Diplomatic Crakas


Where on this beautiful and bloody earth does the US, England, Canada, Australia and its Pacific colonies train ‘human rights experts’? Where do white people gather such sensitivity? Where, good yakku, where?

With the sun blasting directly overhead, as sickles and scythes attain crescendo in the rice fields and then fall momentarily sotto sotto, as green mangos, plantains (aka bananas to Americans), olives, papaws ripen in panoply on their boughs, as flowers open their petals in a full throated song of many colors, with the alternating heat and cool rains, the Kohas flagrantly caterwauling their mates – all tell us its the new year again. The Bak aka Bhagya – this most fortunate – moon is also a time of accounting, on gains and losses, returning home triumphant with arms full, or forlorn with arms empty of the glitter, falling off the lorries, smuggled out of the ports.

It is indeed a month of offerings, natural and manufactured (though not by us). Yet whenever white countries offer to help ‘reconcile’ a former ‘colony’, and our colonial media parrots that message without comment, it indicates one of two things. Either our country has fallen on such bad times that, like a dying patient clutching at panaceas, we must welcome the prognoses and potions of every murderous quack in the neighbourhood? Or our media are such practitioners of the deadpan subtle, they know that their readers will hold their guts inside as they fall down laughing?

Assuming it’s the latter: laughter and the ensuing joy is indeed always welcome, and certainly in April, which begins with identifying gullible fools on April 1, and ends with the most advanced workers in any country, crystallizing their sense of what is required for the realization of heaven on earth on May Day.

Avurudy Greetings!

The usual US embassy mouthpieces like Capital Media’s EconomyNext gushed: “This is likely the first time a sitting US president has wished Sri Lankans in Sinhala.” Whoopee! We recall an earlier attempt: “The USA in an Avurudy [sic!] greeting to Sri Lankans has said it is willing to help in the national reconcilaiation [sic!]”.” It quoted a ‘delighted’ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “As a partner and friend of Sri Lanka for more than 150 years…”

Why 150 years?  US missionaries set up in Jaffna in 1816, and by 1831, there were 100 such US schools, whose mission was fostering a “submissive native” class within Lanka, to also operate as a base for proselytizing souls in India! The American Mission Press in Manipay began the Tamil-English newspaper Udaya Tarakai (Morning Star) in 1841. In 1852, the US began its attack on Japan, turning it into the US-army occupied colony it is to this day.

In 1850, Reid & Co. set up in Galle, as agents for the Brocklebank Line, pushing opium on China. In 1865,  A & J Reid set up the Colombo agency Delmege Reid & Co. with the pro-US-slavery Delmege Brothers who “ran the blockade” to trade with the enslaved US south. In 1872, Delmege became US Consular Agent in Lanka, becoming agents for P&O in 1880, agents for Hongkong Shanghai Bank in 1882, consular agents for Imperial Russia, Spain and Portugal in 1892, and Shell Oil in 1895!

40 Acres and a Mule

In  the 1840s, the slave-based plantation system was blossoming full flower in US cotton, when coffee was imposed on us? It’s in the 1840s when the first Ceylon Chamber of Commerce begins fulfilling its functions, shanghaiing the first indentured slaves to Lanka in their thousands from South India, just after African chattel slavery was officially abolished (but retained in other forms) and English officials, bishops and judges, were feasting on the body of Kandy, robbing its best lands.

The US or England has never paid compensation for slavery. England, funded by the Rothschild bankers, paid compensation to slave owners in 1833 – The Bishop of Exeter, who had retained 655 ‘slaves’ to the very end, was given £12,700! The US promised ’40 acres and a mule” to each enslaved African after their ‘Civil’ War when thousands of Black people had gained weapons training and were refusing to return to plantation labor – a promise still unfulfilled even when slightly tanned white man occupied the White House. The English have never paid reparations for what they did in Sri Lanka. And yet they feel fit to give sermons here. Even the German Nazi Party (albeit now called Christian or Democratic) rarely gives advice to Communists, Jews or Gypsies!

Where on this beautiful and bloody earth does the US, England, Canada, Australia and its Pacific colonies train ‘human rights experts’? Where do white people gather such sensitivity?  Which part of London – Brixton? In Canada, Akwesasne? In Seminole County, Florida? Wherein such knowledge of ‘reconciliation?’ From the diamond-thieving Anglo-American Corporation’s Johannesburg Stock Exchange? Where in the EU? From its home in Belgium, whose laws restrict languages spoken in different municipalities. Belgium that still has ‘stuffed’ African Congolese on display in its museums? Where, good yakku, where? Why do we not ignore these fools and start listening to our own people – not lawyers – who have lived on his land together for multiple millenia? 

Ms. Clinton was called “3am Hillary” not because she stayed up every night waiting for her Billy boy to return. While campaigning for president, she ran an ad featuring a black shadow hovering menacingly over a white baby – a voiceover suggesting her opponent Obama, presumably a ‘lazy’ black man, would not stay up so late to mind this Uber Kaday they call the US Empire.  It is crakas such as these, barely out of the big house of the slave plantation, who are offering us advice on reconciliation.

“More than 150 years” indeed!  But perhaps she is right after all, for it is the plantation, that canker on the body politic, we should reject. This is where we should truly begin our healing process: rejecting a US slave system that has benighted working people, to the point where our chief export is also now people!!!!

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