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English & German Cartels Whitewashing Sri Lanka’s History


The Road to Geneva is paved with astrological coincidences

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 13-19 February 2022


“Colonies should not be permitted to manufacture so much as a horseshoe nail’

– William Pitt the Elder (Earl of Chatham, 1770)


  • Astrologers! Here is a list of Planetary Coincidences: An all-new US Envoy disembarks, twittering of human rights, just as Sri Lanka pays $11million for a US military aircraft (made in Kansas, where MP Eran Wickramaratne’s Assembly of God first assembled).


  • India promises an economic aid package ‘to be received by 1 March 2022’.


  • The UN’s rogue Geneva Human Rights Commission will deliver accusations against Sri Lanka, February 28.


  • On February 25, the US Treasury-controlled International Monetary Fund’s executive board will signal capitalists with a report on Sri Lanka’s economy.


  • On February 19, Tamilnadu held urban elections where DMK politicians accused the BJP, who rule India’s centre, for not doing enough for Tamil people, tho they themselves fail to provide basic sanitation.


  • On February 14, the England and Germany launched an exhibition in Sri Lanka on It’s About Time, a traveling history museum….Yet the English have removed their imperialist history from their own education system:


  • Ahhhhhh! History is all about the future. It’s all about: Writing that Conquers! The road to Geneva is indeed paved with false memories (see, Random Notes).


  • And so, India (who trained Eelam terrorists) pours oil & dollars down deep throats to lubricate the 13th Amendment & Trinco oil tanks. Where to, do these dollars and oil flow? To make and drive farm machinery? Industrial machinery? No! For people to drive Tata cars & Bajaj 3wheelers. Where are they driving to? To a factory to build machines? Nah! Nikang! To the supermarket to buy more imported goods. Their fuels feed private vehicles running nowhere in particular on the roads – such that oil imports here rose 88.2%, after a >100% increase in refined oil in December, to feed fuel to the petrol sheds. Here then is the Political Economy of Human Rights!


  • While blaming Russia, the US and its white allies are threatening war in Eastern Europe and driving energy and food prices thru the roof. The US-controlled IMF and the latest pro-NATO government in Ukraine, will carry out ‘substantial privatization of banks and state enterprises in the interests of ‘efficiency’ and to control ‘corruption’’ (see ee Economists, Ukraine).

Meanwhile, the armies of France and other imperialists are bombing and murdering people in Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, across the Sahel. No headlines, here.


  • Here headlines get more ridiculous: ‘Lanka warned of vehicles going off roads as forex crisis bites spare parts’. ‘Shortage of Suzuki car mirrors reflects SL’s growing economic crises’. And despite the fuel crisis, the ‘ADB funds 25 ambulances, 38 double cabs for countrywide hospitals, MOH offices.’ The ADB, a Japanese wooden horse, will of course not invest in making any of those vehicles or spare parts. No, never! Though as Garvin Karunaratne reminds, we were once quite capable of making rear-view mirrors! (ee Industry).


  • The road to Geneva is paved with false memories. England’s history of imperialism has been removed from their education curriculum, yet England and Germany are funding history to teach Sri Lankans about Sri Lanka! Or are they rather funding erasure, teaching amnesia, and selective memory? Germany after all pioneered ‘Orientalist’ scholarship (see Random Notes)


  • German hypocrisy on Trade Bans – In 2020, claiming an emergency, the German government’s BAFA banned export of facemasks and other medical protective equipment. Their ban was soon replaced by an EU Regulation prohibiting the export of medical gear to states outside of the EU. Violating such bans is punishable by German law with high sanctions up to imprisonment of the exporting company’s responsible employees and a fine.

Germany’s Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is careful not to include ‘import control’ in its title. BAFA originated in 1954 as the Federal Office for Industrial Economics. So, what exactly is: “Industrial Economics“?  BAFA, not only oversees German exports, weaponry and dual-use technology, they also enforce EU regulations on the import of specific goods including textile and steel (see ee Focus)


  • Sri Lanka far exceeds far-more populous India – nay, all South Asia – in annually drenching arable land with imported chemical fertilizer. Yet, imperialism’s toxic salesforces merrily rouse their capitalist media and ‘scholars’, local and foreign, to stall attempts to heal the soil. Not a word is written about how they ban exports of machinery (that makes machines) to Sri Lanka: eg, machines to make better fertilizers and vaccines. This ‘economics of machines’ underpins all other concerns. They keep extracting huge royalties for patents & copyrights. This ee looks at how imperialists enforce their chemical & machine monopolies, while demanding we open our ports and other holes wide.

And so they adulterate these impertinences with adulation for ‘human rights’. Their deadly history – not just of tariffs, import restriction & substitutions – gives the US and the EU, led by Germany & England, no shame, as they wail against any import bans. So saccharine sweet of them! And how dare bitter we?

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