Goodbye Mr President! Hello Mr President!


It’s not (a) Bernie Sanders who will end up in the White House. Chew on that.

As we write, the outcome of the US presidential (s)election is still not clear. Joe Biden (Democratic Party) has edged ahead in the so-called swing states, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. He has an edge in Arizona but incumbent president, Donald Trump (Republican Party) is making ground there. He’s ahead in North Carolina as well. Biden can claim the white house if he secures any of these states. Trump obviously has a steeper path.

Alright. We’ve got THOSE facts out of the way.  

There’s a place called ‘The White House.’ There’s Washington DC. There’s the Oval Office. There’s Wall Street. And these places have people. Some are named and some are not. There have been presidents. There is a president. There will be presidents.

The name of the person who takes up residence at the White House (and therefore who does not) probably means something to some Americans of the US. Typically more than 35% of eligible voters just don’t vote.

‘Trump is evil,’ his detractors say. Biden’s a saint, then? Well, Craig Murray puts this in perspective here. Assuming that Biden does win, he says…

“But Trump has not been defeated by a Bernie Sanders; he has been defeated by a corrupt political hack backed to the hilt by the large majority of the billionaire owned media, financed out of Wall street and with no intention of pursuing anything other than neo-liberal economic policies. It is also the firm re-establishment of the rule of the security state and the military-industrial complex. Trump’s instinctive isolationism made him an enemy of the security state interest which spent a great deal of time in trying to undermine its President.”

There you go.

So what does it mean for us in this thrice blessed land, enchanted and enchanting, an island that is not an island but is a continent that is not?

What matters as far as US-Sri Lanka relations are concerned is not who is in the White House, but who is in the President’s House, Colombo. Think about it. 

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