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Big pharma and vaccines: life is a lottery


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This ee recalls the synchronous post-1977 advent of lotteries, luxury cars, drug dealers & money launderers, as well as all ministries promising separate ‘development’ of women, children, youth, etc?

     This recall arose out a debate of sorts in the Wijeya Group’s Financial Times, between 2 ‘eminent’ economists. It’s rare to see any disputation in capitalist media. Debates are usually one-sided wrangling on how best to advance the demands of the IMF – paymaster of many economists – to promote the priorities of such multinationals as Exxon, Unilever, kings of the import mafia (see Random Notes)

• White governments are hoarding & withholding vaccines way beyond their needs. Their plan seems to be: promote spread, raise prices, and make a killing (on the stock market as well!). These vaccines they’re hoarding also have expiry dates. Private Big Pharma companies are also upgrading vaccines. Through withholding older vaccines, they’ll then be able to double the prices of the new vaccines.

Hemas, the corporate front for multinationals that leads the pharma import mafia here, declared they’re the ‘sole local representative for AstraZeneca & Pfizer’.  So are such private companies obstructing continued vaccination?

It’s ‘corporate greed’ that’s enabled the discovery of vaccines!, so says one of our eminent university economics professors in the Wijeya Group’s Sunday Times. He completely ignores the vast amount of public money and research that’s been hijacked by the corporations to hold the world hostage to their whims. His brilliant ignorance rides shotgun along the pressure put on the government to allow private companies to import vaccines.

     More than 100 nations support suspending vaccine patents granted by the World Trade Organization’s 1995 TRIPS agreement. TRIPS stands for the “Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights,” which have amassed trillions in profits for pharma corporations, giving them 20-year monopolies. The USA has aggressively enforced the TRIPS agreement on behalf of US manufacturers against other governments, with MNCs threatened by China declaring from start that Covid vaccines should be a ‘public good’. Biden’s promise to suspend such patents is just that. Another promise. ee shall never forget the murder of Senaka Bibile and its link to Big Pharma.

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