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Ransoming Vaccines & the Indispensable Minimum of Murder


The US suddenly becomes friendly and will provide a small amount of expiring vaccines. But don’t attempt to produce these vaccines, let alone the machinery and the chemicals that make them, and woe be unto any state that initiates and drives such modern production – For more info: eesrilanka.wordpress.com

In virtually every colonial territory a certain number had to be killed before the survivors would accept the new prospects. This might even be said to introduce a new concept into the study of political economy – the indispensable minimum of murder.

– SBD de SilvaThe Political Economy of Underdevelopment

Right after the Gang of 7 (G7) white nations confab this weekend, multinationals in Sri Lanka will host the Unilever-led UN Global Compact Network’s Summit 2021, June 15-16. The summit will feature Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who wishes us to import capitalist democracy. The summit boasts carefully cherry-picked ‘Heads of State, CEOs of major corporations and UN leaders’ to address ‘global crises of climate change, the Covid-19 global pandemic, worsening social and economic inequality and unchecked corruption in order to offer a roadmap for a sustainable recovery’. (for a list of those involved, see ee Politics)

• The dominant multinationals corporations in the world pay zero taxes, yet spend $billions on ‘lobbying’ governments, i.e., bribing officials and politicians. In Sri Lanka, this bribery aims primarily at undermining state investment in modern production. Their media consistently diverts from this fundamental source of corruption, and spends much electronic ink attacking public enterprises. Much of our surpluses have to pay off the interest on the interest of loans taken to finance wasteful imports. The other loss of surpluses derives from the legal yet corrupt MNC accounting practices (ee Quotes, Conglomerates)

• Not-so-covert foreign military displays were manifest in Sri Lanka last week: Military ships and planes landed in SL from India, USA, France, Switzerland, Australia – all bearing ‘gifts & goodwill’. Notice the positive media coverage accorded to white militaries: The French navy here to see wildlife! The Swiss to ventilate us! The Indians to put out fires. The US to provide ‘aid’ for the fire damage. This was during an investor’s conference post-parliamentary passage of laws governing Colombo Port City, which the white media redbaited as a Chinese plot.

• It’s hard not to be seduced by conspiracy theories: As the country sought to revive the economy, new Covid variants, hatched in England and India, are spread. A leaking Singapore-owned ship diverted from US colony Qatar and Quad-groupie India catches fire spewing deadly toxins, just as the SouthWest monsoon sweeps in from the sea, midst the serenity of the Vesak festival, under a lockdown. It turns out it’s India’s monopoly to deal with such naval emergencies in Sri Lanka. Why haven’t the shipping businesses invested their surpluses in protecting a most valuable asset? Simple. They have no intention.

• This 167th ee marks the 3rd anniversary of the passing of SBD de Silva to whose work our weekly compilation is dedicated. Apt it is therefore that the government hosted a conference on investment. SB’s work examined the absence of a Sri Lankan class dedicated to investment in capital accumulation. He concluded it’s the state that must play the crucial role by investing in modern industry.

     Who bans investment in what an economy really needs? Who are these ‘underdevelopers’ who profit off our unceasing discontent?

     Just like the Mahavamsa, SB’s Political Economy of Underdevelopment (PEU) needs new chapters added – an ee reader perspicaciously pinpoints. None of SB’s insights into the roots of our underdevelopment are ever discussed by public economists who appear as mere bookie boosters of the import-export plantation system (ee Random Notes)

• The World Bank also does not wish us to invest in modern (machine) production. At this week’s Colombo investment conference, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation VP recommended the private sector should ‘pivot Sri Lanka’s Development Trajectory’, prioritizing ‘resource-based and light specialized manufacturing industries – as recommended by its upcoming report, The Country Private Sector Diagnostic for Sri Lanka. This is the same WB’s IFC that takes credit for installing the fake garment ‘industry’ in Sri Lanka, where pin, needle, thread, fabric and machines are expensively imported inputs. (ee Economy)

• ‘Thanks Joe, for the AstraZeneca’ was the Wijeya Group’s Sunday Times headline. But the US nor Japan has any such intentions! ‘On May 22, 2 days after Parliament had enacted the controversial Port City Bill which gave legal life to the Chinese-built Port City… US Embassy Spokesperson Nancy VanHorn told the media the US Government was in 2 minds whether to include Lanka to the beneficiaries’ list for a share of the vaccines.’ The Times then claims the US changed their minds, crediting themselves and ex-FM Mangala Sam for speaking to Aunty Sam Power. Nothing is farther from the truth!

