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Killing the Lights: Ruin Peasants, Export Workers


A supreme irony it shall be, if the parippu we import from Australia is grown by Sri Lankan workers there, while refusing to modernize agriculture here, further impoverishing the peasant!

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!


e-Con e-News 28 November – 04 December 2021


“…uppermost in his mind was the harnessing of the Laxapana waters to produce hydroelectricity and to supply ‘lakhs of lights’ as the name Laxapana implies. 9 long years later, a project based on the original proposals of Wimalasurendra but ill-advisedly modified by European engineers, was started by the English Government. Three years later it had to be abandoned after spending nearly 3.5mn rupees. Had Wimalasurendra been entrusted with the task it would have been a success. Undaunted, Wimalasurendra pressed the government of the day to resume the project, fearing it would be shelved forever or passed onto a foreign combine. With this in view, he briefed DS Senanayake of the proposed sale of a vital section to Whitehall Securities Corporation. When DS exposed this fact in the Legislative Council, the European rulers gave 24-hours’ notice to Wimalasurendra, to retire…”

– see Random Notes, Shell Oil & Litro

The US farmer suicide crisis echoes a much larger farmer suicide crisis happening globally:

An Australian farmer kills themselves every 4 days;

in England, one farmer a week takes his/her own life;

in France, one farmer dies by suicide every 2 days;

in India, more than 270,000 farmers have died by suicide since 1995… ee Agriculture, US Farmers


Australia is sponsoring agricultural workers from ASEAN countries, due to white Australian workers refusing to work on farms for low wages. Australia is promising ‘full labor rights’ to ASEAN workers. However, they will pay less wages and benefits than they pay their white workers. ASEAN countries say they’re trying to grab skilled farm workers, and have tried to prevent their workers from leaving.

Unlike the US and Europe, Australia says it’s too costly to replace their skilled white workers by whites who will not take lower-paying jobs. They see the whole exercise as attempting to undermine white-settler labor power. (ee Random Notes, Capitalism’s Profitability Crisis).

A supreme irony it shall be, if the parippu we import from Australia is grown by Sri Lankan workers there, while refusing to modernize agriculture here, further impoverishing the peasant!


  • A ‘global manpower shortage’, blamed on Covid, has seen millions of rural migrant workers flee or pushed out of locked-down cities in Asia. England is claiming ‘the largest decline in its foreign-born labour force since World War II’ (ee Focus).

France’s PM Macron this week accused England of encouraging illegal migrants, telling it to ‘limit its economic attractiveness’ – an euphemism for saying, England etc promotes illegal immigration. Belarus’ President Alex Lukashenko also exposed Europe’s role in encouraging refuges while promoting wars. Worse, they promote underdevelopment in our countries, preventing investment in modern industry, creating economic refugees.

The whites will meanwhile mechanize as much of their labor-intensive work as possible. They will then depend on migrant workers, the more insecure the better, to perform work not replaced yet by machines. They will therefore encourage ‘ethnic’ and other wars in our countries, to make people want to fight or flee.


  • The EU has set up secret torture centres in Libya that kidnap migrants before they reach Europe, creating ‘a shadow immigration system’, reports US NewYorker magazine. In 2011 Libya leader Qaddafi promised to turn Europe, Black. In 2012 he was murdered and Libya turned into a lucrative slave market (ee Workers, Secretive).

The US media is of course happy to expose the EU’s own ‘Guantanamo’-style houses of horror. Meanwhile the New York Times this week – headlines adorned with a photo of a pair of suntanned legs – said the US torture base in Guantanamo ‘has the trappings of small-town America and the amenities of a college campus’ (ee Sovereignty, Guantanamo).

White-settler Australia, now wishing more Asian migrants, operates an expensive detention centre for ‘illegal’ migrants on a remote Indian Ocean island. It stands symbolic guard between them and Indonesia. A former convict colony for English political prisoners and criminals, white-settler Australia ‘aids’ SL’s Navy to apprehend potential migrants. Meanwhile the UN sent a rep this week to discuss labor conditions in Sri Lanka (Random Notes).

US-led NATO forces turned Afghanistan into the world’s biggest supplier of opium and heroin, recruiting all types of terrorist groups. The US and India, sponsors of terrorism in Sri Lanka, now wish us to apprehend other terrorists and drug smugglers. Meanwhile, Japan sent warships to Colombo recently. Germany is sending warships all the way from the Baltic Sea to ensure ‘free and open shipping lanes’. What is behind all this dissimulation over ‘immigration’, speaking out of both sides of their mouths and other orifices? They wish to destabilize our countries, turning us into sources of unprotected workers.


  • In 1776, Adam Smith, god of our ‘free traders’, famously credited the Bank of England as having never ceased to play the role of the ‘great engine of state’ in England’s great industrial revolution. Yet Sri Lanka’s banks, led by the Central Bank, refuse to invest in modern industry to advance workers’ skills. Instead, development banks, vital for a production economy, are forced into becoming corporate banks, playing the international money markets (ee Focus).

No wonder the IMF Asia Pacific Department’s Regional Surveillance Division, etc., tell us this week ‘Trade has historically been a powerful driver of economic growth and poverty alleviation in Asia, though the momentum of lowering trade barriers has slowed in recent years.’ It makes no mention of modern industrial production. As ee noted last week, the import-export fraud is a major source of underdevelopment. Meanwhile, the US has forced an IMF package on Pakistan based on threats to expose supposed links to money laundering and terrorism (ee Sovereignty, FATF).

ee this week continues the discussion on how Japan and China industrialized (ee Focus).


  • John Keells advertized distributing 100 Samsung tablets to schoolchildren, ‘partnered by Deutsche Bank, JKeells Office Automation and Dialog Axiata’. All these banks & companies import and sell Samsung and other foreign goods. So what happens when the tabs break down? How much of the Education Department’s machinery is made in Sri Lanka? None. No wonder education curricula is determined by the World Bank, etc. Their job is to ply foreign machinery (ee Quotes).


  • Those criticizing Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition for its shortcomings, will not openly divulge their own economic program. The opposition SJB is two-faced with the one mask promoting the US Treasury’s imperialist policies – submit to the IMF, sack workers en masse, sell off national resources and government corporations to their own families – while another fraction flashes this same leader as a ‘social democrat’ (who will privatize while calling it ‘people-ization’).

The JVP portrays Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc, larger than life every May Day, for the working class. Yet they will not tell us if they will promote and take control of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy (fuel, mining, large industry, machines making machines) and the local home market. Lenin, etc, saw the commanding heights and the home market as essential building blocks for an independent country (Quotes, NEP).


  • The English media in SL, like English literature, is written for the fellation and felicitation of the white man. More specifically it’s to titillate the financializers, foreign investors and related stock markets. Their graphs and charts are apparently in constant need of erectile-inducing adrenalin, as they practice meditation in highly fortified embassies and tourist hotels.

Government media has to therefore constantly appear upbeat. Like the ads for anti-depressants in corporate pharmaceutical magazines promising happy punctual workers, and constantly ‘emerging’ markets.

The job of the so-called parliamentary opposition (in white countries called the ‘loyal’ opposition), and related media monopolies (Wijeya Group, Capital Media), is to sound hysterical and negative (default, debt, retail corruption)… until they openly take over the government. The truth is they still rule, even when in opposition: these merchants and moneylenders, agents of multinational banks and corporations.

All these critics refuse to state their own economic plans for a modern society. They’re not allowed to. Our economists and universities refuse to examine how Japan and China industrialized (ee Focus).

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