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From Singapore to Timbucto


Now some whites and even some Lankans think they can sing the blues, or play jazz or holler rock’n’roll. Not yet.

From Singapore to Timbucto

Arjuna New Shareholder in CBSL software? Does anyone know if this story about the SL student suicide in Singapore is true? Is the Singapore business lobby (who sing hallelujahs to their “Rule of Law”) so strong, it would get this story suppressed? Arjuna Mahendran and the purported student have now disappeared in Singapore.

     ee is not a fan of sensationalia but the way Singapore is promoted as a ‘model’ of law and transparency should be challenged? Further, how secure is it for Singapore to be providing the Central Bank with data management software? Does Arjuna Mahendran have shares in that company?

     The Cabinet this week approved buying a Central Bank data management system for reserve management from SimCorp Singapore. The dangers of using such large companies are: “If trillions of dollars are being managed by people using the same risk system, those individuals may be more likely to make the same mistakes.” SimCorp Singapore is a branch of the Danish-based company providing software and services to financial institutions such as asset managers, banks, national banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies worldwide. SimCorp clients include Central Banks of Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany’s Warburg Bank, Deutsche Bank, US government’s Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association), Belgium’s KBC Bank, Dutch Aegon Asset Management, Italian Generali and Swiss Unigestion (see ee Industry)

If Australia is so concerned about illegal migration so as to deepen ties with the Navy, and provide chemistry kits to analyze drugs, etc, etc, why does it keep exporting milk powder? Refusing to help us develop our own industry instead of selling diseased cattle? Is the media so craven as to suppress details of how great the aid and largesse are, especially by the warmongering US, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, India? Why doesn’t the media state in every story mentioning “aid”, say how much of that goes to pay for foreign ‘experts’ and machines? Same goes for stories about FDI! Investing in what?

Dumbass Media – A South Korean multinational building a “power plant” (green of course!) has promised to source locally: “In a bid to get local industrialists involved in the project, nearly 40% local materials such as buoys, cables would be used”… Who makes the “local materials” and how? Why can’t a literate media ask such questions?

International Schools, illegal under SL’s Education Act, are but legal under the Business Act. They are breeding grounds of national alienation. They take their cues from the proliferation of business schools around the globe, whose business is business. At least 1,300 to be exact, in 2015. ee has noted before, international schools are well known for their exceptionally high marks, otherwise parents may simply buy another school certificate.

Those north-south US superhighways now are built over the old Indian trails of its much older Red history. These ancient and not-so-ancient wide trails were turned into major roads to drag the enslaved from the slave-breeding states, which turned to settler tobacco production, taking them to the slave plantations growing cotton and sugar and rice. The enslaved were marched in coffles attached to each other by iron rods to manacles around their necks made in the first iron factories in Pittsburgh, with iron from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Now with these manacles around their necks, they would sing songs that their owners liked to hear and allowed. But soon those enslaved Africans turned early spirituals into sending coded messages to each other, of plans to break free. “If I had a hammer”… “Michael, come now, row the boat ashore, hallelujah…” Those spirituals later turned into the blues, when the railways, after they mechanized cotton in the south, took them back up to the industrial north, into a more modernized wage slavery, to compete with recently arrived European workers.

Yes, their throats manacled, they sang the blues to soothe. Now some whites and even some Lankans think they can sing the blues, or play jazz or holler rock’n’roll. Not yet. It is African music. Maybe after Africans have finally been restored and healed, repaid more than the slave owners were paid to turn their chattel slaves into wage slaves (forming Barclay’s Bank!), perhaps after Africa is united and free, perhaps the whole world may then together truly sing the blues or as it may be called African Modern Classical, with expensive compulsory certificates from Addis Ababa, Accra or Timbucto…

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