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December’s Doomsday Deadline


December 5 is D-Day

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e-Con e-News 13-19 November 2022

December 5 is D-Day as deigns the USA to dictate destiny, to stop time. December 5 is the deadline for new US & EU-led G7 sanctions to further asphyxiate the flow of finance, shipping, fuel, fertilizer & food to the world: All a ruse, professing to restrain Russia, but more to forestall the unfolding of a new world.

     Through their monopoly control over fuel shipping, the US will effectively blockade India and other countries from accessing affordable energy from Russia. This will lead to further suffering and chaos, even as massive outflows of capital keep hemorrhaging to the US from Sri Lanka, Asia, Africa and most of the Americas.

• Sri Lanka’s anglomanic capitalists insist only the IMF can save us, and we must submit to Washington’s proposed budget… or else: Indeed, this may be the first instance of an open threat of violence being held over the heads of MPs to vote for the IMF’s 17th Plan. MPs are cowering under the menace of a repeat of those well-synchronized May 9 attacks by the yet-unexposed ‘helmet brigade.’ A brigade linked to long-standing drug networks wrought by the US heroin trade in Asia, which operates a parallel government in Sri Lanka. The IMF will however continue to stall until Sri Lanka offers military bases to the US, and hands over strategic lands and resources.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent threats to India about December 5 (see ee Quotes), offer a sobering riposte to Indian diplomat Shashi Tharoor’s crowing, proudly echoed in Sunday Times that ‘The Diaspora Has Arrived.’ Tharoor is adulating English PM Rishi Sunak’s temporary and rather dubiously manipulated appointment to the so-called ‘mother(-fill-in-the-blanks) of all parliaments.’

     Sunak, rather than being an anomaly, belongs to those regional merchant fractions, which have already grown fat under English colonial rule. These market minorities still dominate the economies of Sri Lanka and India, and Africa… on behalf of their white sponsors. The US is counting on the continued genuflection by such Sunaks and Jaishankars, to empire (ee Focus, Washington Attempts to Bully India).

US & Russian intelligence chiefs met in Turkiye this week. The last time they met was in January in Geneva, just before the US escalated their European war in February. This week, there followed an apparent squashing of a crude attempt by the US-sponsored Kiev leadership to ignite nuclear war. Yet, with their December 5 deadline, US-led NATO stands ready to escalate its wars around the world.

     The US Biden administration has also set up another military operation in Germany, with a 3-Star General and a staff of 300 to escalate its proxy war against Russia. US already has almost 50,000 troops in Germany (with commensurate numbers in Japan, slave Korea, etc.)

     Last week’s November 11, days after their annual Halloween faux-horror, was again commemorated as ‘Remembrance Day’. How they remember their mass slaughters who can tell? Given their continued arming of wars on Asia & Africa, November 11 could be renamed Nostalgia Day. Or Amnesia Day. Or just, old-fashioned Imperialist Day. After all, the EU says they will have to invade ‘the jungle’ that keeps invading their ‘garden’. We however remember when Sri Lanka replaced the poppy with our Suriya-mal! (Random Notes)

Sri Lanka editors & other ‘influencers’ compete for invitations to US & EU embassies’ monthly gatherings where they are handed out the US State Department’s latest ‘talking points.’ The media wail for MPs to divulge their assets. Editors should also divulge their own sleaze. In South Africa, such US embassy monthly meeting for editors are tagged – ‘On the rocks & off the record‘. The US embassy provides: ‘first-class transport and accommodation as well as the excellent food and alcohol’. All the editors who attend are assured it would be good for their careers! (see, ee Quotes)

• Sri Lanka’s President Ranil Wickremesinghe says the USA owns the sea & private beach outside their embassy on Galle Road. Wickremesinghe was speaking at the 70th anniversary of US-SL Fulbright Commission Program, which has produced a steady stream of supine scholarship (ee Sovereignty, US Owns SL Beach).

     Sea access was obtained to perhaps enable a quick exit (or entry) in case of an attack on the US embassy (anticipating karma for the US-funded attack on the former President’s office?).

     President Wickremesinghe’s beachbum ramblings emerge just as the government says it will lease national lands to multinational agribusiness & their local billionaire agents. English Reuters also recalled this week, with scant elaboration, ‘Sri Lanka in talks for US$1Billion “debt-for-nature” swap deal’ (see also: ee 25 June 2022, Selling off Grandma’s Crown Jewels)

     The President elaborated further: ‘Sri Lanka’s land acquisition law must be changed to modernise agriculture’. Buddhi Marambe, Peradeniya University Agriculture Professor & director of chemical-importer English multinational CIC-ICI in SL, who led the ‘scholarly’ attack against former President Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s organic fertilizer policy, laments: Sri Lanka is unable to invest in ‘high-product-yield machinery for agriculture’, due to the high cost of machinery & capital and Sri Lanka naming itself as a middle-income country.’

