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Maharaja’s MTV, Chettiar Bankers & Killer Import Mafia


New Indian Movie Promotes War on Sri Lanka: A Netflix blockbuster produced by Gujarati Ambani’s Reliance Group in India, enticing Tamil youth into further bloodbaths…

The Mirror does not reflect, it’s mere mirage. The Times is not about this hour but clings to the dying past. The Observer fails to discern, merely distract. The News is not new, but the same old, the same old. Today fails the future. The Morning is mere dusk. News1st is Noose1st, strangling the people! EconomyNext is actually the CountryLast, the outdated colonial 19th century import-export plantation game.

And on and on they drone. They all seek, at tremendous cost to the nation, to disinform and preserve the decadent and the outdated. Who will expose these bots and influencers that clutter all so-called social media, which spew vile vomit against Sri Lanka and government? So who are the corporations behind these attacks? (see Random Notes)

‘Lock your gates!’ – Colombot classes who oppose the government taking over the distribution of food and fuel, etc., crying about military dictatorship, are spreading telephonic text messages, warning of the hungry, imminent looting, sharing images from South Africa and the USA. This looting is encouraged by the ruling classes over there to extend the white-settler occupation of those countries.

New Indian Movie Promotes War on Sri Lanka: A Netflix blockbuster promoting war on Sri Lanka, produced by Gujarati Ambani’s Reliance Group in India, was just released. Aimed at enticing Tamil youth, both here and abroad, into further bloodbaths, Jagame Thandiram – The Universe Is a Plot! – features ‘superstar’ Dhanush, Rajnikanth’s son.

The plot involves London gangs (no, not the Bank of England!) dealing in arms (no, not English weapons-maker BAE) and immigrants taking on an anti-immigrant campaigner – a white gangster boss who runs private prisons and needs inmates. Don’t worry, there’s also good white people who want more immigrants, and perhaps more uncivil wars: The theme, ‘the war never ends’, is aimed at gaining more recruits for Eelam War IV! Or is it V? (see, Random Notes)

• The media spreading fear is most evident in this Daily Mirror headline: ‘Massive solar storm set to hit Earth: GPS, phone signals likely to be damaged, power grids vulnerable’. On 13 July 2021, DM reported: ‘Weeks after a powerful solar flare created a blackout over the Atlantic, a solar storm is headed towards Earth likely to hit the planet on Tuesday and Wednesday.’ Well, there was no news of this after that… Likely indeed!

• The forces behind histrionic Anti-China vituperation about their vaccines seem to have shifted with the arrival and use of the actual approved vaccines. The latest Vaccine Wars have turned farcical, with the US Ambassador & Embassy staff even holding up picket signs declaring ‘donation’ of their almost expired vaccines. Hema’s Pfizer is now claiming less efficacy of their vaccine to promote a third booster shot.

• Maharaja & Import Mafia – Last week ee noted the intimacy between the media and the import mafia. Capital Maharaja Group’s fertilizer importer Harrisons Chemicals recalls major multinational links, especially to England’s biggest chemical multinational: Elementis. Elementis is the former Harrison & Crosfield (H&C), who had the biggest wharf in London’s port – the Ceylon Wharf! ee looks at how the white colonial agency houses continue today under brown-sahib skins…

The Family-Owned New York Times – Last week an Island editorial declared a ‘sinister attempt’ being ‘made in certain quarters to trigger a run on banks’.
This week, as D-day for debt payments approaches, the whites rolled out their big media guns: The Ochs-family-owned New York Times and England’s family-owned Economist took aim at the Rajapakse family. Their local minions and mouthpieces wail the same blather. What is the difference between the dynastic rule of Medamulana (attacked as Sinhala Buddhists!), and the Anglican Horagolla and Bothale oligarchies, that have dominated politics since fake independence in 1948? And how about the Hindu Chettiar and Muslim Borah families, who dominate the economy? The other irony is that in the world of capitalism now, the totally unregulated ‘family office’ funds are bigger than hedge funds!

Meanwhile the family nature of our merchant and money-lender economy and debt is fantastically diverted onto the Rajapakses and China. If the word ‘Chinese’ were replaced by ‘Muslims’ or ‘Tamils’ or ‘Indians’ in the absolutely venomous media attacks, so-called ‘civil’ society of the white variety would howl!

This ee explores how the English colonial oligarchy, which monopolized the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy, set up local kalu-suddha (white-black) as fronts, who also ‘control’ all sectors. This ee cursorily examines the South Indian Chettiar bankers again, and the link to Maharaja media.

• The Family-Owned Economist & Sri Lanka’s Underdevelopment – We must recall that the Economist magazine was controlled by England’s Pearson PLC. This same Pearson, once a power company, undermined engineer DJ Wimalasurendra, to prevent local production of electricity (see ee 1 August 2020). This same Pearson now controls access to education and examinations worldwide, while our oligarchs are paying millions to send their children abroad for education.

The Economist is now owned by the Agnelli family’s Exor (with links to Murdoch’s News Corp, Fiat, etc.), Cadbury, Rothschild (26%), Schroder, Layton families and others. These multinational octopuses are far far more dangerous than any petty oligarchs here that front for them. Next time a Rothschild family member sails in again, we should ask….

Continued on: eesrilanka.wordpress.com/2021/07/17/maharajas-mtv-chettiar-bankers-killer-import-mafia/

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