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e-Con e-News 11-17 September 2022

Our political education must take place

within revolutionary educational structures.

If it doesn’t, we will believe that World War II started

in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. It actually began

in 1937 when Japan attacked China.

ee Media, Decolonizing the Mind

Sri Lanka must prepare for Europe resorting to war. This time within their borders again. War is the polite word for mega-machine mass slaughter, perhaps even involving nukes this time. This wave of ‘fascism’ and war in Europe is being largely pushed by the USA, with active European collusion inspired by that parasitic continent’s decadence, and long-due collapse. Sweden just elected a fascist ruling party. Germany and Japan are arming behind headlines blaming China, Russia and free Korea, etc.

     Europe, England, their settler allies and ‘honorary’ whites loom large to us, because they have monopolized our economy and political life for beyond too long. They inordinately negate our lives. Note the daily sermonizing, threats and warnings about Sri Lanka losing access to their precious markets and overvalued currencies. If we don’t behave.

     We are wedged between our supposedly ‘middle-class’ wannabes demanding imports (and import-dependent exporters hoarding dollars abroad), tourism, netflix, etc. While the whites keep blocking our access to finance, fuel & food. And more importantly they sabotage any attempt by us to develop our own means of industrial production.

     They scatter sermons, monitors and ratings, while delaying and blocking our access to needed commodities. They then demand steady encroachments on the country’s sovereignty, resources and laws, signaling they aim to create rouse greater chaos in order to sustain their economic and political power.

• The USA is still refusing to return the Central Bank of Afghanistan’s reserves they stole when the Taliban chased them out of Kabul in August last year. This week the US said they will instead put $3.5billion – a fraction of the stolen money – into a new Swiss-based trust fund, housed in the Bank for International Settlements (see ee Sovereignty, Swiss Trust).

• The farce looms all the more grotesque, as this week also witnessed an escalating US push for their media to bawl out about Sri Lanka’s ‘economic crimes’ alongside their ‘human rights’ gospel. Who is upset about such crimes? US senators, state department operators (USAID, etc), their NATO allies (England’s Core Group) and their NGOs.

     The violence and the depredations of the IMF’s 17 intrusions, the crimes of Europeans and their off-white sponsors over 500 years, will not be surveyed. Instead, an imperialist sponsored ‘Office of Reparation’ (with a hijacked Kadirgamar Institute in tow) will stunt their purview to the last 2 decades alone, to ensure it serves their narrow and short-term goals. (Random Notes, Reparations)

• Such are the egoistic eggs US war criminal Aunty Sam (USAID chief Samantha Power) came to lay on and hatch during her recent junket to Sri Lanka. USAID’s Power had said she would be meeting all the political parties. There’s a stout photograph of Aunty Sam meeting the fully suit-ed and verti-ed and salwar-ed Tamil leaders A Sumanthiran and M Ganesan, the Muslims’ R Bathiudeen and R Hakeem, the SJB’s S Premadasa, the JVP’s Harini Amarasuriya, and the SLFP’s Dayasiri Jayasekera.

     ee can’t however ferret out any media links to Aunty Sam meeting the ‘ruling’ SLPP. Her Twitter account doesn’t divulge much either, unlike her visit to Pakistan where there’s a tweet with photo op from each meeting. Yet right after her visit, SLPP rainmaker Basil Rajapakse was summoned to Washington, and none of Aunty Sam’s chickens twittered about blocking his passage to the runway.

     Samantha Power, a lost-Irish settler and war criminal, responsible for the ongoing mass murder in many countries (see below for the US war on Ethiopia & Haiti), starred in the US invasion of Libya and assassination of their leader Muamar Ghaddafi – as US ambassador to the UN, joining US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who Aunty Sam had once called ‘a monster’). This ee examines the US (& Power’s) role in destabilizing two particular countries – Ethiopia & Haiti, and how they link to Sri Lanka.

• USAID-funded Verité Research is Aunty Sam’s first crowing fighting cock to start flapping its flightless wings on cue. Verite is to host ‘The Lure of Chinese Loans’ on 22 Sept 2022: ‘Sri Lanka’s Experiment with a Speical Framework to Finnnace It’s Infrastructure Investments.’ Note the spelling mistakes for such ardent advocates of their King’s English! or rather US State Department babble. Verité is not using their precious dollars to hire even a proof reader. And with such sloppiness, they wish to use anti-China rhetoric to justify how much better private companies will do after the selling of national resources – privatization! Verité crows (& a media choir will now ululate): ‘SOEs have gone bad due to Chinese debt & we have no choice but to sell ‘em!’ (This ee Focus covers JVP leader AK Dissanayake’s call for examining the scandals and privations of previous privatizations.)

