MCC is just not cricket


US Ambassador Alaina B Teplitz has peddled the MCC Compact first in Nepal and now in Sri Lanka and who knows where next!

Alaina B Telplitz, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, may not know much about cricket. Cricket, after all, is hardly on the sporting map of the USA. She did spend a few years in Nepal as the US Ambassador, though, and cricket is quite popular there. And she’s been in Sri Lanka almost two years now. 

The MCC. She knows all about it. She’s almost like the global ambassador for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, peddling the relevant ‘compact’ first in Nepal and now in Sri Lanka and who knows where next! 

But the MCC associated with cricket is centuries older than the MCC that Teplitz wants to stuff down our throats (remember, it’s supposed to be ‘a gift’ and strangely it’s the giver and not intended receiver who is in love with it!). That other MCC, the Marylebone Cricket Club, was founded in 1787 and has been based at Lord’s cricket ground in London, which it owns. That club used to own cricket back in the day and still calls some shots. 

So let’s talk cricket. Well, what’s ‘not cricket,’ to be precise. It’s a phrase that indicates something is unjust or dead wrong. Cricket is supposed to be a gentlemen’s game and gents are supposed to play fair. In fact dignity and fair play is supposed to be basic to the game. The MCC would claim it played, plays and will always play cricket the way it should be played. With a straight bat (Ms Teplitz could ask a local friend in the NGO arm of ‘US Interests’ who frequents ‘The Cricket Club’ to explain this phrase). Anyway, if something is wrong, unjust, underhand, below-the-best etc., etc., we say ‘it’s just not cricket!’

The MCC in London is about cricket. The MCC in Sri Lanka, courtesy the USA (referable as ‘The Cornerstone of Alaina’s Career Advancement Plan’) is just not cricket. 

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