In and out of Budget 2021


Real import substitution (of machines, etc) has not been even broached. Yet the capitalists feign pain.

Prof W.D. Lakshaman, Governor of the Central Bank, sir, maybe you could respond to what’s below!

The website www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com never fails to unmask the rogues and theft that’s covered by what’s denoted by three words, ‘economy,’ ‘economics’ and ‘economists.’

Here are some insights which, in the opinion of the Pepper Spray Club, tells us what’s what about the budget. Put another way, the stuff that everyone missed (or chose not to notice):

There are many tricks to undermine a popular government. The comprador oligarchy has had a major problem with the election of GR as president, and the landslide general-election victory. Critics, fully funded by a warmongering white world, keep railing against Sinhala Buddhist majoritarianism, despotism, Chinese influence, and imminent disaster by debt.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka insists they can steer the economy without the IMF. That minimal import restrictions are necessary. Yet the opposition and their monopoly media demand otherwise. Their rating agencies oblige. Their fund managers no doubt squeeze capital flows. England unleashes their Tigers. The EU unleash Geneva. Dollarized NGOs hail their Washington handlers brandishing US ‘exceptionalism’. Delhi whispers into the TNA’s ear. Fake news thrives. Any attempt to challenge a jackass media is called ‘censorship’, even as US-funded Yahapalanaya had their own plans for the press.

This week they discovered the horrors of prison life, where many are in prison due to impoverishment by moneylenders and merchants. Meanwhile, usurer LOLC announced it is sponsoring religious services against Covid, after robbing people.
There was much about the budget in this week’s economic news. The government has taken great pains to keep the bourgeoisie happy, while calmly explaining its reasons. Real import substitution (of machines, etc) has not been even broached. Yet the capitalists feign pain.

This import-export plantation mafia, far more corrupt than any state-run enterprise their monopoly media love to wail about, has of course always undermined progressive advances by any government. They will use any means to continue their usurious and wasteful ways.

Those who warn the situation is far worse than ever, forget we’ve gone through 500 years and more of constant destabilization. As long as we unite – none can stop the time!

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