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Economists either prolong our underdevelopment or drag us back to even more repressive instability. They refuse to transform the economy to enrich the broadest masses


If you want to learn economics, study the economists first, insists eCon eNews:  Economists either prolong our underdevelopment or drag us back to even more repressive instability. They refuse to transform the economy to enrich the broadest masses.

If a Sri Lankan Hayek or Shenoy was made Finance Minister as demanded by the IMF what would they do? They’d just sell off the country at a faster rate. Our economists remain shills for ‘ye olde colonial’ status quo. They insist the white man bequeathed us a sterling economy in 1948, and we mucked it up! Waving PhDs from white universities, paid for in millions of rupee turned into dollars, economists refuse to raise the simple question: how did the white man get so rich, and why haven’t we done the same?

If white wealth depends on modern production, why don’t we? Do we need more ‘poverty analysis’ (to tabulate how well they’ve screwed us)? How about ‘Wealth Analysis’ to see how their funders got wealthy and if we too can do the same!

Calling garment ‘factories’ an industry remain a sad joke: It’s assembly! Our Yakini foremother Kuveni did better over two millennia ago!  We don’t make pin, needle, sewing machine, thread nor textile! Proclaiming ‘tourism’ an industry is even sadder. Public ‘scenery’ rented privately, tourism maintains workers in ‘yes sir, no madam’ tea-pouring, sheet-and-leg spreading peonage. Would you wish your child to do such work?

Calling tea, rubber and coconut, ‘industry’ is the greatest HaHaHa! What 21st century technology or science will energize estate workers? The toxicity of white supremacy was transferred here from Caribbean and US slave practices via the coffee and tea plantations.

Tea plantation workers, heirs to those once dragooned from India, should be offered residence in Buckingham Palace, and given new awards: FBEs – Fingers of the British Empire!

Rubber workers still sit on the ground in factories! Our copra is sold for cents to England, who sell us back industrial masks (using copra) costing pounds! Real industry develops ancillary industries, improves skills, offers better wages, teaches new things, science, physics, chemistry, rationality! As science develops, more-foolish nonsense is replaced by less-foolish nonsense.

No science is promoted. People add boiling water into plastic containers. Has even one TV program decried this carcinogenic practice? Workers mix Dupont’s paints with bare hands. Toxic chemicals are sprayed under cultivators’ noses, spicing the food chain. Children use toxic Canadian asbestos shards to play hopscotch!

Economic matters are rarely reported in any original way. Certainly not in the English media, which, according to eCon eNews is written for our white diplomatic ‘overseers’ in Colombo. They pay their local Anglomanic cheerleaders to spread fake news, monitor phone lines, social media and the ‘vernacular’ (home-born slave) press. US and English envoys, even as they proclaim ‘free media’, are famous for having editors fired!

Business sections are cut-and-paste press releases from the public-relations desks of fattened companies. The English media are self-made mirrors for petty viceroys and regional heads of multinationals to show themselves as doing their best for Threadneedle and Wall Street. Economic commentary is largely a shill’s game, of one superannuating neocon echoing some distant US Treasury Department drone.

Look how in one voice they drone for IMF largesse and against import bans! Niether Groundviews or Transparency International will expose such synchronicity because they themselves are funded by the whites.

Western-puppet Lee Kwan Yew is always quoted as saying Lanka in the 1950s was a model for Singaporeans. But at that very time, ‘our own’ Oliver Goonatilaka as Finance Minister was in Sydney noting many of our people did not have 3 square meals a day. Yew was no economist – he confessed: all Singapore did was hitch a ride on the white man’s bloody back. A major refuelling centre they allowed Yankee bombers to drop more bombs on peasant Southeast Asia than were dropped throughout all WW2!

Yet that  ‘little rock’ of Singapore, minus any resources other than its highly-skilled workers, prevails as a modern industrial powerhouse! Yew’s infamous economic contribution was limited to preventing fire engines from reaching inner-city neighbourhoods he set fire to at night. He’d be the first to arrive at the scorched sites to offer the homeless new housing in higher-density highrises!! Good old-fashioned capitalist urban renewal!

The Commis!

Famed economist Joan Robinson – associate of Keynes, teacher of Amartya Sen (who married into the banker Rothschild family – hence, his Nobel!) and Joseph Stiglitz (who recanted Hayekian humbug) – was one of the few who suggested that China’s Cultural Revolution set the basis for its rise as an economic power. Robinson, at her last lecture, told students, she had been teaching them for many many years, making them read and study many many things, but Chinese peasants, who knew nothing of her momentous theses and readings and references, were transforming their economies in a heretofore incredible manner!

Our economists, however, speak English to mouth ‘yes’ to continuing capitalist underdevelopment. Busy running vapid thinktanks and policy and stock-market advisories, none of these pandithayas warned us about 2008 or 2020! Covid providing cover for another meltdown. Mind you, the cartel of major rating agencies, rating us now so avidly, also claim they’ve been taken unawares!

At best our economists wail corruption, as if stopping a few kleptocrats can transform our domination by the oligarchy of merchants, landlords and usurious pawnbrokers who perpetuate underdevelopment! But corruption is built-in into the very DNA of mercantile capitalism, keeping us as drawers of latex and mops, pluckers of buds and nuts. 

Yaka (who’s no Yakanomist!) reminds: Living off commissions (aka Komis! – is that in any dictionary?) is the very basis of our merchant-ridden life. No wonder the foremost European here is called: “His Excellency the High Commissioner!”

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