Rocking the Illegal Dhonis!


Our seas are being looted by Indian fishing trawlers. Covid strains arrive surreptitiously by boat. The US-led Quad (Pentagon plus) promotes war games to block Asian and African trade. The Australian state provides expertise to prevent darkies from improving their gene pool.

Our seas are being looted by Indian fishing trawlers. Covid strains arrive surreptitiously by boat. The US-led Quad (Pentagon plus) promotes war games to block Asian and African trade. The Australian state provides expertise to prevent darkies from improving their gene pool. So what concerns white media most?

An armada of stories gatecrash our eyes, spluttering spitballs about boats of ‘illegal migrants’ intercepted – headlines bursting foamy waves on our heads. Ah, legendary kallas and their dhonis! How helpful to a vacuous media: the accursed dreams of marooned peoples!

But why a problem now? All through our lives and history, our people just got on boats and travelled the seven seas! Now the capitalist media blames the skullduggery of human-trafficking mafias, some even hinting at official complicity. Yet what about capitalist need to control workers? 

People are not ‘migrating’ to China, India, Africa or the real Americas, except in-transit, or as invitees. They are paying return visits to those colonizing European and white settler climes – US, Canada, Australia, etc. They are ‘following the money,’ stalking capital stolen from us. 

United Sweatshops (US)

Yaka upholds a state’s right to control who or what comes and leaves across borders. This is a basic definition of a sovereignty. Yet these imperialist countries deny sovereignty to our countries. Labor is chained, while capitalists demand free movement of Capital – the captured sweat of labor past, present, future – across the globe. Capitalists also use migration to control worker power, to undermine unionization and weaken collective political unity:

Migrants join their ‘reserve labor’ armies, and are used to break strikes, decreasing wage costs. Imperialist countries use refugee camps here as interview centres, cherry-picking skills that their employment-projection scenarios demanded. It’s not just ‘benevolence’. 

Those economies totally depend on a steady supply of insecure labor (We reject the term ‘cheap labor’, asking: cheap to whom?) They also prevent their technicians and scientists from sharing innovations with us.

The US leads other obese nations as a low-waged workforce. Most new US jobs created are low-waged – employed not by small businesses, but by huge profiteering corporations. Their executives survive the ‘recession’ grandly, while workers’ benefits ever-decrease. Low-wage US employers, such as Wal-Mart, McDonalds, fully depend on government welfare to subsidize their workers’ quality of life. Their citizens know this game, so guess who works? 

Economist SBD de Silva writes: They resolve the contradiction between low labor productivity and wage levels, through: “Production activities whose qualities the machine cannot replicate gain an extended lease of life by the presence of migrants … working for low wages and under substandard conditions. In the capital cities of Europe, workers from Southern Europe, Africa and Asia sweep the streets, collect garbage or are employed in grimy jobs, cleaning furnaces and scraping filth off heavy machinery. Performing unskilled though absolutely vital work, they are ‘one of the saddest and most perplexing problems of modern capitalism’.”

The Gods of Low Wages

Canada and Australia, among the world’s largest landmasses, have miniscule populations, and could add hundred-millions more people. Their populations are kept artificially low, with overabundant migrant-control laws, and officials wielding handcuffs to augment failing erections.

Yet their immigration industry is no fly-by-night operation but big business. These white-settler bastions also hype immigrant-success myths about ‘rags-to-riches’ ‘Outhouse-to-White House’! But few enter their ruling class. Each immigrant wave can only rise on the backs of later migrants. Immigrants are those you rent or sell old houses and jobs to at bigger prices.

Immigration, English-teachers, housing and airline industries, etc., live off a steady stream of migrant workers, with their media (quite aware their economies depend on kallas) acting as overseer, screaming about ‘illegals’, etc., to keep workers insecure.

Meanwhile, ‘ethnic leaders’ in Canada, etc., tend to be immigration agents, lawyers and pimps. Allied to immigration officials and private ‘traffickers,’ they extort sex from women and men, and link to bosses, who profit off low-waged workers, and undermine unionized workplaces and break strikes.

Canada’s seasonal farmworkers, for instance, are recruited through fundamentalist Christian churches in the Caribbean and Central America targeting their parishes’ most vulnerable. These farmworkers can’t unionize, and get few benefits, despite working midst the latest pesticides. Workers who are injured, or suggest improvements, aren’t recruited again. 

Canadian temporary foreign workers, 2002-8, rose to 251,235 from 101,259. Bosses dupe temps promising updated work permits. Yet when work permits expire, workers, not bosses, are held responsible and deported (often just before seasonal payday!). Recruiters don’t recompense their fees. Fines and prosecution of employers are insignificant compared to superprofits.

Home Economics

Everybody knows: Sri Lanka remains a worker-exporting country. Our biggest foreign-exchange source is migrant-worker remittance, with money-transfer banks like Western Union skimming the cream. 

Our ruling class – of merchants, landlords and usurers – have virtually admitted they refuse to fully employ or optimize our greatest treasure: workers. They will not decently employ us to build our own house. They call us lazy.

Consequently, we either reduce population through wars, pogroms, etc., what de Silva calls the “Political Economy of Murder,” whereby our economies keep readjusting our people’s dreams to foreign bankers’ demands. The other: sending workers abroad, by hook or crook, to build someone else’s house.

Of course, there’s another possibility: Declare a political, economic and military strategy for the economy’s industrial transformation. Yet the white man and local importers will simply not allow it.

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