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Blockading & Bluffing Sri Lanka


“Sri Lanka is a permanently stationed aircraft carrier off India’s southern coast?”

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e-Con e-News 07-13 August 2022

Q. Upon what system… does your Government surround a small rock

in the middle of the sea with fortifications,

and cram it full of clerks, soldiers, lawyers, and priests?

A. Why, really, your Excellency, I am the last man in the world to answer questions,

but, I believe, we call it ‘The Colonial System‘!

Benjamin Disraeli, Pompanilla, 1828

Sri Lanka is a permanently stationed aircraft carrier off India’s southern coast

– retired Indian National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon

Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming a vassal state of India.

India has made things harder for us in the past.

India played a role in creating a war in Sri Lanka.

China helped us end it. It has helped us at the international stage.

We must assert our independence and sovereignty.

– attorney-at-law Ananda Goonatilleke,

President of SL-China Friendship Association (ee Sovereignty, CP frowns)

Yet, alongside the political elite, it is the business class and the salaried professional class

that ought to engage in a terrible amount of soul searching.

The working people of this country have remained a disenfranchised polity,

decimated by poverty. We have crushed them in creative ways and continue

to pick on them while airbrushing our far-graver crimes.

The proletariat has been incidental to the gory beach party

on borrowed money that is our post-independence history.

The poor have only been taxi-ing us back & forth from the party in our drunken state

(see ee Politics, The Aragalaya)

The foreign journalists who were so much of a concerned

feature of the Aragalaya coverage have left.

(see ee Media, What Now)

This week ee briefly examines the history of the choking of information, dollars, fuel and food, and the re-entry of the IMF to Sri Lanka. The IMF’s tactics are said to involve the ‘sequencing and timing of policy matters’ through manipulation of both media and parliament.

      After demanding the Sri Lanka government immediately submit to the IMF for the 17th time, the US-controlled IMF keeps stalling. Demanding control of land and other national treasures! Sigiriya? The whites are insisting China must also agree to the IMF plan for Sri Lanka: the Debt Sustainability Assessment (DSA) report. The IMF wants any ‘package’ to go beyond ‘just servicing Sri Lanka’s debts’ so as to use the ‘crisis’ to take even greater control over Sri Lanka’s colonial import-export plantation economy. China declares such tactics as gross interference in domestic affairs. (see ee Sovereignty, Yuan Wang 5 standoff)

      Ukraine’s creditors however have agreed to a 2-year freeze on its $20 billion overseas debt. Bilateral creditors including the USA, England and Japan have also backed a debt repayment delay, and the Paris Club has agreed to suspend payments until the end of 2023. The Ukraine freeze comes after the recent Ukraine Recovery Conference, which demands the privatization of Ukraine’s vast assets and deregulation, slashing worker protections. (see ee 06 August 2022)

      BlackRock, Fidelity International, Amia Capital and Gemsstock are among the biggest holders of Ukraine’s debt. BlackRock is also one of the biggest owners of Sri Lanka’s debt. BlackRock is also one of the biggest public shareholders of English multinational Unilever, who has hijacked Sri Lanka’s home market, preventing its growth as a basis for modern industrialization. (ee Economists, Freeze)

• Hot on the tail of last week’s US Advocata conference to hijack Sri Lanka’s economic policies, US Advocata’s ‘platinum sponsor’ CAL is co-sponsoring – with the rather dubiously titled Liberal Youth Movement (LYM), an August 16 seminar, ‘Where Did The Money Go? – ‘a critical analysis of SL’s economic crisis presented by Deshan Pushparajah, Managing Director Global Markets & CAL Investment Banking. So who exactly is CAL?

      They could ask the Trade Finance Association of Bankers (TFAB) about the hoarding of dollars abroad. Will they discuss such matters as multinational (MNC) transfer pricing and trade mis-invoicing? Does it matter where the money goes, as long as the import-export plantation mafia prevents investment in modern industry? (see Random Notes)

• What’s new? The whites use foreign policy to further their economic goals.

      This week’s ‘terrorist’ attack on Salman Rushdie, just as he was about to praise the US as a haven for the world’s fictionalists, took place just as the EU was to express support for Iran’s nuclear program. All mainstream media stories about the attack on Rushdie eventually end up attacking Iran for its fatwa against an English literary darling.

      US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taipei was to intentionally use the Taiwan question to whip up ‘a storm of public opinion’ and ‘create an atmosphere’ for the passage of the CHIPS & Science Act, in a deft ‘combination of punches’ against China, says Russia’s envoy to China. (ee Sovereignty, Pelosi Trip)

      On February 4, Bloomberg News falsely proclaimed, ‘Russia invades Ukraine’, and made a killing on the stock market. Bloomberg later apologized: ‘We prepare headlines for many scenarios and the headline ‘Russia Invades Ukraine’ was inadvertently published. We deeply regret the error.’ On Feb 10 Bloomberg News owner Michael Bloomberg was made the next chairman of a key Pentagon advisory panel, the Defense Innovation Board, previously led by Google co-founder Eric Schmidt (ee 12 Feb 2022).

