Dayan Undresses Himself


Mushy D plays the coy virgin as Europe and England (what happened to Brexit?) begin war games in the Black Sea against Russia. It was but a moment ago when he was posing at Red Square, extolling the virtues of Russian president Putin.

Dayan Jayatilleka’s pants were removed unceremoniously at Kanatte to expose his support for President Premadasa’s alleged involvement in the murder of two popular Army commanders during the war against the LTTE. He has now taken to unashamed exhibitionism.

After attempting to hand over the sovereignty of Sri Lanka in Geneva, by promising India to divide the country via the 13th amendment, Dayan Jayatilleka (or as we like to call him, Mushy-D) then fashioned himself as a ‘smart patriot’. He has now disrobed any pretense to be a progressive by coming out openly in support of NATO and the US war machine, which he insists as more progressive than China.

Mushy-D, now a superannuating messenger boy for NATO (though he may not be aware of this), has taken to repeating “Big daddy gonna get ya!” He even promises to do Sri Lanka in with India’s latest aerial firepower. What smart ass patriot is this?

Almost 2 decades hence, Mushy-D has now taken to voluntarily unclothing himself. So much so that even supporters of Premadasa’s son, who appointed Jayatilleka as a senior international relations advisor, are shielding their eyes from the sight and seeking to distance themselves from the appointment, saying Jayatilleka is promoting his flaccid agenda at the expense of the party.

Mushy-D’s “tedious sermons” are recalled by his equally tedious pal Sarath de Alwis when pondering “rejects who returned to Parliament…I reflected on the son who claims the doubtful legacy of a father under whose tyrannical presidency I suffered untold misery.” Mushy-D has no memory of such ‘despots’ he served so well. Yet a geriatric older than he remembers all too well.

Mushy-D has gone quiet on slobbering praise on the Biden, Blinken and Ned cabal, as they wage war on Russia in the Black Sea. He has ignored the US slipping out at night in Afghanistan, after creating chaos in that land. This is the largest withdrawal of US troops since Vietnam, even as the US has left enough time bombs there as the English did in our part of the world.

He could name the US et al as having been behind the heaviest dumping of heroin in the region since the English opium wars on China. This international advisor could name NATO and their local brown sahibs as the perpetrators of the April 2019 Terror. But no, he has no pants to do that.

Midst the ongoing devastation of Palestine, Mushy-D named after an Israeli war criminal, has assiduously chosen to ignore the continued US bombing of Syria and Iraq, let alone the continuing horror in Libya, begun by his liberal hero Obama. He is willing to ignore how US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enjoyed the sadistic video recording of Gaddafi’s murder. It’s all liberal democracy to him. Others may call it good old original honkytonk fascism.

Thus he has gone tongue-twisted as a trappist monk (or a forest ascetic) on the horrific doings of Master Biden, and instead shadow-boxes his tired keys at the ‘family’. Yet here he is writing and genuflecting at the altar of the biggest oligarchs this country has produced. An oligarchy, the New York Times also cannot locate on their Pentagona radar.

He writes in a family domain of the Wijewardenas, even as he claims to be a critic of Ranil. He sings the hymns of the Maharajah family who are also big importers of fertilizer. Mushy-D has decided they will help lead a peasant uprising due to the ban on their imports. He cannot bite the toxic hand that spoonfeeds him.

What kind of international advisor is he when he cannot see what the US is doing just across the pond in the Horn of Africa. He cannot bring himself to even praising Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea for actually coming together after a long time. NATO hate it, so they are promoting another separatist war:

 “Should those responsible for undermining a resolution of the crisis in Tigray fail to reverse course, they should anticipate further actions from the United States and the international community. We call on other governments to join us in taking these actions.” So declares, Us Secretary of State, Antony Blinken – Mushy-D’s bestest democrat who stretches his oily Exxon-grasp out to claim to be step-child of a Holocaust survivalist.

Mushy D plays the coy virgin as Europe and England (what happened to Brexit?) begin war games in the Black Sea against Russia. It was but a moment ago when he was posing at Red Square, extolling the virtues of Russian president Putin.

Now he whinges about the Rajapake family in the flagship rags of the Wijewardene family who have a monopoly on the English media. Greased he is by the Maharaja network, whose main contribution to Sri Lankan culture has been the promotion of sad superstars, crowned and soon forgotten. Gone are the days when the Maharaja network promoted their slogan asking us to behold “The Power of One” to extol the rampage of the LTTE’s Prabakaran.

Just as he strips himself bare, he blankets over the nightmare unfolding in the white world. He ignores the widespread anti-protest laws being passed in the USA after the Floyd uprising. The EU objects to a Prevention of Terrorism Act here, while US president Joe Biden’s recently-unveiled strategy for countering “domestic terrorism”  is part of “a longer history of US anti-radical policy that has targeted not only anarchists, but, of course, communists. Mushy-D, who his friend calls a circumlocutory Marxist-Leninist is silent about such.

Then again, his Marxism was just a matter of repeating a sequence of letters in texts, rather than the spirit of liberation such meditations entailed. Alas, Mushy-D, thou are farce repeated as farce, over and over again.

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