GI Jane & Jai Jawan: US & Indian Oil War Games in Sri Lanka


A US Naval Warfare College recommends escalating energy sanctions to strangle nations:

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e-Con e-News 27 March – 02 April 2022

A US Naval Warfare College study recommends escalating energy policy to strangle nations:

‘Sharply rising commodity prices resulting from NATO’s expansion against Russia

have prompted comparisons with the 1973 oil crisis.

But this energy shock is different, and arguably more serious,

as it involves all of the world’s major sources of energy

– oil, natural gas, thermal, and coal – at the same time.

Together, these sources make up 83% of the world’s primary energy consumption…

Compulsory conservation and energy-demand reduction…

will ensure the sustainability and credibility of sanctions policies (see ee Economics, Austerity)

They want more dead brown bodies. The USA, the English and the German-French-led EU, do. They don’t care who. They don’t care from which party Sri Lankan bodies come. And for what? These white governments are pushing through their increasingly fast-forward slow-motion ‘Color Revolution’ game here. Their old formula: ‘destabilization through public support for regime-change operations’. This ‘public’ is the people’s worst enemy. For they have no memory or vision.

    A frothing-at-the-mouth media, spreading confusion and fear, are teleprompted by their multinational sponsors: major chemical (fuel, pharma, fertilizer, FMCG) importers. They are only fuelling up the demand for an elected President and government to flee. But who and what do the people wish instead? What the merchant-usurers wish is clear. They demand ‘Go to IMF’! Continued colonization.

    The independence ‘received’ from England was always a bucket full of holes. Several attempts to truly protect the people (land reform, industrialization) were undermined. Anyway, we’ve long been in thrall to the IMF and World Bank. The economy continues to be made dependent on highly industrialized US, English, EU, Indian & Japanese goods, and markets for our labor-intensive, largely raw, materials. A few fund managers in London, Frankfurt and New York are gaming Sri Lanka’s rupee. India is lending us ‘credits’ to buy more cars and 3wheelers, and buy more of their imported petrol. How long is all this supposed to last?

    The present government tried to buy love from Colombo’s capitalist merchants: tax breaks, low interest rates, and now floating the exchange rate, devaluing the rupee. Their so-called import restrictions did not ban non-essential goods outright but favored large importers. These importers are led by the multinationals (Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, CIC, Baur, Ceylon Tobacco, Nestle, etc.) and their local merchants-usurers. These MNCs operate inside the country, but outside the system. Their steady infiltration of the state’s decision-making mechanisms is steadily weakening food, health and energy security.

    Just like in 1970-75, those benefiting from policies meant to defend the country, will now go on to exponentially magnify the post-1977 disasters that led to terrorism and war. Any government that wishes to take over, will claim to love the people, but will have to fulfil the demands of the IMF to sack workers en masse, privatize national assets, preventing the Central Bank from creating development banks (by making it independent of democratic control), preventing industrialization. Only by explaining all these to people, can we overcome the devastation on the horizon.

So where are the snipers? US Political Undersecretary V Nuland, who enforces such ‘revolutions of color’ by this US playbook, made a rather publicly toned-down, in and out, quicky entrance and exit March 22-23. She came, she saw, and…and… ‘regime-change’ demonstrations have erupted!

    Nuland after all has not been very happy: The world (particularly, India) is not openly joining the whites in their current crusade against Russia (see ee Focus, The Jaunts of GI Jane)

    The US may also be afraid that Sri Lankans will one day learn we’re in a crisis that is US-Dollar-denominated. More and more people are asking, Why can’t Sri Lanka de-Dollarize? In fact, we may ask, why does Sri Lanka need US$s at all? (see ee Focus, DeDollarize).

    Sri Lanka meanwhile gets most of its energy via Singapore. Singapore, on feeling the effects of rising prices in this century’s first decade, set about plans for energy security. Energy security is surely a major requirement for any modern nation. (see Focus, Singapore)

• What did Anagarika Dharmapala learn about Japan’s industrialization processes in the early 1900s? Anagarika’s biographers appear very shy to tell us why he could not implement such methods here. They’re more concerned about his sex and private life. Why was the Anagarika steered to visit Booker T Washington’s Tuskegee Institute & the Carlisle Indian [Residential] School? The English and their local ‘brown sahib’ allies drove the Anagarika away. And into which ‘reservation and ghetto’, does the US wish to steer us now?  (Random Notes)

While saying ‘it is a courageous step by the SL Government to reach out to the IMF’, Nuland underscored that the US is ‘encouraging Provincial Council elections in Sri Lanka’. (see, ‘US encourages PC polls in SL, says move to reach out IMF courageous’, Daily Mirror, 24 March). Nuland ironically promised funds for ‘renewable energy’. She also commended the Foreign Minister & Justice Minister…’ For what exactly?

The US State Department’s Nuland has been suffocating Sri Lanka and Pakistan into line. Who’s Nuland trying to impress? Nuland nee Nudelman is trying to make amends for her role in the murder of a whiter US diplomat in Libya. She’s also a European Jewish settler, who has to work hard – may be not as hard as other so-called ‘ethnics’ and ‘of colors’ in the Americas – to prove undying loyalty to their Anglo-Saxon masters (ee Focus, Jaunts of GI Jane).

    Nuland came, saw, issued threats and flung bananas at the monkeys. She was happy enough about Sri Lanka openly embracing the US-IMF, and demanding local elections. Spoken like a true US democrat! Always concerned about morality faraway. And just to show US power, since her March visit, powercuts, disinformation and vivid pus-vedilla demonstrations have been escalated. This is Nudelman’s Rottweiler style, we’re told.

    Nuland, after all, ignited the NATO war in Ukraine, aimed at dismembering Russia. She personally authorized the hiring of Israeli contract killers as snipers to perpetrate the 2014 Maidan massacre. This led to the coup against an elected Ukraine President, also apparently trying to juggle ‘east’ and ‘west’.

    Pakistan President Imran Khan is also experiencing a juggler’s turbulence in the wake of Nuland’s landing in Islamabad. Khan says a geyser of freshly printed US dollars is greasing ancient and modern hinges. And here? Nuland delivered diverse ultimatums demanding Sri Lanka’s subjection to US dictate. Or else.

    The white media, here and elsewhere, now portrays a Sri Lanka groping in an artificial darkness. Just as another Sorosian ‘Revolution of Color’ is unreeling in slow motion before our eyes. Hundreds of NGOS, including parties, seeking fresh funding, are said to be rousing their troops, north and south. Perhaps Nuland’s snipers are on their way? To promote chaos to implement their Sinhala Maidan program here?

    The US recently joined a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Core Group of countries to criticize SL’s ‘human rights’ record, to impose economic submission, like pushing the controversial Yugadhanavi energy deal to grab a monopoly over energy supply. Nuland then visited the Colombo Port and kooch-koochied with ‘the business community & civil society.’ All dependent on US protection & funds.

    Meanwhile, the Federation of National Organizations (FNO) queried whether the government had challenged the US’s categorization of Army Chief General Shavendra Silva, also Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), as a war criminal.

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