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The media is too afraid to name the foreign banks and multinationals who control our economy (and media). They are also afraid to name the English Quad behind the April 2019 Attacks.

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 05-11 September 2021

‘If you read the media reports, you can realize the reasons…There have been so many reports without asking me.’ – Central Bank Governor WD Lakshman

‘I have been silent all this time while Sri Lankan media has been misquoting me, stating things that I never said, taking a single sentence out of a 30-40-minute webinar, and taking the whole thing out of context. I am just sick and tired of the media doing this to me. This must stop! Why are they doing this? Is there no stop to this? Don’t they know the harm they cause by misquoting things and even worse posting things that I never said? Also, to all the media out there, you take just one sentence out of the whole webinar  and put it as a headline, how misleading is that?’ – Immunology Prof. Neeliya Malavige

The good medical professor could delve deeper and divulge exactly who – which multinationals and banks and embassies – are behind wild-ass media pettifoggery. Then again she may end up like Senake Bibile. The ghost of Senake Bibile, architect for a people’s pharma, and of those who have been made more ill and killed by BigPharma, hang over the huge profit margins of private pharma importers like Hemas, etc., who gained from his assassination.

• Too Big to Name? – The media is too afraid to name the foreign banks and multinationals who control our economy (and media). They are also afraid to name the English Quad behind the April 2019 Attacks.

     The media buries and distorts vital information, yet look at the US-government-funded thinktank Advocata’s ability to get their press releases printed in every single capitalist rag. US dollars have also bought off the Sri Lanka Economics Association, where all Advocata-funded economists will spout their anti-import anti-protectionism rhetoric at a SLEA September 16 webinar. So why are they so afraid of protectionism? (see ee Focus)

     This ee also provides a gossipy excerpt about how corporations buy off editors & journalists. Yet, ‘tis bigger than that: Banks, corporations and their advertising agencies control media houses. Such exposés rarely see the sunlight (soap) of popular literature, let alone media. Fair&Lovely foreign banks and their embassies insist on choosing our Central Bank Governors and our media editors (see ee Economists).

• Our media just loves, loves, loves New Zealand’s PM, and our media – social, anti-social & corporate – just hates, hates, hates our more popularly elected President. This ee looks at how the NZ white-settler government’s Public Relations (Communications!) budget is now $90 million, a 50% increase in 4 years. NZ now has more PR ‘professionals’ than journalists. A new technocratic caste hath arisen, dedicated less to substance than spin. PR = Pimping Relentlessly (see Random Notes).

• It’s about time someone exposed our irresponsible import media. Twitterati and Facebookies are up in arms against import restrictions. ‘Down with protectionism!’ they cry. Yet protection holds the key to the rise of all developed economies. So, again, who’s afraid of protectionism? (ee Focus).

     Paid scribes therefore spout nonsense against ‘militarism, despotism, totalitarianism’, yet the state appears powerless. The military cannot even prevent people from carrying the Delta (or is it Delhi?) variant on joyrides to surf Arugam Bay, etc. Police get bribed by Ceylon Tobacco Co vendors flagrantly disregarding public health. The Navy alone cannot block our porous borders. Traders are a notoriously cunning and unpatriotic class, and only a political, economic and military strategy, with peasants and workers in control, can ensure the modern industrialization of the country.

• Is there a fuel crisis? So says the capitalist media. But look at the capitalists and the wannabes on the roads and how they behave. Watch them, attempting to run down people, as if they’re in a hurry to develop the country! An oil price rise of 10% would send economies across the world into meltdown, claims one ee Reader, who prays at the shrine of the Brent oil price index every night and morning, before and after sleep.

In place of the pompous catalogue of the – inalienable rights of people –comes the modest Magna Charta of a legally limited working day. – Marx

• The Sri Lankika government has historically played a vital outsized role in the world. They should lead the charge at the UN, by crying out ‘We charge Genocide’ in Geneva this month. Highlight the mass murder by the World Bank-IMF-WTO preventing vaccine production, on behalf of their Euro and Anglo-American sponsors. Let alone their hypocrisy in preventing modern production in our countries, by enforcing pre-industrial low wage labor-intensive assembly and manufacture! Human rights, indeed!

     It is Sri Lanka after all that hosted the early meeting of the Non-Aligned Conference in 1954. ee was reminded of our role by an African-American who refused to fight in the US wars on SE Asia. Few know however of the double-game our kalusuddha leadership at the time played.

     We Charge Genocide was the name of the petition submitted to UN on December 17, 1951, by African-Americans led by the famous Paul Robeson (Random Notes).

• Our governments may be in power, but they do not have power. Foreign banks rule us. It’s one thing to raid food warehouses hoarding needed goods. How about raiding the foreign banks and expose their shameful anti-national activity? Then again, is it all hidden in a ‘cloud’?

• The outgoing Central Bank Governor’s last act of defiance was to write a letter directed at the foreign banks (& their local fronts who claim to be banks). Lakshman asked their international trading arms not to indulge in short-sighted speculation on the rupee/dollar by parking their dollars outside the country (so as to make a killing by thus devaluing rupees). He hoped these exporters would use those dollars to pay for the expensive imports these exporters need to make their exported goods.

     Such activity is mainly conducted by the large foreign banks, Standard Chartered, Citibank, HSBC, Deutsch Bank, etc., on behalf of multinational like Unilever, etc. We await the day a few of those foreign bankers are paraded in chains before crowds on Galle Face Green, or even better along the jogging tracks on ancient reservoirs.

     There are at least 90 ‘tax havens’ in the world, many of them run by the ‘City of London’ (the English finance ghetto) and Swiss Banks. They also play a role in promoting low-skill low-wage production. (Random Notes).

• The EU threatened again this week to take SL to the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the import restrictions. Remember when the US threatened to get the WTO to prevent the ban or even labeling of fake GMO foods in Sri Lanka.

Yet the import restrictions will help local production. Medium-size Rice Flour mills in Hambantota are functioning at full capacity because a major biscuit maker has shifted to rice flour for their biscuits, as wheat flour imports are now very expensive. But the media will never headline this.

• The attempted switch to organic agriculture has zapped a lightning xray into: 1) The almost total stipendiary genuflection of the agricultural professoriat and the media before chemical fertilizer multinationals. 2) The total sellout of the so-called environmental movement that maintains a steadfast eco-silence. The funding of this eco ‘movement’, the IUCNs, the WPNS, etc., by the oily-Rockefeller, is paying eco-dividends? Where? Those who lament, echo and hear the fall of a single tree in a forest far away from their mansions and SUVs – can’t spare a word for ‘organic’ anymore?

for full ee: eesrilanka.wordpress.com

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