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Capitalism’s New Fair & Lovely Plastic Surgery


Big Fs all dominated this week’s media: Fuel, Food, Finance, Pharma, Farming, Fertilizer, Foreign-investment! But the biggest F of all is…see eesrilanka.wordpress.com

• Smuggling! Families of the merchant oligarchy are instead seeking ‘creative’ ways to smuggle their funds out of the country, in anticipation of what the Doom’n’Gloom Gang call ‘imminent collapse’. As others more prescient point out, the collapse took place long ago. As usual a progressive national government ends up having to work overtime to rescue a backward rentier economy. Why? Because, we are still manacled to the fortunes of the US dollar while the US is printing their dollars at a rate, and exporting inflation: artificially raising fuel and food prices, etc.

For us, real inflation amounts to diversion of investment into ‘rentier activity’, buying land, promoting tourism, etc. Meanwhile banks are simply refusing to invest in the country’s future (see ee Focus)

• White Ancestors for Sale – Many Colombots pay dollar$ to dubious DNA search outfits to locate ‘ancestors’ abroad. These ancestral analysis DNA outfits are onto our white-Blacks’ inferiority complex. They know that mere mention of an European ancestor simply thrills the Colombots. These DNA analysts (who’ll use such info for other matters) then keep requesting more data and more money until finally they locate one mean Hollander (in this sense, the Colombot prefers a North Atlantic to an Iberian) who stepped off a weary fluyt after 1660, and there the search stops. The darker the Colombot the greater the need to seek out a pale root. Why, ee always asks, do they not go all the way and finger a rilava on a tree?

In the same way, those who seek out the economic roots of our disarray have prefab notions on when it commenced:

News that the USA is to provide ‘food aid’ to schoolchildren recalls the undermining of the 1970-77 coalition government, when the US embassy on behalf of the big pharmaceutical companies threatened to withdraw ‘food aid’ if policies to produce medicines in Sri Lanka were not discarded (ee Quotes)

The overmuch adulation of Felix Dias Bandaranaike this week in the USAID rag Colombo Telegraph ignores the accusation that he took bribes from Big Pharma and US embassy, to harass the socialist parties in 1975. NM Perera and the LSSP were driven out, and Felix was made Finance Minister. This ended up in the entire coalition being driven into oblivion post-1977 for decades. He was succeeded by the Ronnie de Mel as FinMin, who facilitated the invasion of the robber barons as invited by new President JRJ. Then ensued the murder of Senaka Bibile, the sacking of 10,000s of workers, and decades of terror wars… (ee Politics)

• So here we go again – Rumors are abuzz that popular Central Bank governor WD Lakshman has been severely undermined by an entrenched mafia of a ‘public service’ bureaucracy and the ruling import-export oligarchy who dominate financial policy in the country. They have kept demanding the country submit to the IMF. It’s no coincidence this was a major demand of the 6th or 7th coming of former PM Ranil W to the front benches of the opposition this week: Genuflect before the IMF!

Lakshman’s alleged shortcomings are traced to the failure to gain support to cleanse the Bank of the upper vermin who have entrenched themselves from the very beginnings of the Central Bank, let alone to root out the so-called uncorrupt civil service inherited from the English. Lakshman promised a Development Bank, but his removal will once again sabotage and postpone a clearly vital endeavor. He was, reported this week, politely requesting the banks to go beyond property speculation, which they simply will not do, being addicted to making quick money, not to sustained long-term construction.

ee reproduces Shiran Illanperuma’s essay on how East Asian countries had to suppress turning their economies into casinos (ee Focus). Also, check out Rusiripala Tennakoon’s article on the vital need for a National Wage Policy, stating, ‘in the unorganized industries with no Trade Unions to assist them, government interference and intervention of laws of the land become essential even to ensure the payment of guaranteed minimum wages without default’ (ee Quotes)

• Sex & the Media and…Why do we need feminism in Sri Lanka? Sexual harassment of women in media editorial offices was foregrounded this week. Companies like Unilever et al, and the advertising business who use sex to promote their products, are also ‘concerned’ about sexual harassment. A MeToo Sri Lanka thread spiralled up on twitter, apparently linked to a UN conference 30 June to 2 July, the Generation Equality Forum, in Paris (ee Media), with lotsa dollars flowing in….

• Democracy is in grave peril in Sri Lanka: so groan and growl the US, EU, related white-settler states, their UN supranational puppets, and their local running dogs (Media, NGOs). Yet, as this ee Focus shows, it’s their sponsors, the multinational banks and corporations (led by our darling Unilever) who dread that true democracy would restrain their profiteering off underdevelopment. So all this business of corporate social responsibility (CSR, soon to be renamed CSV), sustainable development (see the proud UN HQ sign on Bauddhaloka), inclusivity, diversity, etc., is a fantastic fog of fraud. Watch out how they plan to use ‘anti-racism’ etc., to further their NATO warmaking…Beware: ‘Woke imperialism’ is on the march!

     Declaring the official end of neoliberalism, capitalism had been preparing for a major facelift in 2020, as ee 2019 November 15 reported. This fair’n’lovely facelift has certainly been facilitated by this rather coincidental white plague called Covid. This ee Focus describes how multinationals, led by Unilever et al, are planning for a ‘post-democratic’ future.

• The Communist Party of Sri Lanka is celebrating the upcoming July 1st – 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). July 1st is also ‘Canada Day’ which the original people and supporters are calling to be cancelled, to commemorate the many 100s of hidden graves being ‘discovered’ of indigenous children stolen to genocidal ‘Residential Schools’. Yet when they admit to one crime, they are hiding others. (see ee Quotes)

Read more: https://eesrilanka.wordpress.com/2021/06/26/capitalisms-new-fair-lovely-plastic-surgery/

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