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Carbon-Conscious Standard Chartered Bank Prevents Making Vaccines


e-Con e-News 04-10 July 2021

The Maharaja Group is a large bulk importer of fertilizer, through their chemical subsidiary Harrison. Maharaja owns Sirasa and News1st TV, which are screaming themselves hoarse, against the chemical fertilizer ban, joining with other media in calling on peasants to revolt!

     Meanwhile, the US government’s murder this week of Haitian President Jovenel Moise is linked to his plan to ban chemical fertilizer. The US has destroyed Haitian agriculture and peasantry by dumping their agro products (see ee Agriculture).

     The Upali Group, owning The Island newspaper, has a director who works for Hemas: These details come from a US-funded ‘Media Monitor’, researched by thinktank Verite. Yet this ‘media monitor’ does not fully explore the role of the Wijewardene Group, which essentially monopolizes the media. The New York Times also refuses to explore the power of the Wijewardene oligarchy Why? (search: Media Ownership Monitor Sri Lanka)

     US-funded Verite Research constantly awards true or false ratings to the pronouncements of politicians on the economy, but not the corporations that sponsor them. Verite Research Economist Deshal de Mel, son of educational ‘expert’ Tara (this week exposed by Gunadasa Amarasekera, ee Media), married into the Wickremesinghe family (ex PM Ranil Wickremesinghe, etc.) which is part of the Wijewardene’s Wijeya Group.

• Charge England’s Standard Chartered Bank with murder, too? ee asked last week if Hemas should be charged with murder for preventing access to vaccines.

     After last week’s exposé, it seems an open war has arisen between vaccine importers, with articles appearing by anonymous (again, Wijeya Group) ‘Special Correspondents’, pointing to the Chamber of Commerce’s role in the raging white-supremacist attacks against China and Chinese vaccines:

– ft.lk/opinion/National-Chamber-of-Pharmaceutical-Manufacturers-rejects-Daily-FT-report/14-720100

– ft.lk/opinion/Pharmaceutical-authority-dabbling-with-peoples-lives-for-individual-gains/14-718231

– ft.lk/opinion/Auditor-General-dissects-SPMC-joint-ventures-but-to-what-end/14-720099

• In July a year ago, at the start of the pandemic, the National Medicines Regulatory Authority issued notices of cancellation of registrations and import licenses to 5 pharmaceutical companies including Hemas Pharmaceuticals & A Baur for arbitrarily and unilaterally increasing retail prices on 10 medicines. Baur is a member of Sri Lanka’s Unilever & Ceylon Tobacco Company (CTC)-led League of Multinational Corporations (LMNC).

     So why, critics ask, did ee focus solely on Hemas alone? Why not charge Baur, Sunshine Holdings, CIC, etc., andother principal players in the pharmaceutical supply chain? Banks like Standard Chartered have played a crucial role in preventing access to not just vaccines. Even worse – they underdevelop the country, by preventing investment in modern production, including of vaccines. How have they done it?

            In 2011: Marks & Spencer declared it gave ‘sustainability a lift with the world’s first carbon-neutral bra’! June 2015, England’s Standard Chartered declared itself ‘Sri Lanka’s First Carbon Conscious Bank.’This ‘carbon-conscious’ business is part of the overall strategy to prevent investment in our industrialization. Instead the banks and their media promotes SMEs and tourism.

• D-Day is July 25, 25, or 27? Rather resonant dates, linked as they are usually with the pogroms of July 1983. Yet July 1983 as the years go by is turning out to have been more about ‘imperialism’ than ‘ethnicism’: to enable invasion. So this year’s D is for Debt, and here comes yet another deadline for Sri Lanka to pay a never-ending ‘debt’. The media and their economists pull their metaphorical shorthairs out every day, wailing about debt, as if this is the most important issue facing us: They will not tell us that the best way to resolve this issue is modern production. And this is exactly why banks like Standard Chartered prevent investment in modern production. To keep us dependent.

     They will also not tell what this $1billion was borrowed to pay for? Imported consumer goods? Machines that did not make machines? How much of it is interest on interest?

     They will also not tell us: How will this one billion be paid, and to which Western banks? Will it be paid with one press of one key? Or on several keys? Will any photographs be taken? Can we watch it flow out?

• Why do the ghosts of the white genocide in Korea hover over Sri Lanka? Why was JR Jayawardene, Japan’s bestest friend? Was it really about World War 2 or because JR destroyed our local industry and promoted the imports of Japan’s cars and electronic goods? And JR was part of the Wijewardene oligarchy! (Random Notes)

• Afghani Agony Unfinished – Yet another set of invaders have been driven out of Afghanistan. Or have they? England suffered some of their worst colonial defeats there. The media is downplaying images of the largest withdrawal of US troops since their defeat in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, etc). They also ignore that the US have left a variety of time-bombs in that country that borders Pakistan, China, and the former Soviet Republics. The murder of the Haitian President was meant to show white warmongers, that Biden has a trace of testosterone in his cojones, and the US remains the deadliest imperialist force.

• The US embassy library in Colombo is full of books about Thomas Jefferson, and none by Alexander Hamilton, their most important ‘founding father’. Does it have to do with his powerful industrial policy, which the US is now coy about permitting? (Random Notes)

• The media is full of “spectacular and meaningless duels between the two bourgeois parties.” All our rulers proclaim good intentions but have no power to implement any of them. Their job is to discipline the masses, the peasantry, and working class in particular.

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