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Geneva Prostitution & The Ban on Industrialization


Prostitutes in Geneva’s Red Light District, near the UN headquarters, represent an array of nations, cultures, languages. Sex workers, trafficked in from Asia, Africa & the Americas, are forced to service an equally wide array of UN diplomats…

That One Billion Dollars Sri Lanka had to pay in July as so-called ‘debt’ ongoing, where exactly did it go? If it were to China, the white-out media would be howling! Why are these media’s lambs so silent?

South India repeatedly invaded Anuradhapura-based Rajarata to destroy its iron and steel production. The Portuguese, Dutch and the English, particularly after the Uva Rebellion of 1818, also targeted such industries. A nascent steel industry was built up after 1956, with support from socialist countries. Governments after 1977 destroyed all such efforts (see ee Focus).

     Economists refuse to mention, the best way to pay our ‘debts’, is through modern industrialization. They rather complain about money-printing causing inflation. Yet if this money and the massive profits companies are making are invested in modern production, rather than real-estate, no such inflation would ensue. Dialog Axiata just announced Rs. 68 billion in revenue for the first six months of 2021! (see ee Business)

Sex & the United Nations – Prostitutes in Geneva’s Red Light District, near the UN headquarters, represent an array of nations, cultures, languages. Sex workers, trafficked in from Asia, Africa & the Americas, are forced to service an equally wide array of UN diplomats, corporate executives and bankers. They are young and old, female and male, and everyone in between. Prices start at 100 Swiss Francs (~Rs22,000) based on menus offering diverse ‘racial’ and sexual delights.

     Prostitution is legal in Switzerland. But illegal in many of the countries where diplomats are from. So Geneva’s RLD provides valuable ‘intelligence’ to Swiss police and other powers to control foreign policy, down the street at the UN.

• The military role in education is being fiercely debated on the internet. Yet, the internet is still controlled by the US military. The US military first set up the internet system (DARPA) to connect its research institutions (universities, etc.) to its factories.

• US Dollars are flooding in to promote protests and media outrage-ification. The news this week notes how Facebook, Twitter, news agencies like BBC and Reuters, as well as tax-free cultural fronts like the British Council, are heavily implicated in destabilizing our countries, playing all sides. The Sri Lankan government has absolutely no control over imperialism distributing funds to NGOs.

• Last week, ee superficially examined Dialog and Sri Lanka Telecom’s colonial role in the controlling the internet. ee, 2 weeks ago, showed how Unilever operates through 100s of so-called Sri Lankan companies, using legal fictions, facades, covers, front & shell companies. Figuring out who really controls the internet and Unilever, etc., needs looking at who researches, produces and supplies their machinery.

Countries do not advertise their industrial might. In fact, they hide it. Many do not know thatSingapore is an industrial economy, albeit a fortress for white multinationals to dominate southeast Asia.

• Sri Lankan needs Rs. 34,000 per person per month just to eat! – An English thinktank erroneously reported this week. This Institute of Development Studies (IDS) has for a long time prevented actual research into our underdevelopment.

     In 1969, the entire top echelon of the Sri Lanka Planning Ministry, under Gamani Corea, was flown to the IDS in London for a joint working conference on Development Planning in Ceylon. Many of this ‘echelon’ were then bribed with study and research work, largely superficial.

     The IDS is of course linked to the Unilever Corporation. While Unilever’s top shareholders are listed as asset managers Blackrock, etc., historical ownership remains with the Leverhulme Trust. This trust controls England’s top thinktanks and industrial research. Unilever’s Materials Innovation Factory in England blends ‘materials chemistry expertise’ with the latest computational and robotic technology. They will not allow any of this here. Instead Sri Lanka’s expertise is confined to packing their goods. (see ee 27 June, 21 Nov 2020)

• The murder of child workers is still in the news. Yet last year there were 71 workers killed on the job, with 1,116 nonfatal accidents. Recorded incidents at least, though not reported in headlines. (ee Quotes on Work & Murder)

The exposure of the murder of domestic workers by prominent Colombots has sent the ‘labor flexibility’ mafia quiet, for now. Labor Flexibility is IMF-speak for destroying workers’ rights. Meanwhile, protests by trade unions, health workers and teachers, have been enthusiastically promoted by the capitalist media. There was less reportage on the protest by electrical engineers, against the sale of power plants to the USA. Rural energy production is crucial to modern industry. Imperialism wishes to prevent it.

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