     Aunty Sam’s other clucking cock is Verité’s fellow US-dollarized thinktank Advocata, whose chairman is Murtaza Jafferjee, CEO of the Borah Jafferjee Brothers JB Securities Ltd. Advocata’s report The State of State-Owned Enterprises 2022 was presented at their Reset Sri Lanka conference in August.

     The Advocata report, also prepared by USAID staffer Rehana Thowfeek, details some of the 500 and more major national assets, such as Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Ceylon Electricity Board & SriLankan Airlines, which Advocata would like to pawn off to their sponsors, US capitalists.

     US Advocata makes clear that Sri Lanka’s ‘general population is not prepared to allow disposal of enterprises despite their record of making large losses year after year.’ The whites will therefore provoke chaos to ‘soften’ the opposition. They will block access to essential goods (while demanding imports of toilet paper, etc). – see ee Focus, Haiti

•The role of the USA in blocking our access to food, fuel & finance was exposed this week at 2 venues across the world. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley testified before the US House Committee on Financial Services, about the recent penalties on banks outside NATO fortresses:

Look at the countries who are listed [as money-laundering risks]

and you will see they are all former colonies, people of colour

(ee Random Notes)

Mottley also pointed out how the US & EU impose expensive compliance mechanisms. They control our economies under the guise of fighting money laundering, corruption, pollution, human rights, etc – when they are the greatest offenders!

It is based on being judged deficient in expensive processes & procedures which,

when spread across transactions, are cheaper for large money centres.

And when few countries are left on a list over time,

the criteria for listing & requirements change.’

The other revelation about the US blocking of food & fuel was made at this week’s 22nd Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Sept 15-16, by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin:

A vivid example of [NATO’s] egoism is the decision of the European Commission

to lift sanctions against Russian fertilizers.

We know how important fertilizers are for solving the food problem.

Of course, we welcome the decision to lift the sanctions.

But it turns out that these sanctions, in accordance with the explanation

of the European Commission of September 10 this year,

were lifted only for the EU member states.

It turns out that only they can purchase our fertilizers.

What about the developing, poorest countries in the world?

‘When we talk about the export of grain from Ukraine,

do you know who is exporting it? US companies,

they are the owners of this grain mainly, in a significant part.

It turned out that the lands in Ukraine have long been sold to US companies,

this is their grain, and they export their grain.

That’s why, apparently, there were so many conversations on this score. No matter.’

The SCO also keenly observed the need for a new international economic order:

‘We call on the countries of the world to jointly create

an open, transparent and efficient international energy market,

reduce trade barriers, avoid excessive volatility of world prices

for commodities in the energy industry, and maintain a healthy,

stable and sustainable international energy market.’

– excerpt, Statement by SCO Council of Heads of State

on Ensuring International Energy Security

• The US moves to target China & Russia make more sense where the US and white monopoly over the UN and IMF, politics and economics is being increasingly challenged. As was most evident at the SCO Conference in beautiful Samarkand, where India, China and Russia’s leaders met and joined hands. An occasion largely under-reported or distorted in the white media (ee Focus, SCO). Here again is Russian President Putin:

Now I would just like to repeat: fundamental transformations have been outlined

in world politics & economy, and they are irreversible. The growing role

of new centers of power is becoming more and more clearly manifested,

interacting with each other not on the basis of some rules imposed from the outside,

which no one has seen, but on the universally recognized principles

of the supremacy of international law and the UN Charter:

ensuring equal and indivisible security, respect for sovereignty,

national values and interests of each other.

• Across the Pond – The US keeps providing more enlightenment, while ensuring power cuts, etc. Regardless of Biden or Trump, closer to home, and across the pond, the US war machinery is funding the terrorism of another powerful merchant and bureaucratic minority to prevent an independent self-sufficient country, in this case, our ancient ally, Ethiopia.

     The Horn of Africa sees $800billion a year in trade through the Red Sea, where the Suez is one of 2 choke points. The CIA apparently pays Egypt’s military $1.5bn to control the Suez.

       USAID Chief Samantha Power, US Congress members Tom Malinowski, Brad Sherman, Ilhan Omar & Gregory Meeks, etc, are funding separatism in Ethiopia’s Tigray province (borders Egypt, where a vital hydroelectric dam planned), to destabilize the government in capital Addis Ababa. The US House Resolution 6600 – the misnamed Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace & Democracy Act – aims to impose harsh sanctions not only on Ethiopia but also on its close ally Eritrea.

     The US also hates Eritrea, which by refusing World Bank & IMF money, presents the ‘danger’ of a good example to the rest of Africa. Ethiopia & Eritrea are defending themselves against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).Malinowski’s bill demands the Ethiopian government’s total capitulation. ‘Sanctions will be lifted, only after: the Government of Ethiopia has ceased all offensive military operations associated with the civil war and other conflicts in Ethiopia.’ (ee Sovereignty, The US Instigates Conflict in the Horn of Africa)

     The current war on Sri Lanka and its ‘economic crimes’ may be examined through the US plan to impose their infamous 2019 Global Fragility Act (GFA), beginning with Haiti. The GFA aims to control Haiti’s economy by also controlling its foreign relations.

