Keep kneeling, Mike. Me too wishes to breathe


When they say China, Sinhala, Sri Lanka, we know they mean Black. Say it loud, we’re Black and Proud! Maha Kalu Sinhalayo indeed!

Did Pompeo kneel down at St. Anthony’s Church? We do not mean to insult this honorable man’s national origins or his religiosity, but it is well known that at Sicilian Mafia funerals, the assassins are the first to jump up, weep, and speak great things about the dead. 

We get worried when white officials kneel, and have to look to see who they are kneeling on.

Pompeo, after all, has admitted to cheating, lying and stealing. He admitted this to his West Point alma mater in a speech. 

His military college also came up in his recent Colombo press conference, when he said: “I’m proud that Sri Lankan officers received training at the United States institutions like West Point.”

So why bring up his kneeling at a bombed-out Roman church? His Sicilian origins? His training at a school (which in other parlance may be called a terrorist base)?

Strong suspicions abound that the US and its Quadrilateral alliance were behind the April (Easter) terrorist bombings, after the abject failure of their 2015 Yahapalana project to bankroll regime-change.

While the Trump administration has publicly claimed not to start any new wars, the truth is they have continued the work of their predecessors. US President Obama, Nobel peace Prize winner, was involved in the high-profile murder of Ghaddafi, and destabilisation of Libya, Syria, etc.

The Trump policy has been to continue destabilization of our countries through more covert means, while portraying himself as an isolationist of sorts (i.e not getting openly involved in foreign wars). Their media has been instructed to back off. Though in truth, contrary to their claim to be beacons of press freedom, their media need no such instruction. They are quite supine and profit off wars. 

The link between these terrorist bombing and international intrigues, politics and the economy, came to the fore again this week with the rather individualized horror of the attacks in France. The US wishes to pressure France to bolster its attacks on Russia. Turkey denies its involvement in the bombings. France wishes to divert from its economy and colonial ravaging.

When we say individualized horror, we mean that the media has a ratio of white psychopathology to maintain. We usually die in hundreds and thousands. While they mostly die in ones and twos. The media reports us in the large numbers. When it comes to them, each white victim is given a human face, body, allowing them to live again. Family, relatives, priests and scout masters, fellow workers are all interviewed. If a Black victim is involved, there is usually only intimation that they were criminal and deserved it, pitiable though it may be. 

This link to white pathology and the US history of genocide, chattel slavery and imperialist wars, became apparent in Pompeo’s reference to China as a “Predator”. The label ‘Predator’ rings a bell. This is what Hillary Clinton called young Black children. Biden shares similar views on Black children, who he recently patronized as being as smart as white kids.
While it maybe hard for people to swallow, Black is how they also view the world. no matter how many shades of grey they claim to enjoy at night. No matter Trump or Biden, Kamal or Pence.

Martin Luther King was assassinated after he made the link between white psychopathology, impoverishment in the US and their war on Vietnam.  Malcolm X was assassinated in the US when he linked the murder of John F. Kennedy to the coups and murders of leaders in Asia and Africa, from Arbenz (Guatemala), Mossadegh (Iran), SWRD Bandaranaike (Ceylon), Patrice Lumumba (Congo) and countless others unnamed. But we know the name. Black.

When they say China, Sinhala, Sri Lanka, we know they mean Black. 
Say it loud, we’re Black and Proud! 

Maha Kalu Sinhalayo indeed!

And it’s not just churches. He could have learned what has happened to our temples. 

Pompeo could have visited neighboring Kelaniya Vihare to find out about the total destruction cannonaded upon us over 500 years, from which we have to keep springing back up.

So get down on your knees, Mike. There’s a lot to atone for. 

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