Biden quashes the liberal groupies


Donald Trump’s mouth is bigger than Joe Biden’s. However, it’s the size of the words that count and Biden’s said a mouthful.

Joe Biden, President-elect of the USA, introducing his picks for Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Intelligence Chief, Homeland Security etc., declared, ‘it’s a team that will keep our country and our people safe and secure.’

Any team in any country that can keep the relevant citizens safe and secure should be applauded. No arguments there. However, Biden doesn’t stop there. He quickly morphs into a typical chest-beating Ugly American.

‘America is back. Ready to lead the world, not retreat from it.’
Excuse us!

What makes Biden think that the world wants the USA to lead it? We have seen what ‘US Leadership’ has done to the world. In the pursuit of profit and strategic edge, in order to buttress the arms and drug industries (well, pharmaceuticals too), the US bombed countries, supported tyrants, orchestrated ‘people’s movements’ against progressive governments and in general played Mister Mayhem. 

It’s not that Trump backed off from these leadership ‘imperatives,’ of course. He has a big mouth, compared to which, Biden’s seem tiny. However, it’s the size of the words that count and Biden’s said a mouthful. 

The wide-eyed liberals for whom Biden is Second Messiah (to that other ‘savior’ Barack Obama) would do well to chew on all this.

No, wait, they can tell their buddy Biden, ‘hey man, do the world a favor, show leadership, BACK OFF!’

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