Dayan: swansong serenade of a renegade misreading history and time


Dayan J, festering the peeling white paint of a southern slave shack that Biden’s pasty visage countenances, is now out there for all the world to strip. Watch this pilgrim in deprogression.

Geneva Jaya would, every decade or so, feign to the Yellow Sea of our worldview. At times to the Red Sea. 

He now plunges booty firmly in the White Sea. All that’s left is for his carcass to catch up with flailing invertebracy.

Why is there a Yellow Sea, Red Sea, Black Sea, Dead Sea? Why no official White Sea?

Like white psychosis, though it inundates us in plain sight, we are not allowed to name it.

Firmly lodged in the mists twixt London and New York, in the North Atlantic of NATO, it spreads its toxic miasma across planet Earth.

There GJ finds himself, where Puritan refugees once paddled furiously to Plymouth Rock, to “seek their fortune” (i.e. commit genocide). As the Wampanoag said, “Far better than the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock would have been for Plymouth Rock to have landed on the pilgrims.”

GJ is what we call the former Northeastern Province of Eelam Minister, named after Israeli war criminal General Moshe Dayan.  His latest reverse amphibian metamorphosis into an invertebrate – or if you wish religious metaphor, a double Pauline conversion back into a bounty hunter for capital – transforms him into a raging anti-communist renegade, a NATOpolitan subspecies, paid to drown out the drone and drang of the ever present B52 bombers in our political airspace, with his Liberalism-as-Biden mutterances. 

Andhaya Jr. disguised as Marxist-Leninist once, even dared proclaim himself Stalinist, for many years. Then fancying himself a neutered post-Cuito-Carnevale Fidelist declawed, he harvested a PhD.  Now recalling his old Joe roots, giving up any geist of dialectical materialism, he calls himself a Catholic.

For the working class to settle accounts with their ‘own’ bourgeoisie, they must first have their own – ‘our’ – theatre of operations.

Dayan is groping refugee status within the folds of both Romes, Vatican and Atlantic, among Popes in a constant state of disrobing.  

Our avian new year harbinger the koha gets bad press for kicking crow’s eggs out of their own nests, installing their own for free gestation and daycare. GJ now flaps off the ‘Son of Prema’ kuduva, thinking they have defenstrated ‘Son of JR’ – Ranil the Perennial. 

GJ has not mentioned his hoped-for benefactor in recent columns, but ‘Son of Prema’ recently compared Sri Lanka’s economic policies to North Korea, fully suppurating the ulcer of opportunistic anti-communism. Only a renegade advisor would thus lick the ear of a would-be emperor. 

Now serving another family, GJ cannot harp on nepotism. His preoccupation is to whine about despotism. Harvest the tsunami of fog generated by the anti-China lobby. 

The anti-China Lobby, once headed by such decrepits as Henry Booth Luce, supposed creator of the Time-Life-Fortune-Sports Illustrated media empire now Warner Brothers, lubricates Japanese adventurism in Asia, and finances genocidal weapons to Taiwan.

GJ’s putrefaction is most glaring this week as he deploys the phenomenon of “voodoo”. He uses voodoo as a ’nigative’ to insult the policies of President GR. Voodoo a trope seeking resonance among Ranil’s media audience but clearly on the wrong side of history.

‘Voodoo’ has a fascinating provenance.

Haiti, a shining star in the firmament of human liberation, like Sri Lanka, was the first country to fully liberate itself from European colonialism. A combination of African and Taino peoples drove out three European armies, English, French and Spanish.

The white man could not believe it. Whiteness cannot concede logistics and planning to the Red and the Black mind. So the whites came up with supernatural causes.  Had to be some kinda hooniyam – voodoo. Forget the battlecry of Haitian military genius JJ Dessalines, “Leave nothing white behind you.”

Voodoo is a derogation of Black national unity. Sinhala unity is haram to GJ

Poetically, one of the worst military defeats in England’s history in Haiti, is linked to their preoccupation with their fin-de-siecle 19th century invasions of the montane redoubt of Sinhale, what they call Kandy.

GJ should be aware of using such compare. Alas, his yankee training is fully-bright with whiteness.

Flapping his wings like a flightless dodo bird, he warns a moribund whitey that China, “the rising world power….tends to be more aggressive and dangerous.”

Geneva Jayay gags orgasmic at the “grand coalition of democracy, envisaged by President-elect Biden as the cutting edge…of the planetary contestation of systems and their governing ideas”. 

This ‘Son of Merv’, festering the peeling white paint of a southern slave shack that Biden’s pasty visage countenances – no matter all the “women of color” cosmetics a genocidal empire can daub on such a monstrous skull –  is now out there for all the world to strip. Watch this pilgrim in deprogression. Plymouth Rock is about to fall on delusional fortune.

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