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Germany Delivers Sermons on Freedom to Sri Lanka


“SWRD is remembered for kicking the English out. You’ll be remembered for bringing them back in!”

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 24-31 October 2021

SWRD is remembered for kicking the English out.

You’ll be remembered for bringing them back in!

     This is how LSSP politician Colvin R de Silva shot down a proposal by SLFP leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike in 1974 to send Lal Jayawardena (son of interdicted Central Bank governor NU Jayawardena, and later Treasury Secretary under Sirimavo B. and JR Jayawardane) and Anura Weeraratne (Secretary to Minister of Industries, and convicted swindler) to Shannon, Ireland, to study the world’s first Free Trade Zone (FTZ).

     The Sri Lanka Communist Party labeled FTZs, ‘vahal kalapa’ – slave zones. Indeed, 60 years after Shannon’s FTZ was inaugurated in 1959, Ireland still remains an English colony, still broken in two, still an infamous tax hideout for top US multinationals, etc. Some would like us to share in such fettered freedoms, as Sri Lanka’s underdeveloping economy is now facing even more powerful headwinds than that 1970 government did.

     Sirimavo Bandaranaike had the last laugh, perhaps. She started kicking out the socialists from the ruling coalition in 1975, lubricated by bribes from the USA and their pharmaceutical companies (with their prevention of vaccine production here having deadly consequences, as we recently found out). Yet JR and the Yankees had the longer lasting laugh on Mrs. B (see Random Notes).

• Last ee watched a beribboned parade of foreign envoys and their war officials with armed hardware in tow from the English to French and Germans, to the Israelis, Indians, Japanese, and the USA. All here apparently to feast on the upcoming budget, which dispenses a large percentage for ‘defense’. They included ominous visits North and East, with the usual chorus crying about ‘human rights’ and peace. Their shrilling falsettos & deep basses of the choir depend on high commissions and higher commissioners!

     Meanwhile the SL army announced this week they have produced, not new machines that make weapons-making machines, but organic fertilizer! Which of course, the media underreported.

     The media circus escalated attacks on an organic fertilizer shipment from China, which they headlined as ‘tainted’. Last week, a reader wondered about the testing against China being fixed. We then saw a curious small news item, ‘Container goods inspections are currently being carried out by SL Customs at 3 private sector yards in Orugodawatte and Grandpass – locations dominated by colonial MNCs and related merchant families. The old game of using ‘tilts’ and ‘insults’ towards socialist countries to reinforce white colonialism, continues.

     The tainted organic episode attained another level with China whitelisting the People’s Bank over not paying for delivery as contracted. Meanwhile, there’s rising disquiet over the People’s Bank paying $1.275million to the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative for a product first patented here, which failed to gain investment from People’s Bank etc., and was then sold to India, who is now profiting off us! (see ee Politics, Gevindu)

• The Oh-I-See of the CIC! – The vociferous campaign attacking the government’s organic program has been coordinated by one of the largest toxic fertilizer importers into the country – England’s CIC. CIC’s parent ICI is owned by warmonger Nobel, who gives out peace & science prizes too. CIC/ICI’s point man turns out to be a pedigreed Peradeniya Professor, who was setting agricultural policy for the government! CIC/ICI this week postedRs9.54billion in revenues (for 2Q 2021/2). TheEmployees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is CIC/ICI’s 2nd largest local shareholder too (ee Agriculture).

• CIC/ICI and Unilever are powerful tools of an imperialist English state. This ee looks at the strong coordination between English multinationals and the English government, as was exposed in their cozy relationship with Nazi Germany throughout the war (see ee Focus)

     In 1946 a secret network of Unilever executives smuggling goods was exposed in Holland. In 1947, a ‘Committee of British Industrial Interests’ met at Unilever House, Blackfriars, in London. This committee of 20 English MNCs was chaired by V Cavendish Bentinck, former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Subcommittee of the English Chiefs of Staff (Secret Service)! How’s that for free trade!? Is this private/public binary bull only for off-white idiots? (Random Notes)

• All these professors and bureaucrats in the agribusiness pocket, signing letters against the organic program, what have they been doing all this time? Why does their curriculum have no proper transitional program to a less toxic, let alone a more industrialized, agriculture, which enriches and re-skills the majority rural people? Why no research on how the rural home market has been hijacked?

     The so-called national media does not popularize discussion of agricultural and modern industrial issues. Instead, as evident from the last few months, they exist only to prioritize the dominance of the import-export plantation-linked MNCs and related oligarchs. Just like the economists and the bankers and their finance companies, who only exist to sell imported machinery and goods to people. this ee continues looking at how such a white educational system was promulgated (see ee Focus, Andradi).

‘In 2013, the CID investigated the Friedrich Naumann Foundation,

operating in Sri Lanka since 1974, for going “beyond its legal limitations

in Sri Lanka” after conducting workshops for opposition parties, and funding

the opposition UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe’s foreign tours & political activities.’

• Last week, US-funded thinktanks unleashed their NATO Panzer Division on Sri Lanka. Justus Lenz, a ‘Policy Advisor’ to the ‘Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom‘ claimed, ‘Germany’s success’ was due to ‘Free markets’ blah blah blah, ‘Rule of Law blah blah blah, ‘Abstention from direct market interventions (mostly)’ blah blah blah, and ‘Free Trade!’ Blah! Blah! Snore!

     This ee examines the fascinating imperialist biography of the eponymous Freidrich Naumann and his role in pushing stylized German goods on the world. Was he really for ‘for freedom’? Definitely not! Or maybe he was: Freiheit nur für Deutsche – freedom for Germans only!

     So like all Europeans singing ‘free trade’ songs, Herr Lenz chooses to tiptoe over the bloody graveyards of their warmongering history wearing the spotless shoes of personal virtue. He must also have been unaware of the war officials from Germany that visited to threaten Sri Lanka last week.

     Do as the Germans do not as they say. ee is paraphrasing Alexander Hamilton, the architect of US industrial policy, who said, ‘Do as the English do, not as they say.’ He was referring to English bull about their ‘free media and free trade’, which the US ignored but now pushes on us (ee Focus).

     Meanwhile international advisors of local political agglutinations, who claim to be appalled at militarism, despotism, & people referring to Hitler, have no problem quoting Hitler’s spiritual advisor Nietzsche! They think they’re hip! Thus doublespeak our ‘political scientists’. (ee Politics, Gambit)

• Across the Pond: The SL media keeps ignoring the white wars on East Africa and the western Indian Ocean, let alone Mozambique and South Africa. Sudan briefly flickered, with no mention that the US has been fueling conflict in Sudan to control its energy resources, and control access to the Red Sea which links the Mediterranean to Asia and is one of the world’s busiest waterways. (ee Sovereignty, Sudan)

• The media also does not mention the meeting of the UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters. Wonder why? After all that huffin & puffin about Pandora’s Pettiya?

     As for tax & debt, our media will not mention, how ‘80% of the historic debt that the UN has today in its regular budget is attributable to non-payments by the USA’.  (ee Sovereignty, Cuba)

     So while the whites are undermining the General Assembly in finance & media-monopolized Manhattan, they’ve been financing Geneva where there’s no veto-wielding China & Russia to defend Sri Lanka as in NY.

ee supports all past present and future countries that challenge the white hegemon: So ‘now for something completely different’ than what our boring media dishes out: Check out this video by an English Monty Python satirist on the DPRK aka Free Korea aka the Best Korea – dailymotion.com/video/x82kffn

….continued on blog: eesrilanka.wordpress.com

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