Dayan as Hanuman’s Fireman


Dayan must now recite two Novenas – incantations against Russia and China. Rote fate for another ex-self-styled socialist.

Coincidence? Coterminous? Synchronicity? Aaah! Serendipity!           

It was a year full of contrived planetary alignments. Covid appears just as capitalism totters again on the brink. As in the comic books, the Biden cavalry charges just in time. Then ‘Indians’ bearing vaccines and NGO slush funds. Then Rothschild, perhaps demanding a synagogue before making a downpayment on a New Jerusalem in Colombo 7.

Sajith Premadasa appoints Comrade Dayan as “senior advisor” for international relations, heralding Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s entry.

Then there’s immediate summoning to India, of Premadasa, at the tail end of the Jaishankar visit, after tête-à-tête with other disloyal opposition.

Dayan will hold Sajith’s hand throughout their junket o’er the Deccan. Who shalt play Vibishina? And who, shall keep lighting Hanuman’s burning rear? It’s a def Bollyweird melodrama yet to be written. Starring Sajith, Dayan, Champaka and Ranil, with whom Delhi is playing 4-way chess. Such loyal opposition will be allowed neither King nor Queen on the board, maybe not even a one knight standing.

For Dayan keeps yapping against the despotism of Gotabhaya Rajapakse. Yet everyone knows it is the Sri Lankan state’s fragility that exacerbates abuse of power.

The English ensured our states would be undermined, politically, economically and militarily from get go: “Timebombs” – is what Zhou En Lai said they left in South Asia. Dayan once recalled this, but he’s long gone that shady gray of decay.

Dayan now wishes to retain the colonial status quo. He splutters apoplectic paroxysms of nostalgia for a democracy we never really had. Dayan once admitted this was a dictatorship of traders, especially while affecting Marxist noms-de-guerre. But not after he started licking off the trickle-downs of official genuflection.

Amid such whingeing, Dayan’s multiple verbal orgasms hail Joe Biden as the second coming of bleach-blonde Jesus talking jive.

Biden must keep the whole blood-stained orchestra playing, unless he wishes to end up the phantom in the opera.  Biden has to do both FDR-New Deal-redux and preempt Trump.2. This is his long game for the hi-corporate class fraction he represents, who demands capitalist resurrection.

Bush had Willie Horton to sacrifice. Obama stole Malcolm X’s posture and elocution from Hollywood’s Denzil Washington and then burned his mentor Jeremiah Wright. Biden will also fake to the Left and then swing hard Right. What else is new?

Dayan will surely hail Biden’s choosing a diplomat for the first time as Director of the CIA – William Burns. Burns demands diplomats play spy, harnessing “all the tools of [Yankee] statecraft—from the soft power of ideas, culture, and public diplomacy, to…intelligence-gathering and covert action”. Amen.  Kautilya could sue over copyright.

‘Senior’ international relations advisor Dayan could then explain why Biden also nominated Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland as his new Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs. Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan co-founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Together they promoted mass murder in Iraq. But then, Dayan’s countenancing of mass murder is not new.

Nuland and husband were early profiteers off the regime change business. Nuland’s offer to “Fuck the EU” related to bargaining over the bloody coup d’etat in the Ukraine, with Nuland making clear the UN is their preferred doormat towards US hegemony rather than the EU.

The Maidan massacre in 2014 planned by the CIA, the EU and NATO was carried out through the US Embassy in Kiev. Nuland boasted the US had blown over 5 billion dollars over 5 years to bring about “regime change,” and impose a Nazi Government on the Ukraine: Thousands were killed, millions fled to Russia. This is the Biden administration Dayan minces moist for.

Soon after that coup, the IMF, breaking its Constitution, funded the Ukraine, a country at war. Nationalist Ukrainians claim Nuland and Kagan, as Jews, were thrilled at playing presumably anti-Jewish Slavs against each other.

Biden is now signaling such acts will continue, and Dayan is thrilled. Dayan’s role as brown messenger, includes sickly schadenfreude promising a Hollandesi dungeon for Sri Lankan despots.

Yet Germany and France won’t join up with Biden against Russia, perhaps why the US tune will shift. The EU jumping onto US Indo-Pacific hubris to besiege China is more doubtful. Where does this leave ‘senior advisor” Dayan?

The photograph of Dayan’s appointment as Sajith’s advisor foregrounds the garish green and orange of the present national flag’s so-called ‘minority stripes’ with only the tail of the golden lion evident. A glum Harsha de Silva appears constipated, unable to swallow something unpleasant. A simpering Eran Wickramaratne seems as if he just got pleasantly pinched in the butt by the holy spirit. Sajith appears to act authoritative like a father at a wedding offering an IOU as dowry. Madduma Bandara appears to be a partly surprised midwife, covering his fist unsure about what he just pulled out into the world. As if he would rather strangle the spawn. Dayan in crumpled clothes suggests he’s been doing an awful, awful lot of bending.

Bending is what Dayan does best. Tilting with winds rather than seeking to guide their path towards what is best for the country.  A beckoning to Delhi means an awful lot. The Eelamist lore about Prabhakaran being whisked off to Delhi and imprisoned there, with no change of clothes, until he kowtowed to Gandhi, set up their alibi for the Sun King’s later revenge.

Dayan was in Russia but a few snowflakes ago, praising Putin to no end. Now he is promoting the ascendancy of Delaware Biden, another smiling assassin in the White House who intends to further attack Russia, threatening nuclear war, just to show he can still affect an erection.

The US Democrats have for the last 5 years, made a profession of blaming all US ills on Russia, mirroring Trump’s demonization of China. Dayan must now recite two Novenas – incantations against Russia and China. Rote fate for another ex-self-styled socialist.

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