Bolivia and Venezuela know Joe Biden’s apprehension


What took place in Bolivia and Venezuela is not surprising or unexpected because America’s America is a land of manufactured and brutalized consent aimed at wresting the contents of the land and racking up the numbers of Wall Street.

In 2018 Venezuela went into polls and elected Nicolas Maduro as president.

That was not the narrative scripted by the US State Department or the American fossil fuel industry lobby.

The stage was set, the narrative in place and actors picked by the powers that be even before the election. Those actors, when faced with the likelihood of electoral embarrassment preempted and circumvented that reality by calling for the boycott of the 2018 election.

The man at the center of the US’s foil of the will of Venezuelan people was John Guaido, the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Then, when Nicolas Maduro was declared the winner, John Guaido with the backing of the US and allies declared himself the interim president. That was in January, 2019. On January 23, 2019, Donald Trump recognized Guido as the President of Venezuela and bombastically declared that all options are on the table with regard to dealing with the errant democrat Nicolas Maduro.

In 2017 the leader of the free world, in the land of the free and the brave, threatened military action against Venezuela and imposed economic sanctions designed to bring economic misery on all Venezuelans, especially the economically vulnerable.

Not content on heaping untold human misery on all Venezuelans, the US placed a $15 million bounty on the head of Nicolas Maduro, the man elected by his people to lead them. The charge, narco terrorism.

Nicolas Maduro and the Socialist Party leader Diosdalo Cabello were accused of planning to flood the American heartland with Colombian cocaine.

America accused Maduro and Cabello of planning to use cocaine as a weapon against America.

At least America had the good sense not to label cocaine as a weapon of mass destruction.

Predictably, Time magazine included John Guaido in their 2019 list of 100 most influential people.

Nicolas Maduro remains the president of Venezuela and still controls vast reserves of oil reserves.  When asked to comment on the current state of affairs in the US, Maduro said that Venezuela will not interfere in the internal affairs of another country but also said that he hates it when America lectures other countries about the value of democratic principles.


One year after Maduro’s 2018 election, a similar scene played out in another country of the Americas. On November 10, 2019 Eva Morales the indigenous leader of Bolivia was ousted by a coup backed by the Washington based Organization of American States (OAS). OAS had released a document prior to the coup that raised doubts about the validity of October 20 vote count. Bolivia’s military and police stepped in and forced Morales out of office.

OAS’s account has been dismissed by most independent observers with the progressive Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) calling OAS’s account a politicization of the election observation process.

Donald Trump congratulated the coup leaders for protecting the constitution and defending democracy. American media organizations such as Washington Post, New York Times and National Public Radio (NPR) dutifully reported the ouster as a protest against Morales’ abuse of power while in office.

The coup was to protect the people from the leader they chose, these media organizations pronounced.

An opposition Senator Jeanine Anez stepped into the leadership vacuum and declared herself the president and said new elections will be held. European Union and US Secretary of State enthusiastically backed the move to restore democracy and the will of the people.

The same will of the people that was crushed by a military coup staged on the back of a dubious report released by US backed OAS.

On October 18, 2020 Bolivia went into polls again. Eva Morales was not on the ballot since he was forced into exile but anyone with even an iota of awareness knew that the election was about Eva Morales.

Suffice to say that Louis Arce, the candidate of Eva Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) registered a crushing victory. Almost 90% of the eligible Bolivians voted and Arce received 55% of that vote. His closest opponent, former president Carlos Mesa received 30% with independent candidate Luis Camacho receiving 14%.

In the OAS concocted disputed election of 2019, Eva Morales received 47% of the vote to Mesa’s 37%. The turnout was almost identical at almost 90%.

Eva Morales still remains in exile.

What took place in Bolivia and Venezuela is not surprising or unexpected because America’s America is a land of manufactured and brutalized consent aimed at wresting the contents of the land and racking up the numbers of Wall Street. Look at the perilous and tortured existence of first nations of Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Bolivia and the rest of the continent. Their plight is the result of conquistadores’ and Yankee abuses.

What happened in Venezuela and Bolivia is only the latest manifestation of that brutalization.

Now that the neo imperialist order of post 9/11 is about to ascend to the helm again, it is unlikely to change the continuation of exploitation and brutalization of peoples of the Americas. The difference would be the whispering death of drone warfare and the gut churning destruction of world’s green spaces would be done under the cover of the Paris Agreement and imposed collectivism of the United Nations.

The Biden doctrine will most likely echo the soothing condescension of Barack Obama, including the hipster soundtrack.


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