     Marambe should first tell us where the CIC-ICI and other English multinationals like Unilever, he serves, have invested their profits from Sri Lanka over the last 100 years and more.

     A former director of the Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute (HARTI) says a detailed program for turning to organic was shared punctually with the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Agriculture, but there is/was: ‘A strange reluctance to incorporate such knowledge into the policy-making framework through a formal mechanism’. 

Meanwhile, one of the US government’s topmost NGO agents in Sri Lanka, Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, blamed China for ‘delaying’ the IMF’s 17th medicinal infusions of dollars. Saravanamuttu, like much of the NGO leadership in Colombo, belongs to those Colombo families pampered by English compradors, which history is in the process of discarding. Meanwhile, China points out that any deal with Sri Lanka must sync and similarly alleviate the ‘debt traps’ imposed by the IMF on the rest of the world (ee Focus).

     This ee also focuses on the role of ‘Dishonest Economics’, which Indian economist Prabhat Patnaik calls the ‘Neoliberal Era’s Hallmark’: ‘Economics is a subject where the ruling classes are forever trying to promote ideologically motivated explanations in lieu of scientific ones’ (ee Focus).

• The new Budget plans to turn over national lands to multinational agribusiness in Sri Lanka. This primarily means handing them over to Anglo behemoth Unilever. Unilever operates through 100s of front companies here, interlocked with such banks as Standard Chartered, and conglomerates as Keells, Cargills, Sunshine, etc (just look at what their supermarkets & retail outlets sell). This corporate octopus also links with CTC (Ceylon Tobacco Co.), and erstwhile rivals as well, eg US Proctor & Gamble and Nestlé, not to mention chemical suppliers like Baurs, Maharaja etc, plus the various Chambers of Commerce.

     The Budget’s plan to discard the land ceiling enables larger landholdings, bolstering a class of large landlords to evict cultivators off their lands. Unilever is also thrilled with the Budget’s promise to unilaterally impose ‘restructuring’ on national industries (aka SoEs), and further undermine labor laws.

     While Unilever boasts showcase offices and factories, it also operates through 100s of third-party contractors, who pay far less in wages, while flouting health & safety and other already ineffective labor laws. The budget is music to their ears. People will however face a different music.

     Unilever, a major importer & distributor of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) monopolizes the home market, and also monopolizes the media, social & anti-social, through a network of PR (public-relations or ad) firms. Therefore the IMF can easily strategize its media pronouncements to conceal policies and consequences, with fake criticisms by the AOG Twins – Eran & Harsha.

     The President says the Budget goes beyond the demands of the IMF. Critics say, it is the IMF that has laid down this Budget. This means, this IMF Budget goes beyond the IMF’s wildest dreams! Another exotic paradox in paradise, indeed.

     At the same time, in an attempt to claim the budget is homegrown, the President’s relatives at the Sunday Times tell us, ‘A group of top government officials & senior economic consultants is working on developing the roadmap… enhancing oversights of State-owned Enterprises, reducing the anti-export bias of national tariff policy eliminating barriers to foreign investment, making energy & transport sector less dependent on imported fuels and more climate-friendly, and strengthening social protection institutions & delivery systems (ee Economists, SL’s roadmap for economic stabilization unveils soon). Amen!

     Perhaps this refers to regional merchant & Borah scion Murtaza Jafferjee, the US-funded thinktank Advocata’s chair, who seems to have disappeared from public view. In May, Jafferjee was appointed by then-PM-&-Minister of Finance Ranil Wickremasinghe to form an ‘Economic Stabilization Dialogue’ between the Ministry of Finance & ‘independent’ economists.

     Meanwhile, Murtaza’s fellow US-Advocata shill & LIRNEasia Chair Rohan Samarajiva, who profited off the privatization of Sri Lanka Telecom, has joined together with some of the corporate-funded aragalistas to form a new political party (see ee Focus, Jayasumana)

     This ‘new’ political groupings, playing on hackneyed binaries of youth versus gerontocrats, civil society vs. state, etc., will soon join up with the old UNP/SJB. Their policies will be the same old, same old, import-export colonial plantation nothing-burger!

     And if you wish to recall the US playbook for destabilization, see how their attempt to ignite an ‘aragalaya’ in Cuba echoes the mix of post-Covid, mid-world-war troubles they are roiling in Sri Lanka (ee Quotes). As in Sri Lanka, NATO is also harnessing their fake ‘Leftists’, ‘Marxists’ etc, in their war against Cuba. (ee Random Notes)


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