‘With Russia & China increasingly assertive and influential worldwide,

Washington recently rolled out its gambit to maintain global hegemony and gather

former colonies & neo-colonies under its wing: the US Global Fragility Act.

Haiti is the first target of the GFA.

Haiti’s ‘fragility’ is caused by decades of US interference,

and the restoration of its sovereignty is the way to resolve that nation’s problems.’

(ee Sovereignty, The Global Fragility Act).

     US multinational corporations are demanding greater access to Haiti’s raw materials like gold, etc, and to dictate the minimum wage in labor-intensive garment factories. The GFA plan involves declaring the country and its economy unstable (‘fragile’), preparing Haiti for the US’s 4th military invasion there. GFA has clauses to encourage input from ‘local civil society groups’. These NGOs merely provide window dressing. Stay Tuned.

     The GFA happily ignores that it is the US (& their partners: France, Canada, who also belong to a ‘Core Group’ harassing that country) who have kidnapped and murdered their leaders (from Toussaint L’Overture in 1803 to Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2004 to Jovenel Moise 2021) and created chaos, to install an unelected leader.

     On 15 July 2022, the UN Security Council (UNSC) extended the mandate of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti, for a further year. Citing gang violence, they also banned the sale of small arms, light weapons and ammunition to what it calls ‘non-state actors’. The US rejected China’s call for a full embargo on weapon sales. Instead, the UNSC will impose sanctions via travel bans and asset freezes against Haiti’s ‘gang leaders’ & ‘human rights abusers’. (As African rapper Tupac Shakur, murdered in Los Angeles recalled, the USA is the biggest gangster in the world, ee Media)

     ‘US ‘guidance’ and aid has devastated Haiti’s economy, agriculture, human rights, and sovereignty. The US fears Haiti might approach BRICS (alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), seeking investment, aid, and trade. President Moïse was assassinated (present US envoy Julie Chung was in Haiti before being posted here) on 7 July 2021 due to his plans to strengthen relations with Russia.

     The Caribbean remains a US lake flowing through the Panama Canal. The US insists it is they and the presently unelected leaders of Haiti, who have ‘the authority to negotiate bilateral agreements on behalf of Haitians’. And they already have ‘selected’ a former Haiti Central Bank governor to be the next President.

     Haitians may disagree. Like Sinhala people, Haitians have a long long history of resistance to colonialism. And we shall surely prevail.

     ‘None of them can stop the time

• The ee News section has inflated to 75% of each issue. Why? We feel like those abused night-soil carriers of yore, prior to underground sewage lines, collecting crap. The compendium may also drown out more important news. Yet ee asks readers to especially examine these stories that have several links, sometimes with identical verbiage. They help identify who is bribing the media: Such foreign institutions as the US embassies to a hijacked UN, IMF, World Bank, and various corporations that make up the import-export plantation mafia. But it also points to their need to divert us from the fundamental issue of our need for a modern industrial plan.

     For instance, JP Morgan and US investment funds on Wall Street exercise a huge monopoly control over the so-called free market in finance, fuel and subsequently, food. It is they who have prevented us for making fixed long-term contracts with Iran or Russia, instead demanding we go through the ‘free market’, which they control through speculation.

     To add to the impudent role recently exposed, of the World Bank now regulating the import of fertilizer, etc, this week saw the UN World Food Program and the Food & Agriculture Organization, etc, wringing their pale paws about ‘malnutrition’. Their distribution of food to Tamil-speaking regions alone has also been criticized for playing their usual divide & rule games. They have no love for anybody. The UN claims 60% of families in Sri Lanka are currently ‘eating less, and eating cheaper, less nutritious food.’ What they do not state is that most people have for a long long time been ‘eating less’ while ‘buying more!’

     These UN agencies wish to boost crop production, which they claim will increase food for all through the market mechanism. Yet, increased production alone will not reduce food inflation. Prices also reflect higher costs triggered by the forced currency collapse, global agribusiness & their local agents in the import-export mafia.

     Without exercising control over foreign-exchange flows, and preventing the export of dollars enabled by the business mafia in the import-export sector, the rupee’s value cannot be restored. The price of essential food will not be reduced despite increasing production, due to the control by the merchants and moneylenders who control the valuable rural home market. Without capital controls, hunger, malnutrition and suffering will gallop forward despite efforts to increase food production.

     Also, the major issue has always been rural unemployment and underemployment, and the failure to invest in modern industrial production. This too requires control over our rural home market, hijacked by Unilever, et al.


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