.”

Nominee for National Secretary of State Tony Blinken was Biden’s top aide when he voted to invade Iraq. GJ would love this mass killer: Honky Blinky plays guitar (“mostly blues and rock”), his mommy loves the arts (like a pig loves mud) and a step dada who survived Auschwitz and Dachau (Mein Gott!). 

Blinky is  “kind and thoughtful” – “A new dad… he also helps raise two toddlers,” tweets Aunty Samantha Power, Jaffna netball player and promoter of NATO mass murder in Libya and Syria.

But ‘nuff Manhattan hype. Look at the program GJ wishes to bestow on us darkies before he rides shotgun into a nuclear sunset:

He demands that the Sri Lankan Left learn from the US Party of…. slavery….err… ooops…. from the US Democratic Party’s Left, whatever that is. This amorphous white “Left’, with goalposts constantly being changed. 

To GJ it is China who is to the right of the US Democratic Party’s Left!

Look at his “Leftist” Sanders who consistently votes in favor of US weapons to Israel. In 2014, he defended Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. He opposes one-state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians alike, and equal citizenship. For: “that would be the end of the state of Israel!”

But then there GJ was last week, lamenting for Palestine.

He once warned “the Left” here to unite unless they wished to be sharing mass graves next to each other. GJ is full of modal conditionals: “repression…may or may not be imminent. By the Sri Lankan Left, I mean the JVP and the FSP, though not necessarily in that order.”

His argument is that the resistance of Left is not a threat but an obstacle to the “regime” plan that “necessitates the burden to be carried by the working people of town and country.”

This from a man who served not only the previous regime but provided ideological astroturf to green carpet over the massive mass graves of the Premadasa Senior regime. There lie buried those children of the peasantry (plus close relatives of the JVP, FSP, SLFP & SLPP) whom the World Bank’s persistent birth-control programs have missed.

GJ sounds tired. As if the silver slushed to him through the Big King’s coffers are not enough to straighten sagging shoulders. He keeps repeating himself.

Alaina, dear, give this wannabe white boy a green card!

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