      The US Defense Innovation Board provides ‘strategic insights and recommendations on technology and innovation to address the Department’s highest national security priorities’.

Imperialism by Twitterati: Twittering goes silent just as winged predators are about to swoop on unwary worms busy oxygenating the soil of the motherland.

      Media junkies note a fall in the rate of twittering by the US Envoy in Colombo, as the Aragala ‘protestants’ withdrew from their Galle Face nest. Yet US and Indian embassy trolls kept up a steady drumbeat on capitalist-social media against the government’s decision to at least publicly assert a nonaligned foreign policy.

• What Sri Lanka needs is not just a nonaligned foreign policy but a nationalist Sri Lankika foreign policy. PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s attempt to declare the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace in the 1970s, was sabotaged, along with her government, in much the same way as the whites recently toppled the 2019-22 dispensation.

      Now as white governments regularly call for a ‘free & open Indo-Pacific’, warships from Europe and the Anglo-Americas keep interfering with Asian and African nations asserting their sovereignty over the ocean called Indian. In the Pacific, white governments are demanding another invasion of the Solomon Islands, for daring to assert an independent foreign policy by signing agreements with China.

• Is there a link between the cessation of white war games in Indian Ocean, and the arrival of the Chinese ship and the Russian fuel? After weeks of anti-China ‘spy ship’ bluster, it is now again reported that a Chinese ship will enter Hambantota port. Two Russian Urals Crude Oil cargos will also finally be allowed to deliver fuel in Colombo starting this week.

      US and Indian diplomats are said to have accompanied SLPP organizer Basil Rajapakse to threaten President Ranil Wickremasinghe to deny access to the Chinese ship Yuan Wang 5. Otherwise India would get the SLPP MPs to remove Ranil as president. Meanwhile, politicians close to the President were demanding bribes from Chinese officials to allow the ship. Yet others note that failure to assert our sovereignty will set even more dangerous precedents.

      Sri Lanka Navy patrol boats are regularly being refueled in India, ‘at Canberra’s expense’, reported media-monopolist Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian, 7 August. ‘Due to the secrecy of Operation Sovereign Borders activities, the Minister’s office has declined to comment on the agreement, which was put into action about a fortnight ago.’ The deal was made during Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil’s visit to Colombo, in late June, where she met with ‘several accused Sri Lankan war criminals’ at the helm of military, and doubled down on her government’s much-criticized border policy. Alongside the secret deal, the SL Navy openly admitted, the Australian government openly handed over 10,000s of litres of fuel to the military. Over 450 tons of fuel were reportedly supplied to the Navy recently whilst 27,000 litres of fuel were given to the Air Force.’

      The warship USNS Charles Drew sailed into Chennai port from August 7, for 11 days, and was hailed as, ‘The first ever repair of a US Navy ship in India at L&T (Denmark-linked Larsen & Toubro’s) Shipyard at Kattupalli. The Drew was sent to operate in the Pacific, for the US Military Sealift Command that provides sealift and ocean transportation for all US war operations, and for other government agencies.

      India is also selling Sri Lanka, a German Dornier 228 Maritime Patrol Aircraft built by Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL). This follows a government-to-government discussion which began in 2018 (in those Yahapalana climes) when ‘Sri Lanka sought 2 aircraft from India to improve maritime surveillance capabilities’. Sri Lanka also expects a US Beechcraft King Air 360ER maritime patrol aircraft and surplus Lockheeed Martine P-3C Orion MPA’s from Australia and Japan.

      Off public glare, India held first round of talks with NATO, and agreed to keep the dialogue going ‘given their substantial common ground with NATO, the Indian side saw maritime security as a key area of discussion in the future’ –ee Sovereignty, Off public glare

      Yet other twittering continued about India dangerously sending missiles through Sri Lanka’s airspace to hit imaginary targets south of the country: ‘#India must immediately stop firing of missiles over Sri Lanka!’

• Made-in-Media Leaders – It is the media that has so far determined our leaders. It is the media that makes and unmakes them, so asserted newly appointed Prime Minister (and now President) Ranil Wickremasinghe, a few weeks ago. This week, former President Maithri Sirisena also declared, ‘In the modern world of technology, governments are formed and toppled by the media. Politicians are also made and destroyed by the media.’ So who makes the media? Ask Unilever?


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