India’s angst


Words have been spoken. Among them, this: ‘renege’ Interesting choice, that.

India has reason to be upset. No, not on account of Virat Kohl’s team being bested by Joe Root’s men in a never-let-up performance over five days of entertaining cricket; India is upset over Sri Lanka not playing fair, well from India’s point of view.

There was that business of the East Container Terminal. There’s the born-again-and-again issue of the 13th Amendment. There’s perceived over-coziness with China, first with the Port City and now with power generation. On top of all that the Pakistan Prime Minister has been invited to address the Sri Lankan Parliament on February 21, 2021.

Too much. Way too much!

Well. One might say, ‘coincidence’. One might say, ‘our business, not yours.’ On the other hand, India is the undisputed regional power. On the other hand, India is the regional bestie of the world’s most belligerent nation, the USA. On the other hand, there’s the UNHRC and the 46th session of that ‘august’ body.

Words have been spoken.  Among them, this: ‘renege’ Interesting choice, that.

Well, ‘an understanding’ even one inked as an MoU is NOT coterminous with ‘agreement’. Things happen. Circumstances chance. It’s well and good for India to talk about words that came before, but it can cost governments to play favorites, in this case, India over Sri Lanka, Indian Port over Sri Lankan Port, Indian transshipment business over Sri Lankan transshipment business, an irate Indian High Commissioner over an anxious Sri Lankan citizen.

That’s not all. India knows the meaning of the word ‘renege’. After all India reneged on something that was far more significant than ‘understanding’ or an ‘MoU’. India reneged on undertakings inked in that most pernicious bilateral agreement Sri Lankan has signed in ages: the Indo-Lanka Accord. India did not ensure that the LTTE joined the democratic mainstream.

So, in essence, India, having created the problem (arming, training and funding terrorists), pledged to sort them out in return for tangible strategic and other benefits, reneged on the undertaking and still goes blah blah blah about non-implementation.

A bit much, eh?  

Maybe Sri Lanka could have handled things in a better way. Maybe Sri Lanka could have done it in a way that India would not dream of doing. That’s water under the bridge.

India is upset. Understandably.

So, we commiserate.

So we say ‘sorry’.  That’s about it though.

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