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Japan Pops the Tiger out of the Bag


What exactly did the Japanese envoy promise the TNA in Jaffna?

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e-Con e-News  26 June – 02 July 2022

We’ve sat in the dark during power cuts,

and we’ve witnessed Sri Lankans voice their frustrations in peaceful protest

– US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Her Excellency Julie Chung,

Chief Guest, 183rd AGM of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, 30 June 2022

• ‘India has asked for several projects in Sri Lanka including the laying of a high-powered electricity cable between the two countries, two zones in the Mannar Basin for oil exploration, and the lands surrounding Trincomalee Harbour to be developed as an industrial zone. So, there is a plan to get hold of strategic places in this country. …Now it is clear that their real objective is to acquire strategically important places in this country. India taking hold of the lands surrounding Trinco poses a serious security threat to this country because that will enable them to control the harbour…’ – ee Sovereignty, Foul

• ‘Probing even deeper into the US-European Commission plan, one can detect ambitions for a fundamental transformation of the global energy system, revising it from one driven largely by market forces to one divided along geopolitical lines – with the US, Europe and their ‘friends’ controlling one vast network of energy distribution, and the rest of the world fractured into smaller networks, each defined by shared political loyalties. Even if these ambitions are only partially fulfilled, we can expect energy to play an ever more pivotal role in what the Pentagon calls Great Power Competition – with the US playing an especially conspicuous role.’ – ee Focus

• A flurry of denials and overmuch praise of Japan. The Japanese ambassador’s obsequious kowtowing to an otherwise much-maligned President. Promises of more Japanese ‘ emergency aid’. All followed a Japanese delegation’s visit to Jaffna. All followed the Daily Mirror headline –  ‘Japan will not help Sri Lanka now!’

     ‘Japanese Ambassador in Colombo Mizukoshi Hideaki who met the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) yesterday had reportedly said there is a risk of financial assistance to Sri Lanka being mismanaged and hence Japan will not support the country at this point.  However he has said Japan might consider it later.’ (see ee Sovereignty)

     There appears to be no retraction by the DM, and it’s unclear if it is the Tiger-linked TNA who released the intimation, and whether it was done so at the behest of the Indian government. The article itself carried no byline, had no US-embassy-funded trolls making the usual snide comments, and only had ads for beef burgers and pets.

     Japan’s exact sentiments were however immediately echoed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The USSFRC oversees and funds foreign aid programs, US weapon sales and military training. Some USSRFC members are seeking re-election in November US midterms. The USSRFC ‘tweet’ says the IMF agreement with ‘must be contingent on Central Bank independence, strong anti-corruption measures and promotion of the rule of law… Without these critical reforms, Sri Lanka could suffer further economic mismanagement & uncontrollable debt.’

     The IMF mission staff’s goodbye message after their visit earlier this week, however, stated in IMF gibberish, ‘talks with Sri Lankan authorities made ‘significant progress’ on defining a macroeconomic and structural policy package’.

     The truth is plain to see. No ‘aid’ is actually forthcoming. The US, Japan and India’s actions also make abundantly clear they are determined to ensure development banking never happens here.

     The IMF also repeated their bull about ‘ensuring adequate protection for the poor & vulnerable’. Almost these exact words have been mouthed by their native agents, such as former US Citibank VP & Assembler of God (AoG) Eran Wickremaratne, and his AoG vote banker, footnote cliquer Harsha de Silva.

     Again, the ‘poor & vulnerable’ are already being and been hammered. What we have had for the last 74 years and now for the IMF’s 17th ‘nervous breakdown’ is US dictat over the economy. It is also clear that the so-called lack of energy is not just due to the prevention of production and distribution by local authorities, but to a larger imperialist design.

     Despite new headlines about the government seeking Russian oil, this is being blocked by the US, EU & India, from accessing cheaper Russia oil, even as India is buying it with rupees (ee Industry, Energy as a Strategic Tool)

     All these other media tropes: ‘corruption’, ‘rule of law’ ‘CB independence’ ‘mismanagement’ ‘debt’, have been megaphoned ad nauseam in the media, over and over again, by their poodle economists. The USFRC is long known for their own criminal disregard for such tropes, promoting invasions, wars and mass torture (see Chomsky & Herman’s Washington Connection & 3rd World Fascism).

• ‘US Ambassador Julian (ooops, Julie) Chung, also told the 183rd general meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, she wants ‘further reforms to bring the Prevention of Terrorism Act in line with international standards’.’

     It is karma and comedy that Sri Lanka has to endure sermons against thievery by the biggest thieves on earth. They who have stolen entire continents (ee Quotes, Haiti). Worse. Endure sermons against murder by the world’s and history’s most admired mass-murderers.

     But such is life when we allow the nation to base its economy on the whims and fancies of the privileges accessing white markets of these very same grand thieves and mass murderers, their imports and their exports, tourism, remittances, etc.

     We are of course ‘low IQ’ and do not know what ‘international’ let alone’ international standards’ mean. Does Julian (errr… Julie) mean those set by the US in Guantanamo, that slice of real estate stolen from Cuba, where such ‘live’ Olympic sports as ‘waterboarding’ are practiced? Does Julian (sigh, Julie) mean Haiti, where despite the US (and Canada and France and England and Spain) having kidnapped and assassinated Presidents, the people refuse to submit.

     We’re convinced more than ever that this talk of ‘corruption’, especially by the capitalist media and the artists who crave their attention, access and awards, is the actual corruption itself.

• The fellating of separatism (evident from India & Japan’s actions & demands) convinces us more than ever that Colombo should be dismantled (ee Focus, Kulatunga), and the capital moved to Anuradhapura, from a Colombo infested as it is by powerful merchant and market minorities, who will only fragment the country further. As SBD de Silva noted, if Colombo and the Western Province (WP) had been inundated by the 2004 tsunami, the country would have advanced.

     The WP is a parasite on the rest of the country, that provides their food, workers – exploited in their fake ‘free trade’ zones and garment factories (that refuse to make a pin, thread or machine) – who are also exiled abroad as modern slaves to remit their hard-earned dollars, hijacked, apparently legally, by so-called ‘kerb’ markets as well as by multinational corporations through misinvoicing etc.

     ee again reminds that the issue is not just dollars stolen through this fake ‘export’ game (based on highly overinflated imports) but the prevention of investment in modern (machine-making) industry.

     Historic Anuradhapura was planned and built without foreign aid, as a jathikathva commentator notes  (ee Politics). ee has said it before and will say it again: Anuradhapura should be reinstated as the country’s capital, building well-armed and secured high-speed railways from Trincomalee to Mannar, and from Jaffna to Kandy, via Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura’s role in our history is known worldwide (Marx wrote about it and the ancient gan sabha in his last years, see ee 11 July 2020). It is vitasl for us to fully understand this move (ee Focus, Somadeva).

The day will come when history will speak. But it will not be the history which will be taught in Brussels, Paris, Washington, or the UN… Africa will write its own history and in both North and South it will be a history of glory and dignity.

– Patrice Lumumba


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