Sarath Knows Not Jack, But Princess Dayana just loves Jake!


Imagine just before the final Nazi assault on Stalingrad in Febraury 1943, fearing defeat a few Russian soldiers fled to join the Nazi assault. Well, there’s Dayan Jayatilleka aka Comrade Kakula Karpiyo in the lead.

 (Or the Continuing Sorry Saga of Comrade Dayan fleeing Stalingrad before the Final Red Army Victory)

Dayan Jayatilleka wishes us to know he is more knowledgeable than Sarath Weerasekera on matters worldly. Sarath knows Jack he says!

So then, why on earth does Geneva Jayae aka Princess Dayana aka Mushy Dayan keep promoting the US Democratic party as a model for the Sri Lankan Opposition?

What happened to his anti-imperialism, his unceasing evocation of Comrade Fidel Castro?

Gone with the broken wind.

He and a host of fake Leftists are displaying their true turncoat colors.

Biden & Co. keep waging horrific war on Iran, Syria and Iraq, and have committed themselves to continuing endless war in Afghanistan. But to GJ, and his latest comrade Santiago Bachelet, only Gothabaya and other Theravadin are despotic.

GJ wishes us to know that he is International Relations Advisor to the Leader of the Opposition, and not to the Leader’s Party that is seeking rapprochement with GJ’s bête blanc the UNP. He wishes to keep a distance from the anti-national Ranil.

Yet Geneva Jayae Dayan finds that the imperialist UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report “combines a credible and compelling story.” He does not seem to know what his Phd thesis poster boy Fidel (who must be roiling in his ashes) said of Bachelet: That she represents a backward Chilean oligarchy.

Does GJ aka PD aka MD recall that Biden promised rich donors at a glitzy New York fundraiser in Manhattan’s Carlyle Hotel, that “nothing would fundamentally change” if he is elected (as Bloomberg News reported).

“Creepy Biden” is continuing Trumpian policy by other means. In fact he is going backwards and preparing for war in the Ukraine. Biden’s officials,  Assistant Secretary of State “Fuck the EU” Nuland,  White House press secretary Jen Psaki, and US State Department spokesman Ned Price are blatant Russophobes. Yes, haters of Russia, while Geneva Jayae as Yahapalanaya’s SL ambassador to Russia, was praising Russia but a few Napoleonic (or is it Hitlerian) winters ago.

Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken, who Geneva Jayae keeps repeating, is the holy untouchable spawn of holocaust victims, just opposed the International Criminal Court’s targeting of the settler Israeli Army for its crimes in Palestine.

Here’s GJ the IR advisor:

“Tony Blinken’s stepfather was a survivor of three Nazi concentration camps, so when he uses the term ‘atrocities’ he means it in a precise sense. While every atrocity is a war crime, not every war crime is an atrocity. “Atrocities” denote a specific category of horror and evil.”

Does one inherit literary precision from one’s antecedents?

Really! One would have thought wiping out the original peoples of the Americas would have been a lesson on atrocity enough.

Listen to Blinken:  “The US believes a peaceful, secure and more prosperous future for the people of the Middle East depends on building bridges and creating new avenues for dialogue and exchange, not unilateral judicial actions that exacerbate tensions….” Howzaaat!? Building bridges! Not bombing bridges, like Biden’s party man and presidential predecessor Clinton did in Yugoslavia!

Biden as blanc-Tonto sidekick made Tanned Lone Ranger Obama, the first US  President to serve eight years with the USA at war nonstop, from beginning to end.

Yet what about Blinken constructing some new highways for communication here? Though if it’s highways, clearly the Rajapakses do it best!

They may at least connect factory to warehouse, instead of US warship to rest-and-recreation brothel.

So here then is GJ’s green-card trumpet, his final aria, a goodbye to all that. His fatuous fat-lady swansong announcing his defection as OAS-type pensioned stipendiary in Virginia. His giving up of the holy ghost of anti-imperialism.

There’s Cuba, China, USSR, with Sri Lanka on one side. And there’s Dayana with USA, England and the rest of the whites on the other.

So what exactly did all those tomes and reels of words about Marx and Fidel , etc., amount to? A big floc all!

We thought it was only Trotskyists who by the busload defected to becoming standard bearers of US reaction. Trots turned out to be the leading spokesmen (yes, men!) for the Reagan-era’s so-called neoconservatism (nice words for not calling settler fascists, fascists). In truth, GJ was a closet Trot after all, in stolen Red Army uniform.

Imagine just before the final Nazi assault on Stalingrad in Febraury 1943, fearing defeat, a few Russian soldiers fled to join the Nazi assault. Well, there’s Dayan Jayatilleka aka Comrade Kakula Karpiyo in the lead.

But lo! The sleazy Dayans of this world notwithstanding, here comes history to absolve us. Here cometh the Red Army to the rescue!

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