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If I asked you what is the most corrupt place on Earth…it’s not the bureaucracy, it’s not the police, it’s not the politics, but what is corrupt is the financial capital.

“The idea that state-led development fails primarily because it opens the door to official corruption, is a notion that resonates powerfully with the prevailing neoliberal ideology of the day… A scholar in Delhi once asked a minister in the Indian govt did he not realize the implications of making decisions based on who gave him the highest bribe. The minister said of course he did but there was no reason for concern: ‘I simply find out who the most efficient producer is – and then I take the bribe from him.’ The story may be apocryphal, but it illustrates nicely that corruption need not eliminate appropriate developmental decisions.”

“If I asked you what is the most corrupt place on Earth you might tell me ‘well it’s Afghanistan, maybe Greece, Nigeria, the south of Italy,’ and I will tell you ‘it’s the UK.’ It’s not the bureaucracy, it’s not the police, it’s not the politics, but what is corrupt is the financial capital. 90% of the owners of capital in London have their headquarters offshore.” 

Resource curse, sometimes referred to as the Dutch Disease, is employed to describe the anomaly of countries that are resource-rich, particularly in strategic minerals, while at the same time experiencing conditions of persistent and deteriorating economic crisis… Now, the new panacea is oil.’

“The US’ entire history has only 10 years… not at war… It would not go amiss, if local political civil society organisations mull on hypocrisy, the linkages these organisations have with their international handlers and try to re-set their relationships to also benefit SL… results of the 2019 national election could be a wake-up call about their relevance. Less than 0.01% of the poll of 15mn voters (80% turnout) voted for civil society organisations.”

Media talking points don’t just come out of thin air. They are carefully crafted and disseminated by a coterie of lobbyists and publicists often working on behalf of shadowy corporate and political interests.”

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