Does the Son of Mervyn Live on Planet Earth?


“Today, the citizenry and the economy are more defenceless than they need have been,” he cries! Good one! The Financial Times and their merchants know better than Dayan who’s left public health defenceless.

Dayan Jayatilleka refuses to allow the pilot of the plane from landing, after his last diplomatic posting. He’s not heard the pilot announce where the plane is. He’s lost in a twilight zone, circling in his own bewilderment. Is he awaiting a golden star-and-striped parachute?

The Wijeya Group’s Financial Times puffs a weekly breeze beneath his broken wings to poop on the government’s purported foibles: The government’s constitutional preoccupations. Their hubris permitting Covid spread. Their restraining of a mercantile albatross. Dayan thunders, how dare a masquerading minister speak on behalf of his portfolio. Against foreign dictat over our internal affairs? Dayan glaring at Ranil too long has become quisling Ranil.

The opposition in disarray, Dayan joins cockroaches seeking cracks in a pantry. He and the opposition squirm, not knowing where to turn. Can they say more than that what dollar sponsors demand? Weren’t they whinging ad nauseam about constitutions and despots? The government rather calmly responded to their ravings. Now suddenly they accuse the government of letting Covid grow.

Conspiracies abound. Absolutely reactionary, they shrill about the government getting caught by the latest surge. Technically, the latest outbreak is just one cluster. But no, the foghorns proclaim, without evidence, it is wider than that. And Dayan, once self-anointed scientific-socialist, howls with them.

Hundreds of thousands have died elsewhere, but not here! The opposition’s response appears irrational to most Sri Lankans, especially to villagers insulted as superstitious. Covid becomes a political weapon, when it’s a worldwide health emergency. You’d think they’d want people to get together, not indulge in rumor mongering. But no such luck. Where there’s political mileage to be gained, their natures abhor a vacuum.

“Today, the citizenry and the economy are more defenceless than they need have been,” he cries! Good one! The Financial Times and their merchants know better than Dayan who’s left public health defenceless.

He asks: “What if Barack Obama focused on constitutional issues instead of managing the economic crisis of 2008?”. “Oh great god of Israel”, as Obama – imputed Mussulman – called out at his inauguration. Manage? Obama, white man in Blackface, bailed out banks and corporations! Obama doesn’t manage, he is managed. Obama just acted as if he wasn’t reading from the teleprompter supplied and scripted by Goldman Sachs!

Dayan froths: “The Executive Presidency was introduced by J.R. Jayewardene as engine of an economic revolution – the Open Economy”. Revolution? It was pure and simple reaction that engendered horrific wars. Some wars not called wars, because the defenceless murdered were Sinhala. “Let the robber barons come,” cried JR. That’s no engine, that’s a mercantile scoop! 

Gotabaya, Dayan misexplains, is combining JR’s “hypertrophied presidency” with Sirimavo’s “archaic, failed strategy of import-substitution industrialisation.” Really! The failure was the variety of import-substitution attempted: only to resolve balance of payments, and massive unemployment, opportuned on the JVP’s infantile rebellion. Sirimavo wasn’t bankrolled by the West to commit mega-mass murder like Dayan’s capo, Prema Senior. The Ceylon Teachers’ Union this week recalled Prema hiring 70,000 teachers in 1987-88 to buy off dissent. Who paid for their hiring? They’re all retiring today, with no one to replace them. Who’ll pay their pensions?

Dayan repeats standard mercantile economists’ bull that Sri Lanka has no internal market: “Local purchasing power is too low, and in decline” He whinges we shouldn’t hurt the feelings of JP Morgan and “the social sensitivities of Western markets.” Social sensitivities? Brilliant! Those who beggared Argentina and Greece?

He then moves to his favorite line of attack: Calling down Delhi’s Red Fort on our heads, claiming the Sri Lanka timed an attack on India while the Chinese delegation was here. He uses the passive voice: “Provincial Councils Minister Sarath Weerasekara’s comments in Parliament are seen as the island nation’s response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi…”

Seen by whom? By the US government’s private mouthpiece – Associated Press – who Dayan quotes as capturing “the essence” of Weerasekera’s pronouncement! To Dayan, Indian politicians cannot be questioned. Nehru helped the English destroy the LSSP unions in the plantations, installing Tammany-Hall type ‘ethnic” business unionism under the Thondamans. Nehru saw Sri Lanka as India’s colony. Dayan wishes us to submit to the so-called “quasi-military” Quad, when even India and Japan appear coy. 

And so we find Dayan directing GPS for capital’s ideological bombers traveling far afield from Washington, London and Berlin via Diego Garcia and Delhi.

Who knows, Jayatilleka may appear beside Pompeo at the Katunayake tarmac, claiming the ghosts of Ribbentrop & Molotov direct him to this sorry pass. There’s a vast difference between what motivated Comrade Stalin to hold off invasion in 1939, and Dayan’s attempt to hold onto career paths.

Dayan should step out of that imaginary aircraft he flies in, and land on earth. Face the guard of honor he craves.

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