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Human Rights, Tree Rights & White Rites


The white man can kill, maim and starve millions but no investigations are allowed or held. Their amnesia is no defect, it’s a way of life, enforced by their weapons of capital and mass murder.

‘The last people I will listen to is a white face on this issue’– Philippines’ Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr, thus discussed his country’s position on Myanmar.

     Locsin fingers English perfidy in Myanmar, and the duplicitous role of white liberals and their media like the New York Times. He tells his diplomatic staff not to listen to white people: “I know all of you want postings in Western capitals… you won’t…” He also spoke of the white plans to break Myanmar into pieces to steal its oil and gas, like they’ve done in Syria, Iraq, Libya…’

     Such plainspeak is not affordable to Sri Lanka apparently, even as the Philippines is still named after a white Spaniard, and we strive to be a ‘Democratic Socialist Republic’.

     Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with lingering colonial remnants, is said to be structurally trapped. The economy has been made almost totally dependent on exports to the EU and US, and on remittances from West Asia, South Korea, the EU. ‘We have nothing we could export to China, Southeast Asia or Africa, the world’s fastest-growing regions.’

     ‘We have nothing’? – Is this why we have to patiently listen to the patent masquerades of a warmongering US, England and allied white poodles snarling lectures on human rights? No wonder every media-promoted economist demands we maintain the import-export plantation system, further entrenching subjugation. Importers, with multinational corporations behind them, still rule, controlling our home market. They monopolize the advertising charade, which controls the media. Media controls politicians and obscures truths about our lives: The big truth is our non-settler colonial status enforces an import-export economy that simply fails to modernize production!

     The white man can kill, maim and starve millions but no investigations are allowed or held. Their amnesia is no defect, it’s a way of life, enforced by their weapons of capital and mass murder. As for Sri Lanka’s ‘defeat’ in Geneva, that all of NATO’s lapdogs beg for – it’s no defeat as long as the white man is allowed to undemocratically manipulate a world body. It’s no defeat if we help form a new international – the call of the hour. If we shape a cultural and economic revolution for a renewed nation – needed now more than ever.

• All the visible and invisible powers of the heavens and the hells keep being unleashed to prevent a winning President and popular government from ruling. And not just ruling, but completing our economic independence, especially in such dire circumstances no other government has faced.

     The media overflows with fake do-gooders, environmentalists and corporate-feminists, barking chorus with financialized human rightists and northern, eastern & hill-country separatists ready to slice up Lanka like Europeans did Africa in 1884. Behind them lurk the cliques of merchants and drug dealers, money launderers and bankers, their fund managers and financial rating agencies – rentiers who paralyze any economic advance.

 Meanwhile they escalate rhetoric against President GR, blaming him for militarization, dictatorship etc., while the import mafia and their media are still running riot, preventing any restraints of their anti-national activity: A ‘city hotel’, manager after a night of ribaldry, runs down and kills people on Marine Drive… 15 are killed, more maimed, on a private bus in Passara… What permits this? Exxon, Toyota and Tata design national transport policy and rule the roads.

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