Let’s monetize apology futures!


Canada’s pension plans are heavily invested in 14 nuclear weapons companies! [this is culled from www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com]

Canada’s Prime Minister says his heart’s breaking (again!) about the discovery of the bones of 215 original children buried in another church-run ‘residential school’. Germany too is apologizing for their genocide of over 3 million people in Namibia in the early 20th century. Namibia was a kindergarten for the later Nazi leadership; Germany says they will pay compensation by providing German experts and machinery!

While selectively apologizing for the past, these countries should also apologize to the future. Both Canada and Germany are involved in waging war in Asia, right now! Waging war on Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Mali… and still on the original people of the Americas. They make no apologies for that. Canada’s pension plans are heavily invested in 14 nuclear weapons companies!

All these news stories about apologies for the past are carefully planted propaganda, to divert. A few weeks ago, Germany promised to return Benin sculptures (stolen by the English) to Nigeria, but the real story was the kidnapping of German oil ‘explorers’ there. In Canada, as in Australia, the mining multinationals are the real rulers there. Whatever else is happening in British Columbia, where this one school was located, that inspired this isolated ‘revelation’, their media will not reveal.

So then, since ‘carbon futures’ are being monetized, why not monetize ‘apology futures’! Let’s bet on the amount of small change they’ll donate to erase from what they are doing right now?! Apologeology Futures!

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