NATO’s new ‘Urgent Fury’


NATO has never spied, never indulged in information warfare, never had arms buildups, alright? ALRIGHT?

Granada was a threat to US security, Ronald Reagan said back in 1983 after his country invaded the island in 1983. Granada had a population of less than 100,000 at the time. The USA ‘moved’ following unrest in the island associated with the brutal assassination of former premier and revolutionary leader of ‘The New Jewel Movement,’ Maurice Bishop. It was called ‘Operation Urgent Fury.’

First. It’s as though the USA and its allies in NATO are usually calm and mild-manners. No. Not in run up to, during and aftermath of war and not when there’s no war being fought or even a threat of war. They are furious. Always. Period.

And now, they are furious that China and Russia are edging ahead.

Second. They are not calling it ‘Operation Urgent Fury’ although it is a) an operation that is being planned, b) it is marked by fury, and c) framed by urgency.

Third. They are having a meeting. NATO foreign ministers are planning to meet and discuss ‘an in-depth report calling for a new strategy to confront challenges from China and Russia.’

Fourth. NATO, according to French president, Emmanuel Macron, is brain dead’. Stated reason: lack of strategic coordination and American leadership.

Fifth. There are recommendations: setting up a body to coordinate Western policy toward Beijing and to highlight Chinese activities that could affect Western security.

Sixth. The ‘activities’: spying, supply chains, information warfare and arms buildups.

Seventh. WOW!  

So, NATO has never spied, never indulged in information warfare, never had arms buildups? NATO has been hitherto uninterested in ‘supply chains’/

Eighth. WOW AGAIN!

Ninth. One difference: NATO can’t stand the fact that the Russians and Chinese are doing what NATO has done for 71 years and exactly 8 months and maybe doing a better job spurred by similar objectives or with a view break the back of the dependency regime that has been the crux of how NATO has controlled the world. Well, maybe get the US and EU off the backs of the world’s Grenadas, in the very least. Few would wail such an eventuality.

Tenth. Fury. It’s an emotion.

Eleventh. Emotion bucks reason.

Twelfth. Good luck NATO!

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