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Mafia & Media Hitmen: Multinationals & Import Monopolies


The great Rajya Osu Sala network, ee believes, should be augmented as a model for running the entire country! [www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com]

Take the headlines and spluttering against the bans on palm oil, fertilizer, and the mocking of ‘native’ ‘peniyas’ etc. Standard Oil et al officially took over global fertilizer production in the 1960s. Unilever is the biggest buyer of palm oil for their soaps, like Lux etc.

     Jeering at helavedakama and ‘syrups’ aims to shame the very idea of local production of medicines. This links to the MNC import mafia who blocked early access to Russian and Chinese vaccines. Private pharma importers like Hemas stride boots across the grave of murdered Senaka Bibile, the formulator of a national policy on medicine and the founder of the great Rajya Osu Sala network, which ee believes should be augmented as a model for running the entire country!

     As for fake news, which our funded ‘students for liberty’ do not wish criminalized: the biggest producers of so-called social media (actually anti-social media) are these very banks and multinational corporations.

     Exxon’s and Unilever’s professors and economists are leaping out of their ivorine towers to caterwaul against bans on fertilizer, palm oil, etc., as well as against China. Yet, not all scholars are hired gunslingers: ee reproduces a fascinating response to the sloppy media fictions about 15th century Chinese Admiral Zhang He. ee Focus also has a takedown on Sinophobia Inc & the Information Industrial Complex. Further, the media outcry about the visit of China’s Defense Minister was meant to conceal the belligerent war games by NATO conducted throughout March and April in this ocean called Indian, perhaps soon renamed the Eastern Indo-Atlantic or Western Indo-Pacific.

• ee therefore (da! da! da! daa!) presents a famous elegy by Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda from his classic Canto General – General Song. Standard Oil is known in Lanka under many names, Esso, Chevron, Caltex, Mobil etc. Sponsors of bribery, terror, coups, assassinations, fake rebellions, etc. – essential to their international toolkit:

Standard Oil Co.

When the drill bored down

toward the stony fissures

and plunged its implacable intestine

into the subterranean estates,

and dead years, eyes

of the ages, imprisoned

plants’ roots

and scaly systems

became strata of water,

fire shot up through the tubes

transformed into cold liquid,

in the customs house of the heights,

issuing from its world

of sinister depth,

it encountered a pale engineer

and a title deed.

However entangled the petroleum’s

arteries may be, however the layers

may change their silent site

and move their sovereignty

amid the earth’s bowels,

when the fountain gushes

its paraffin foliage,

Standard Oil arrived beforehand

with its checks and it guns,

with its governments and its prisoners.

Their obese emperors

from New York are suave

smiling assassins

who buy silk, nylon, cigars

petty tyrants and dictators.

They buy countries, people, seas,

police, county councils,

distant regions where

the poor hoard their corn

like misers their gold:

Standard Oil awakens them,

clothes them in uniforms, designates

which brother is the enemy.

The Paraguayan fights its war,

and the Bolivian wastes away

in the jungle with its machine gun.

A President assassinated

for a drop of petroleum,

a million-acre

mortgage, a swift

execution on a morning

mortal with light, petrified,

a new prison camp for

subversives, in Patagonia,

a betrayal, scattered shots

beneath a petroliferous moon,

a subtle change of ministers

in the capital, a whisper

like an oil tide,

and zap, you’ll see

how Standard Oil’s letters

shine above the clouds,

above the seas, in your home,

illuminating their dominions.

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