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India & US Officially Take over Sri Lanka’s Economy


‘The bottom line is that Sri Lanka’s fuel pricing formula is in the hands of India’

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!


e-Con e-News 13-19 March 2022

On US Sanctions:

This… introduces between nations another umpire than arms.

It would relieve us too from the risks & horrors of cutting throats.

–Thomas Jefferson, US Secretary of State, 1793, while England was blockading France during the French Revolution, and the US was about to invade Algeria…

War? No, not war but something more tremendous than war… an absolute isolation… that brings a nation to its senses  just as suffocation removes from the individual all inclinations to fight… Apply this economic, peaceful, silent, deadly remedy and there will be no need for force.  It is a terrible remedy.  It does not cost a life outside of the nation boycotted, but it brings a pressure upon that nation which, in my judgment, no modern nation could resist. – US President Woodrow Wilson, 1919, while the US, England and 15 countries were invading the Soviet Union after its 1917 Revolution



US-IMF control and ‘sacrifices’ are being demanded by capitalists, their media and their economists! Do they mean sacrifice themselves? No! After 16 failed IMF nostrums, they are setting the stage for further decades of fake riots & fake wars with real bodies. They wish to annihilate more generations, to maintain this underdeveloping import-export plantation fraud. Both England and Canada this week threatened us, with ‘terrorism advisories’ against traveling to Sri Lanka. This ee looks at fate of the ‘civilized’ Cherokee in the Americas, who after centuries of white invasion, thought they’d make a deal with the devils! (see ee Focus)


  • Another destroyer: USS Fitzgerald slunk into Trincomalee harbor this week. No news on whether this craft, named after a US war criminal in Vietnam, has left. They may strike up the band for US Political Undersecretary Victoria ‘F the E’ Nuland’s triumphant entry to survey their ‘suffocation’ of yet another popularly elected government.

Several Indian, Japanese, German, French and other warships bristling with weapons of megadeath have been splashing in and out of Colombo, Trincomalee and Hambantota’s coves. This ee takes a quicky peek at oceanic piracy (known as ‘free trade’) as practiced by the English and the US. European invaders, over 500 years, blockaded our ports, our country trade (cutting off wider Asia & Africa).

Our shallow economists love the white ‘free trade’ prattle. England declared ‘free trade’ only after imposing colonies, using a merchant navy & a powerful war navy to guard their trade fleets, implanting maritime bases across the world to provide fresh supplies and repair, promoting underdevelopment to grab raw materials for their industrial production, and turn us into a consumer market for their finished goods. The US followed suit. This ee looks at their ‘Heartland’ & ‘Rimland’ theories of world domination. They covet Gokanna – Trincomalee in Sri Lanka, centre of the maritime world (ee Focus).


  • If steel is the rice of industry, fuel indeed cooks the rice! Fuel is our largest import expenditure. So who created this so-called power crisis? Look at the roads, to see how these dollars are luxuriously burned up. ee keeps reminding how Anglo-Dutch Shell and Pearson destroyed DJ ‘Laxapana’ Wimalasurendra’s dream of energy self-sufficiency. And now? The Island this week admits that India is determining Sri Lanka’s energy policy:

‘The bottom line is that Sri Lanka’s fuel pricing formula is in the hands of India. That is the unpalatable truth. Obviously, there is no mechanism to ensure that upward or downward revisions of fuel prices are decided through consultations. Instead, a foreign power can take that decision on our behalf. In other words, Sri Lanka’s Energy Minister now is actually former Indian foreign service officer & ‘one-time distinguished career diplomat’’ Hardeep Singh Puri, who had served the Indian High Commission in Colombo during the explosive 1984-88 period when Indian-trained terrorists waged war against Sri Lanka.’

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India Milinda Moragoda met with India’s Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Hardeep Singh Puri on 10 March – the day India’s Oil Corporation LIOC ‘announced staggering price increases in petrol and diesel that caused turmoil in Sri Lanka’. India then offered $1billion to buy more Bajaj 3wheelers, Tata guzzlers, and oil (they’ll also import from Russia!). Moragoda is local founder of the oil monopolist Rockefeller’s Exxon-linked Pathfinder Foundation, which has long pushed the Sri Lankan government to submit to the IMF. Pathfinder also holds innumerable seminars on Indian Ocean ‘security’. (Random Notes)


  • President GR has added corporatist academics and executives to assist his new Economic Council. The ball is in the private sector’s court: We could make it or break it – echoes one panglossian headline (ee Economists, Molligoda). The President’s advisors are from ye olde plantation agency houses, and related pinstripe-mafia accounting houses. These executives hail from such thieves as Unilever, Hayleys, Keells, Brandix, Dialog, Cargills, Combank, Sampath, EY, PwC, and related tail waggers of multinational corporations. Will the trains run on time by running over half the passengers? Will the lights come on but no one will be home, or perhaps hiding under their donkey beds?

Perhaps the President feels it’s better to co-opt a criminal and most-corrupt private sector that monopolizes national resources, rather than having them running wild? On the other hand, it’s this import mafia that has brought us to this sorry pass.


  • What’s a leader to do? When nationalists do not know that the solid basis of modern nations is in modern industrial (machine-making) production. When our socialists do not know the difference between utopian, romantic petit-bourgeois socialism & scientific socialism. Capitalism is not about handicraft, manufacture & assembly, but machines making machines? Capitalist media refuses to even start such a national conversation.


  • America!’ – is what the whites call those stolen lands. And ‘Americans’ – is what slaves call the white settlers imposed on those Americas. Their genocide is declared a global success story for enslaved and colonized minds and bodies. Ex-president Don Trump put back photos and busts of US President Andrew Jackson and Winston Churchill back in his Oval Office in that whitest of houses. Images that the whitest US President ever (the ‘liberal’ Obama who destroyed Libya, Syria and Yemen) had chosen to hide away. So who is or was Andrew Jackson? Jackson augurs the second coming of Trump or someone like him, representing the ‘cross-class’ settler alliance behind their Capitol Hill ‘riots’ and more recently Ottawa’s ‘convoy’ (ee Focus).


  • The US embassy this week promised millions for ‘performing arts traditions’: 1) Kandyan Kohomba Kankariya dance, 2) Northern and Eastern Province Tamil Koothu dance drama, 3) Adivasi rituals from Eastern Province, and 4) dance-drama rituals from Southern Province Kolam tradition.

Performing? Dance? Drama? The Yankees of course aim to neutralize such therapeutic traditions that once reinforced village and national solidarity. Subversion of such solidarity may be traced to England’s imposition of coffee and tea plantations on the confiscated lands of montane Sinhalé in the 1830s, employing the US slave system, trafficking unfree workers here from South India to further subjugate the resistance, destroying village irrigation systems.

The 1830s was when US President Andrew Jackson’s settler armies were invading more original people’s lands, to impose cotton plantations on the US South, driving the Aniyvwiya (Cherokee) away down ‘The Trail of Tears’.

The Aniyvwiya had, after centuries of genocidal war, been proclaimed as one of the ‘5 Civilized Tribes’. ‘Civilized’ because they adopted the ways of the white conquerors, and were supposed to be more advanced than their fellow original Americans. Some became Christians, spoke English. They had their own ‘economy’, with their own-language newspapers. In 1830, the US Congress imposed the Indian Removal Act, forcibly relocating ‘American Indians’ east of the Mississippi to a new Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Now they’re totally divided, with whites – Pretendians! – claiming the right to choose who is Cherokee!

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