Creepy Joe Disappoints Mushy Dayan


Sajith’s IR Advisor mutters misgivings about his posterboys for liberal democracy in Washington having launched another horror show on the Palestinians, but quickly segues to ululating the anti-China chorus.

But They Soon Kiss & Make Up

A Himalaya of high-flown rhetoric – some may whiff a pile of something else – hath labored and given forth a hikmeeya. After months and months – has it only been four? It feels like years! –  has Mushy Dayan given up on his uninterrupted femoral aching for Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and Ned?

The anointment of Creepy Joe Biden as president by the Capitalist Party of the USA, has been hailed by Mushy D as something akin to the second coming of Daddy-O M. Has this fawning come to a screeching halt?

Has Mushy’s rhetoric ceased about the wonder that is the United Snakes of Biden as the Moses and the prophets of liberal democracy. We heard such whitewash from certain 4th internationalists and 5th columnists, before the whites invaded Iraq to oust that rotten nationalist Saddam.

Mushy’s reticence arises from US promotion of the mass murder of Palestinians in open plain sight, for all the world to retch. But not Mushy. Mushy merely pips a squeak that Biden was “reluctant to universalise….” A pasty-faced understatement akin to “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”…– that threat voiced by a movie prison warden after he assaults the eponymous “Cool Hand Luke” played by Paul Newman. See, we’ve also watched crappy Yankee flicks that waste our time!)

But here is Mushy in full gear:

“Following the recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas, the Biden administration was reluctant to truly universalise its own values and the spirit that animated the historic mobilisation after the George Floyd murder, summed up in the slogan ‘No Peace without Justice,’ and identify the protracted Israeli Occupation as the crux of the conflict –even setting aside what President Jimmy Carter has decried as ‘apartheid’.” (http://www.ft.lk/columns/Colombo-Port-City-geopolitical-realities-and-national-interest/4-718069)

Notice the slimy equivalencing of two clearly asymmetric combatants. David has long been Goliath with a US war budget. Goliath long David awaiting the proper propulsion. The Falastin as they are really called (mind you, Canadian media style guides apparently ban the use of the word ‘Palestine’ in coverage) picking up anything to throw at the invaders, grasped on a few mythological verses in the Old Testament and threw stones. The white world ignored them and quickly flipped the biblical pages onward to end-of-the-world Revelations. (Falastin, who count more Christians among them than the Israelis, do not fit the real type of Christians who will hurry Armageddon and the Second Coming according to the born-again crakas in Orange County, USA who gild Israel’s war budget.)

The Falastin now are using not just stones but toy sky rockets. This is ‘escalation’ for Mushy Dayan, who’s parents were clearly prescient in naming him after an Israeli war criminal.

What exactly are Biden’s “own values” that Mushy says he has failed to “universalise”. Mushy is inviting us to smoke his strange pipe of amnesia. Biden and sidekick tan-man Obama sparked and escalated horrific wars. This is the job of the so-called ‘peacenik’ democratic wing of the Capitalist Party USA, talk peace and unleash the dogs of war….

Mushy does praise the “‘countervailing’ capacity” of both China and Russia ensuring “balance and fairplay in the international arena.” Whoa!

And after that commercial break, lest he never again be invited by the Palestinians to another kebab, he attempts to rescue himself by stating that the crux is the “Israeli occupation’. Yet this is not occupation, it is settler colonialism!

But Ambassador Titlipz need not have any fear. The former Fullbright scholar stays loyal. The rest of his screed returns to putting Sri Lanka in its place as “a small country.”

In case he is not invited back to his weekly column in the Ranil family newspaper, the Financial Times, he goes back to exhaling the halitotic Sinophobia of the hour, ululating alongside old sidekick Chandrika, who’s calling the port city a Chinese colony. (Chandrika and sister Sunethra have decided to disown the spirit of SWRD, and join up with his assassins. This is another story).

As for Mushy’s “historic mobilisation after the George Floyd murder”. This mobilization has less to do with that George and more to do with George Soros and the hijacking of a once-emancipatory movement. This international advisor knows no Black American history. The slogan, dear Mushy, is not the prosaic “No Peace without Justice”, but the poetic, “No Justice, No Peace” which packs way more meaning. But this too is another story.

And one last matter. The struggle of Palestine is not about apartheid, as Dayan recalls Jimmy ‘October Surprise’ Carter would have it. Anymore than the struggle in South Africa was and is. Liberals always downgrade national liberation struggles to a matter of sharing the same toilet with white people. Mushy D should stop spreading their white ordure…. It stinks!

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