High time SL untangled itself from the globalist human rights mafiosos


we know Bachelet’s words are embroidered to create a situation that would justify her organization’s future meddling in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

After suffering through five years of a government cobbled together from misfits, pathological liars, opportunists, incompetents, borderline sociopaths and kept in place by constitutional shenanigans, people of Sri Lanka gave their overwhelmingly ascent to the Rajapaksa brothers to take over and make the country work again.

First few months of the Rajapaksas’ new lease has not been easy due to the covid pandemic. Yet, the duo has managed to keep the country a float and the pandemic under control. It has been achieved through a degree of ham-fisted policies but the people have accepted them as necessary. Considering, one would think that the international community would be pleased with Sri Lanka’s discipline in tackling an issue that has flummoxed many.

Well, not quite. The international community, or more precisely the international human rights wallahs at the United Nations Human Rights Commission through its commissioner Michele Bachelet have taken this moment to raise concerns about the human rights situation in Sri Lanka. Bachelet says that Sri Lanka must stop intimidating and monitoring victims of the war, human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers.

Hmmm, I didn’t realize that Gotabaya Rajapaksas’ government has been doing all these naughty things while fighting a pandemic. Of course, we know Bachelet’s words are embroidered to create a situation that would justify her organization’s future meddling in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Over in Canada, a group of Tamil Canadians are calling Prime Minister Trudeau to disregard the long-accepted concept of sovereign immunity which protects governments from legal action in foreign jurisdictions. This group also wants Canada to report Sri Lanka to the UN committee on enforced disappearances though Canada is not a signatory to the UN convention on enforced disappearances. It is unlikely that either of these will receive a favourable reception from Trudeau but what is important to note is that this group has planted a seed of doubt in the minds of Canadians that Sri Lanka needs to be monitored.

These developments would not surprise the Sri Lankans who are familiar with the international machinations that are at work against countries such as Sri Lanka. The post WWII neoliberal world order hoisted on an unsuspecting and bruised world frowns on countries that act independent. This order will go to extreme lengths to impose the values of the western world on the rest. The United Nations and their numerous tarantulas like sub organizations have been created to control the behaviour of non compliant nations.

Non compliant nations such as Rajapaksas’ led Sri Lanka.

If the UN and its sub organizations cannot control the behaviour of countries such as Sri Lanka, then there are others like Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) who are more than happy to step in. Then there are countries such as Norway who are always seeking to transform villains into peace makers. These are formidable forces because they are supported by formidable powers.

This obscenity of bigoted western righteousness has been in play ever since Sri Lanka crushed the Tamil Tiger terror organization. These handmaidens of neocolonialism are still smarting from their failure to save their favourite terrorist from annihilation.

Sri Lanka, more precisely the Rajapaksas, denied them their moment of glory.

Sri Lankans know it and the Rajapaksas know it. It is high time we say enough is enough.

The government of Gotabaya Rajapaksa can put an end to this licentious interference by treating all Sri Lankans as equal. It is time to stop highlighting our differences and embrace our oneness.

Yes, it is as simple as that but to succeed we must embrace the Wigneswarans and the Bathiudeens and discard the robes that are suffocating us. Then, let’s find a way to make Sri Lanka work for all.

When we do that, we will shed the shackles placed on us by the international human rights mafia.

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