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Arab & Indian Merchants in the Oceanic Slave Trade


It’s been a week of strange and not-so-strange landings. India’s war chief landed on our shores, in the trail of warmongers from ‘Axis’ powers Germany & Japan, and France. Two days later a US corporate jet secretly landed to sign off on a deal to grab our energy resources.

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 10-16 October 2021

Merchant capital, when it holds a position of dominance, stands everywhere for a system of robbery,

so that it is directly connected with plundering, piracy, kidnapping slaves and colonial conquest.

Karl Marx, Capital, Vol 3

Whose private jet landed at Bandaranaike at International Airport

At 11.35pm, Wednesday, October 14?

Who signed an agreement with those who came in that plane?

– Ceylon Electricity Board Unions on the bankrupt US New Fortress Energy Co.

It’s been a week of strange and not-so-strange landings. India’s war chief landed on our shores, in the trail of warmongers from ‘Axis’ powers Germany & Japan, and France. Two days later a US corporate jet secretly landed to sign off on a deal to grab our energy resources. There was little English ‘social media’ expressing the usual spluttering outrageification. Axis & ‘Allies’ are now one, and autumnal October is when their war budgets beat their drums, hence their faux-scary Halloween! This week also saw the 529th anniversary of the European invasion of the Americas (when they were looking out for Indians too!)

     On October 20, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will meet Indian PM Modi in Kushinagar, a city evocative of all manner of hegemonic airs – capital of ancient Kosala, which ‘annexed’ the Buddha’s Shakya Ganarajya.

     Why do India’s ruling factions feel they must control Sri Lanka? Is it the old Vijaya-Kuveni maatuva, or because they wish to keep our home market hostage for Bajaj, Tata, and their industrial goods? Does it hark back to the western Indian Ocean old slave trade, which shaped today’s colonial Indian and West Asian ruling classes, who see our people as subhuman? (ee Focus, Zanzibar)

ee‘s last issue made a grievous omission, on tax hideouts, not pointing out that our indigenous bourgeois are not really worried about capital flying out of the country. In fact, they’re constantly looking for ways to whisk their money on the next flight out, figuring they can make more money on their money, out there, even as it devalues the currency here. And now, the US, England and Europe – all onshore! – are the best hideouts, even as they point fingers at others! (see ee Focus)

Why not, hideout?! The still ruling merchants and moneylenders rather fritter profits gained from fleecing peasants and workers, by hoarding and speculation, on imported consumer goods. They prefer making quick profits from real-estate and tourism, which do not advance workers’ skills. They gain from ensuing discontent and chaos! Then whine, there’s nothing to really invest in.

     They won’t invest surpluses in modern production. We have no industrial bourgeoisie. Those that claim to be industrialists, are mere pre-industrial manufacturers & assemblers! (ee Focus, Japan)

     So imagine our surprise to hear from a Wijeya Group Sunday Times columnist, who keeps advertizing himself as a ‘Professor of Economics at the University of Colombo’, that a domestic capitalist class was vanished by post-1948 ‘import substitution policies’ Who were they? He doesn’t tell us! (Random Notes).

• A class dedicated to imported consumption, their brains washed white by imperialism, have been spreading out of Colombo. This is the real virus. Sporting imported titles, costumes, gadgets and machines, they have been taught not to think beyond what their told. A funerary cortège led by bankers, professors and civil servants, with politicians in tow!

     Multinationals like Unilever & the Ceylon Tobacco Co. have powerful networks at their disposal – through distributors, advertisers and informal marketers – making them powerful tools to manipulate public opinion on any subject, not only tobacco, toxic imports, consumer goods, etc. They have links for rapid grassroots dissemination of whatever rumor, idea, propaganda, etc., needed –  to advance one particular global political agenda; opposing the political establishment now attempting to rule in Sri Lanka. No matter the hidden benefits tobacco/toxic fertilizer profiteers get from the party in power, they won’t stop undermining the government.

• This white media is the ruling media in this country. They have several ways to hide the truth – by omission (never mentioning important issues) and by commission (making small, big; big, small, etc.). One media crime of commission is to plead to a lesser crime, downplaying a greater crime. This was evident when a media outlet claimed Unilever had failed to pay taxes: ‘Unilever commits massive tax fraud amounting to millions while using political connections’ (ee Economy).

     But Unilever’s biggest crime is not only faking imports etc. They’ve hijacked our home market through their 100,000 kadays, etc, promoting petty merchants and moneylenders. They’d rather siphon capital out than invest in modern (machine-making) industrialization, especially in rural areas.

     And now the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) is issuing its ‘first Sri Lankan Rupee-denominated bond for Sunshine Holdings! They say IFC will massage SH’s supply-chain network of 100,000 kadays. To sell more imported goods! So what exactly is Sunshine’s link to Unilever and to the tea game? (ee Random Notes, Sunshine needs Sunlight).

     And it’s not just Unilever’s ‘political connections’: all multinationals in Sri Lanka use the more phenomenal global fraud of ‘transfer pricing’. Again, ee asks, how Unilever and Ceylon Tobacco get away without paying taxes at all, and worse by ‘paying’ the salaries of top Treasury officials?! This is the national scandal (ee Random Notes, Transfer Pricing).

• There’s unrelenting media blather about the present government using the military to do what civilian bureaucrats could have done better. If they’re to protect the people, ee thought military power means using their armed prowess. Merchants & moneylenders (backed by multinationals & banks) are carrying out a coup to overthrow one of the largest popular mandates given by the Sri Lankan people to a government in our recent history. Who will bring these capitalists under control?

     The best wars are won without firing a shot. But failing which, military prowess amounts to who will get shot. Will it be capitalists or workers? Who will control the merchants and moneylenders? Would they rather shoot peasants and workers? Who will then control merchants and moneylenders if the government cannot do it.

     In the end, it is not ‘regime change’ that the imperialist want so much as maintaining the colonial status quo of an import-export plantation oligarchy, long past expiry date. Auto coup d’état anyone?

• Those criticizing the government’s fertilizer policy, never talk about the health & environmental crises caused by the imports of deadly chemicals. Neither do so-called ecologists. The media is avoiding images of people crowding the cancer wards? Where are the epidemiology department’s statistics on agriculture-related or work-related disease and death?

• A ‘writer’ – a clerk of the pen (as opposed to the gun) – was an ‘entry-level’ position into the merchant-dominated English East India Company. The EIC’s biggest 19th century commerce, alongside indentured slavery, was the opium they forcefully grew in India and pushed on China.

     John D’Oyly, the English spy who bribed and divided the leaders of montane Sinhale in 1815, began his life here as a writer. Writers had to faithfully record their master’s voice and implement their wishes if they wished promotion to become ‘supercargos’. The English media, and the English Department that manufactures them, perform this role even now. D’Oyly is their patron saint. Who are the D’Oylys now?

     As it was in 1815, so it was in 2015, and so shall it be in 2025 – if the English and their faithful off-white sahibs have their way.

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