• The WB & the G7 – currently meeting in English-colonized Cornwall – are blocking global access to vaccines. Their supine media here, however, still gush praise about the US, Japan & WB’s ‘promises’ to donate vaccines to SL. Maharajah News1st TV got so excited it broadcast ‘Japan to provide 6 million vaccines’!

     The World Bank and G7 leaders are refusing to suspend intellectual property rights (IPR) by pharmaceutical multinationals, also creating artificial supply shortages. Loud promises of ‘good cop’ US backing a temporary suspension of Covid-19 vaccine patents are belied by ‘bad cop’ England and the EU opposing any such moves.

     Vaccines cannot be made and supplied unless Big Pharma makes big profits – no ‘people’s vaccines’ from the G7, even though much of research & development was funded by public money.

• The media broadcast of US & Japan’s promises to provide vaccines aim to downplay China & Russia’s actual sharing of vaccines and plans to produce them here. The G7 meeting will strengthen their combined white attack on China, but their real aim is to prevent ‘the threat of a good example’. (ee Quotes, Hudson)

     This ‘free’ media here is fully controlled by the import mafia, led by pharma (Hemas), fuel (Exxon), fertilizer (CIC), FMCGs (Unilever). The rising hysteria in the media, spreading misinformation against the government, is mainly to prevent investment in modern production.

• Most countries knew exactly how many people they’d kill with Covid, based on mathematical epidemiology. They then made policies based on political pressure amidst economic shock treatment. Capitalist countries, run by huge banks & corporations, say they oppose government planning. Yet their decisions are guided by research and researchers. They quantify and qualify every step they make to test projected outcomes. (ee Random Notes)

• This ee Focus examines how capitalism aims to survive in the 21st century, unleashing new strategies to make profits. Dolled up in the fancy drag of sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, etc., corporations aim to sharpen the old swords to decimate the working class, through liberalization, deregulation and privatization.

     The whiteworld’s Gang of 7 gathers its forces, military, political and economic, to overcome what their media claims is a rising ‘China threat’. Meanwhile, we see the rise of fictitious capital, of so-called ‘asset managers’, and ‘private equity’ giants (eg Blackstone who took over Ceylon Glass, with EPF a shareholder), as well as huge unregulated ‘family office’ funds, even larger than modern hedge funds, which also gamble on the fluctuations of stocks, etc.

• ‘Do as I say, Don’t do as I do’ – The Great White Father in Washington is angry. Off-white Grandma India is also angry. The bleached EU (i.e. Germany, France) is angry and may withdraw GSP+. Honorary white Japan is angry. Even our old mate England is angry. According to our media’s pseudo political demographics, this somehow adds up to the entire 7 billion people of this world being mad at us!

     What are they angry about? China. They’re not angry with China; they do big business with China. They’re angry that we may actually learn from China!

     They’re angry about economic policies not dictated by the IMF. They’re against import controls, against strengthening public services, against state sponsorship of modern industry. They’re also unsettled about how we treat each other, so very concerned about majorities and minorities. Especially majorities and minorities they cannot control.

     They feel they can play the Bully in the yard, and want us to choose them as a friend. They also wish to dictate who we choose as our enemies and friends.

     How could these perpetrators of many of history’s and the world’s greatest crimes judge Sri Lanka? It’s easy. It’s whiteness: Nothing sticks to them. They decide memory. They decide the rule. They decide the exception. They wield power to prove that exception proves the rule. They decide who may be exceptional – only they are!

     But wait. They may change their minds. The US suddenly becomes friendly and will provide a small amount of expiring vaccines. But don’t attempt to produce these vaccines, let alone the machinery and the chemicals that make them, and woe be unto any state that initiates and drives such modern production (see ee Focus).    

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