May Days and English Mayhem


Those who complain about encroaching despotism, love militarized police states like Singapore and Israel, etc. They never explain that these countries are white fortresses like the other settler states, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

If you’re waiting for a description of the manufacturing process for the special Birmingham tool the English invented to first crush and then rip off testicles in their ‘colonies’, or the Sheffield pliers used to mutilate women’s breasts, you’ll have to await another diluted dose of self-administered sodium pentothal (truth serum) in Belgravia. 

England’s mass media (and an almost solid whiteout in the US and other white settler lands’, Canadian, etc., media) largely censored their Foreign Office ‘confessions’ about English horrors committed around the world. That was almost a decade ago! A slurred confession that made their savagery out to be an excess of the past, unrelated to ongoing economic exploitation. A garbled confession largely for export that few buy – a rare commodity, ‘export quality!’ (just like Colombo merchants advertize, suggesting that imports or what they usually sell here are inferior!). 

All the files of England’s past horrors have been supposedly burned or drowned, with only some toilet rolls left for public disclosure: It was indeed another public-relations exercise – another snow job – by the English government, and its media, led of course by its liberal poodle’s poodles: The BBC and Manchester ‘Free Trade’ Guardian.

Attempts to expose the massive ‘torture industry’ promoted by the US and its NATO Allies usually meet a similar fate. When the US house-liberal Noam Chomsky attempted in the 1970s to expose the US media’s complicity in massive crimes abroad, in his book The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, the US Warner Bros. Corporation bought out the Paris publisher and shut it all down! Chomsky had to turn to an Anarchist alternative to put it out in limited edition. Chomsky detailed some of the US funds and expertise in torture provided to countries around the world. He didn’t, however, describe the division of different modern techniques of torture among NATO members, for research and development. Canadian industry, we understand, leads the world in “sensory deprivation” torture technology.

But making out that torture is or was some exceptional pratice is another myth: that it’s outside those economic processes that boost the supremacy of England and its satellites.

In 1818, at the peak of the English genocide during Lanka’s first war of independence, in which many of the Vanniyalaaetho aka Veddhas were wiped out, the ‘Ryotwari’ system was imposed in the Bombay and Madras Presidencies, turning peasants (ryots) into tenants of government land, obliged to pay a rent-tax. The taxes administered by tahsildars – combining revenue officer and police – gave rise to the “general existence of torture for revenue purposes,” according to the Madras Torture Commission. Lands fell into hands of thieves, initiating the dispossession and dispersal of Indian indentured workers around the world!

Marx later noted that one of most important features of English India was the existence of torture as a financial institution! England’s kangany system for controlling workers typified this, along with the infamous ‘Tundu’ system, where a worker’s debts were passed on as s/he was passed from plantation to plantation. Let us see how it came to determine ‘human resources’ and social relations in Lanka today.
Here come the May Days

Now it is Covid stalking the streets, but remember when 25 suicide bombers would be sighted in the week before May Day, to prevent the annual marching of the working class. Times have changed, yet the crying need of the country – to realize the united power of workers, women and men, who could build a truly modern independent Lanka – is still unaddressed – diverted by the merchants and minions of ‘ethnic conflict.’

Meanwhile, it is almost religion among our house-trained economists (PhDs and MBAs from London and New York), that the English left us a shining bright sterling economy at ‘independence’, and us dark yakos ruined it. But there is another unheard perspective: Them Ingrisi bequeathed us the most impoverished peasant economy in all of Asia! Colombo was built up as a creole exurb of London to forestall the development of the country, and if Colombo alone was indeed wiped out by a tsunami – the rest of the country would develop so fast, rural shrines will be set up to Indonesia’s Ring of Fire.  

Those pundits who point to other continents as models of this or that, never ask about the real basis of those countries’ economies, and the primary role of the state in transforming them. No economist asks why the English had to promote industrialization in their settler colonies, US, Canada, Australia, etc., and prevented it in ours. They never ask what more ‘successful’ colonies – the so-called economic tigers, and Malaysia, Singapore, etc. – inherited at ‘independence,’ and what they transformed, that we did not.

Singapore, etc., are only good for sermons. Those who complain about encroaching despotism, love militarized police states like Singapore and Israel, etc. They never explain that these countries are white fortresses like the other settler states, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Those settler states were allowed industrialization, which improved their quality of life, while genociding the original people. Otherwise the whites there would have revolted.

The English soon realized if they wished London in control, it would be better to hand over power to white-Blacks who had no idea about industrialization. These white-Blacks love to imitate the whites but merely their white wigs, clothes and ornaments like cars, etc….They know nothing about industrialization other than to prevent it at any cost.

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