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Apples & Oranges & the Lights Come On


…and the IMF said: ‘Let There be Light’

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Apples & Oranges & the Lights Come On

e-Con e-News 27 February – 05 March 2022


  • Most of this ee is a vast dreary compendium of the English news of the last week, mostly from Sri Lanka. All it goes to show is that, after 72 years and more, we do not have a representative national media, in Sinhala, Tamil or in English. As one ee Reader wisecracked, the capitalist media has many resemblances to sorcery. Meant to divert and deceive, not focus and heal.


  • The murder of President R Premadasa was attributed to the Indian government taking revenge for his arming of the LTTE against the Indian invasion of Sri Lanka’s north & east, 1987-89.

Another version suggests it was Premadasa’s attempt to curtail the power of the Pettah Moor and Chettiar foodstuffs import mafia that caused his instant demise. Yet another, more interesting whodunnit: his insistence on bolstering his feeble industrialization strategy, by promoting the DFCC & NDB as real development banks. The IMF was opposed to this. Hence his assassination. DFCC & NDB were privatized soon after.

This week, the new US envoy announced that the hijacked DFCC Bank would join their Agency for International Development (USAID)’s ‘Private Sector Development project to expand financial services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Sri Lanka’. Why are these whites so fascinated by MSMEs? Most make cutlets, will never transform the economy, and threaten their industrial power.

This ee was about to explore the role of USAID and other so-called ‘Development Finance Institutions’ (DFIs). But with imminent changes in the political firmament, and the explosion of war in Europe (beyond its usual borders in Asia & Africa), ee shall examine DFIs next week.


  • In Sri Lanka, on the eve of imposing a ban on 600 non-essential imports, the ruling coalition, elected by a massive and popular majority, is split. The choice, we’re told, is between imported energy & imported apples, between light & lust. And imported apples have won again! The oligarchy wishes us to keep biting on them in this garden of the original Eden. So, who is playing the snake?

This split comes just as the USA’s IMF ‘concluded’ their 2021 Article IV consultation with Sri Lanka, just as the Supreme Court dismissed all petitions against the Yugadanavi agreement which hands over energy security to the US, just as all those charged with the Rs37billion Central Bank bond scam were ordered released. All of this good fortune for the whites, midst a supposed white inquisition against Sri Lanka, in Geneva, conducted by a rogue UN agency.


  • ‘Judo is about deception and using the opponent’s strength against him. Putin, the judoka, has judoed the West into suicide. Put your money in our banks, we can confiscate it; put your assets in our territory, we can steal them; use our money and we can cancel it; put your yacht in our harbor, we can pirate it; put your gold in our vault, we can grab it. That is a lesson that will resound around the world.’ – ee Sovereignty, Armstrong


‘The narrative that only white people deserve peace & security is all the more shameful because the global south suffers from war & privation as a direct result of US/NATO actions. It is NATO that destroyed the nation of Libya, NATO which attempted to do the same in Syria, NATO that occupied Afghanistan, NATO which wages war across African countries with US, French and English troops deployed across the continent. The white world causes suffering and then says that the people of the global south are ‘uncivilized’ with no rights that need to be respected.’ – ee Sovereignty, Ukraine Exposes White Supremacist Foreign Policy


‘It is when traumatic times come that the veneer of culture and modernity of the Europeans peels away and true human nature surfaces in all its naked crudity. This is not a matter of education or wealth. We have seen that even António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres is a changed man nowadays. He behaves more like a westerner from Portugal and a Roman Catholic than as the Secretary-General of the UN. After Dag Hammarskjöld, Guterres is the first UN secretary-general who has clashed with a permanent member of the Security Council – or, more precisely, identified totally with one of the UNSC members against another… Guterres’ motives are dubious. (Is it a coincidence that his special representatives in the trouble spots in the world wherever western interests are at stake – be it Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan or Venezuela – happen to be nominees from Western countries?) – Bhadrakumar, ee Sovereignty, Strange Bedfellows


We’re being taught excellent lessons by the white man. In Sri Lanka and the world. Why we fail to learn is another matter…


  • Sri Lanka, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., on the same page regarding a white-hijacked UN, is indeed something to celebrate! All our representatives finally decided to abstain from the white attempt to kraal us into attacking Russia. All this midst their doom-n-gloom media machinery spewing out its second-by-second foggery to deceive and divert.


  • Sri Lanka’s, along the rest of the world’s, white English media almost unanimously spits out the NATO line, with so-called SL cable companies like Dialog TV even blocking RT News. It’s almost impossible to avoid pro-NATO propaganda/hysteria and seek independent sources on a US-dominated internet.

Threatening India & the UAE, the US recalled a diplomatic cable that instructed its envoys not to mince words in telling their Indian & UAE counterparts that their countries were ‘in Russia’s camp’ due to their neutral stance on the Ukrainian conflict. ‘US recalls official memo that hammered nations for being ‘in Russia’s camp’’ was the RT headline!


  • Is it 1815 again? 1815 is of course another year that’s a synonym for perfidy – for Sri Lanka. 1815, when we were sold out to the English for ‘regime change’, midst promises to maintain Buddhism etc.

Such perfidy also resonates with the white man’s promise to Russia to end the so-called Cold War. They promised in 1990, the NATO war machine would not move ‘an inch’ towards Russia. Which of course they immediately did, and have kept doing by miles since!

1815 was also the year, imperialists set up ‘The Concert of Europe,’ to speak with one voice. The Concert of Europe was set up by the Quadruple Alliance led by England against France. The Congress of Vienna had just divided up the world, with England claiming Lanka, Mauritius, the Cape, Tobago, Santa Lucia, Ionian Islands, Malta, etc – all for strategic domination of the seas. Their ‘European Concert’ would hold the balance of power in Europe until the Russian Revolution.

And look how the whites speak with one voice to this day. It’s another revelation-ary moment, as almost every white Left & Right mouth across the spectrum openly display their duplicity. Their innumerable but inconsequential sects, largely reduced to so-called social media – so-called socialists, anarchists, liberals, etc – funded no doubt by the political police of their respective states, march in goosestep.

The whites are imposing sanctions on Russia, to block access to the luxurious to the ridiculous: from NATO to Netflix to FIFA to a hijacked UN. Of course, the whites feel they can attack Russia cos they have enough pliant Black-whites behind them. They’re even claiming to speak for the world.

Yet, this should help Russia truly become an independent state. Russia & China have been promising to set up an alternative to the dominant US$. Now is the time: ditch those damned Dollars!

continued: eesrilanka.wordpress.com

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