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e-Con e-News  20-26 November 2022

Evelyn de Rothschild died on November 7. His family fortune intimately links to the English slave plantation systems imposed on Sri Lanka from the Americas. They also link to the colonial English opium trade from India to China. 

  Rothschilds’ relatives Maurice, Gabriel & Baron Solomon de Worms are claimed as ‘pioneers’ of tea plantations, involved in the colonial Legislative Council, even claiming to have brought the first tea plants from India via China to be cultivated in Sri Lanka.

  Owning some of the biggest coffee plantations, the Rothschild Estate was named after their maternal grandfather, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. The de Worms sold coffee to Europe, and after the coffee blight here in 1869, replanted their estates with tea.

  And even more linked they are to the current ‘IMF’ demand for privatization of Sri Lanka’s national assets: This ee features a photograph of Rothschild giving England’s King Charles some advice. Rothschilds act as financial advisers to the English (German) monarchy.

  Evelyn’s merchant bank ‘NMR’ – NM Rothschild (inherited from his father & merged with his French cousins) – was English PM Margaret Thatcher’s favorite bank. NMR monopolized the major privatizations of England’s national industries (British Telecom, British Gas, Electricity, & other state-owned assets) in the 1980s. Rothschilds are also linked to the US firm McKinsey & Co, which was involved in the 2015 Yahapalana government’s plan to privatize government lands (continued in: Random Notes)

• The US government ‘award’ of $100,000 to Colombo ‘NGO thinktank’ Advocata, was awarded by the Templeton Fund linked to US NGO Atlas that set up Advocata (ee 15 Oct 2022). This masquerade is blared midst the ongoing ‘soft’ coup d’état in Malaysia. This week’s ee records the vast amount of US NGO funds for foreign ‘influence-peddling’ that has been pouring into Malaysia.

     This is also true for Sri Lanka. This ee also signals the absolute lack of control over such NGOs. The problem about NGOs begins with their very definition. For it is no surprise that huge multinational corporations are NGOS, too. This was the entire purpose for such a phenom. Recall Unilever CEO Paul Polman insisting: Unilever is ‘the world’s biggest NGO… The only difference is, we’re making money so we are sustainable’ (ee 15 Nov 2019).

     It is therefore no surprise either that these corporations are blamed for the ‘leakage’ out of Sri Lanka of highly touted ‘export dollars’ to foreign banks (see ee Focus). As pressure mounts for the Central Bank to keep their promise and name the culprits responsible for the ‘leakage’, numerous unverified rumors have begun to name various individuals (see Random Notes).

  As ee keeps pointing out, this ‘corruption’ business hides the more powerful ‘legal’ role of foreign multinationals and their banks, and the economic structure that prevents investment in local modern industry. It’s also good to recall that the millionaires we hear of, work for billionaires, and billionaires work for people who aren’t invested in the celebrity business and needing to have their names in the news.

• Economic warfare is ‘a decisive element of global warfare’, says France’s Research Center 451 (CR451) founded earlier this year, in January 2022. ‘We live in a state of the unspoken‘, they observe, referring to the US completing its colonization of much of Europe.

  CR451 aims to speak the unspoken. It focuses more on the interstices of economic warfare & information warfare. And it builds on the work of France’s School of Economic Warfare (EGE) set up in 1997.

  CR451 operates under France’s DGSE (General Directorate for External Security). The DGSE, like England’s MI6 & US’ CIA, was set up for military and economic espionage abroad. CR451 include police recruits who infiltrated and split the Communist Party of France and their organizations, especially trade unions and schools: These police do what capitalism’s political police do best – sabotaging working-class movements, setting up astroturf tendencies, philosophical and other, as well as oppositional ‘Leftist’ fronts, etc.

  CR451’s main aim is ‘to produce useful knowledge as close as possible to the reality of economic confrontations’. Its next objective is ‘to find partners to work on these subjects’.

  CR451’s first publication is Economic War: Who is the Enemy? – aimed at ‘the small world of economic intelligence’. Let’s take them at their word and assume this book merely divulges what they wish to (by putting it on the internet), even as they say they speak of ‘the unspoken’ in Europe:

  This ‘unspoken’ sees much of Europe reduced to mere appendages of the outer Anglo-American Empire. This was recently made evident by the US sabotage of the Russian pipelines, and their ongoing war on Russia.

  As sanctions on Russia effect catastrophe on Europe, ‘a very different state of affairs takes hold’. This makes both politicians and the people struggle to identify ‘who truly is their enemy’.

  97% of French intelligence experts consider the US to be the foreign power that ‘most threatens’ the ‘economic interests’ of France. And they see it as a problem that must be resolved.

  Meanwhile, this ee also records the industrial demands being made in Germany, as the US seeks to control their economies (continued: Random Notes).


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