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Scrap Fake Debts, Reject Rogue UN, Ban iNGOs


“In reality the UN is the legal card used by imperialist interests when brute force has failed.” – Fanon

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 12-18 September 2021

In reality the UN is the legal card used by imperialist interests when brute force has failed. The sharing, the mixed, controlled joint-committees under guardianship are international means of torture to break the will of the people, cultivating anarchy, banditry and misery.

– Frantz Fanon, ‘On the Murder of Patrice Lumumba’, 1964

Anagarika Dharmapala’s 157th birth anniversary fell on September 17. The English and their Wijewardena and Senanayake allies drove him away from Sri Lanka. After the English murdered his brother Edmund in a Jaffna prison, and Henry Pedris in Welikada jail, Dharmapala remained in exile until his death in 1933. Dharmapala’s saga, which gave rise to the SLFP, also refutes the lie that there was no struggle for independence in the 20th century (see ee Focus, SLFP – What Fate Awaits).

     Dharmapala’s rudimentary attempts at industrial renaissance, based on Japan’s rise (or at least what aspects they divulged to him) were taken forward by engineer DJ Wimalasurendra, political leaders Philip Gunawardena and William de Silva, and economists GVS de Silva and SBD de Silva. Yet they too suffered similar isolation and vilification for attempting to serve, midst sabotage, assassination, and terrorism.

     When budding politicians who studied at ‘Big Schools’, talk nonsense about ‘Made-in-Sri-Lanka’ as assembly and manufacture: Peasants and workers themselves must prioritize our own history proving that modern machine-making industry is the pivotal basis for national power everywhere.

     This ee provides fascinating insight: the so-called ‘Father of the Nation’ DS Senanayake, once supported, but later opposed, industrialization due to fear of an organized working class! (Focus, Opportunities Lost). Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s ‘largest NGO’ Sarvodaya’s bank SDF (which claims not to steal from rural areas and enrich Colombo like other banks, and yet ‘leases’ them machinery exorbitantly imported thru Colombo) – has entered into the deeper embrace of the stock market and US government.

• Prof Neeliya Malavige and Deshamanya WD Lakshman complained about the media distorting their words (last ee). The media conitnues that fine English tradition by which Dharmapala’s legacy was poisoned by his enemies, and reduced by ‘honorable’ biographers. This still dominant English trashing can be traced to the very beginnings of English rule itself. Indeed ‘Dharmapala was the most passionate defender of Sri Vikrama [the last king of Sinhale] in colonial times’. The many lies about Sri Vikrama spread by the English spy and ‘writer’ John D’Oyly have even crept into textbooks and lore (ee Media).

     Central Bank Governor Lakshman noted in his farewell: Sri Lanka was called ‘developing’ when he was a student, and is still called so. Unable to install even a much-needed development bank, Lakshman, at least, stood steadfast against the IMF, which demands we devalue our rupee even more, sell off national assets, and reduce the ability of the state to protect citizen’s labor rights, health, education, etc. The Covid onslaught rather should be used to go beyond the capitalist game inherited.

     The rise of foreign government-funded NGOs & multinationals – the business media overflows with their ‘generous’ donations to prevent local production – links to this anarchocapitalist strategy of restricting the state.

     Meanwhile US embassy & US-funded-thinktank Advocata’s press releases, advocating selling national assets, are reproduced immaculately & extensively in a supine media (ee Economists).

     If the now-multinational-linked merchants and moneylenders whom Dharmapala denounced are still able to overturn another popular government, this time in the 21stC, do we need another century to take on who clearly blocks our advance?

• So watch their chatterati wailing US ‘defeat’ in Afghanistan, while whites have elsewhere declared a so-called ‘people’s defensive war’ on Myanmar. This week the whites were still refusing Myanmar their rightful seat at the UN.

     At the same time, USAID & other funds are targeting Sri Lanka AND Myanmar together in various guises, to aid ‘peace-building’, ‘reconciliation’, ‘pluralism’, ‘women’s empowerment’, ‘religious diversity’, ‘conflict sensitivity’, flowing into ‘sensitive’ coastal communities (eg Puttalam, Mannar, Trincomalee, Batticaloa) where they’re rousing ‘inclusive’ chaos (Random Notes, NGOs).

• On 1 September 2021, the US upped their published war budget (for the Pentagon alone) for 2022 to at least $800billion. Weapons corporations publicly paid at least $57million to members of the US Congress in the first half of 2021, to direct investment towards their favorite projects. The whites need no ‘lobbying’ to maintain their machineries of mass murder:

Our mistake… is to have forgotten that the enemy never backs down sincerely. He never understands. He surrenders, but is not converted. Our mistake is to have believed that the enemy had lost its militancy and its harmfulness.

Here Fanon recalls the whites’ murder of Patrice Lumumba and his mistake of depending on the UN who aided in his murder (ee Sovereignty, Lumumba). This is vital to remember, as freshly minted ‘green toilet paper’ comes raining down unaccounted, to finance destabilization, under the various guises of ‘liberalism’ and ‘inclusive democracy’. This is vital to remember when their media is falsely bemoaning a US defeat in Afghanistan. They fail to understand the white man – Theirs is no defeat. They have bequeathed further chaos to yet another region in the world (Random Notes, NGOs).

To counter the US promoting further chaos in Central Asia, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO, of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) met on Sept 17, where Chinese President Xi Jinping called on participants to have confidence in our own traditions, ‘and refuse sanctimonious preaching from those who feel they have the right to lecture us’. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO, of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) also met in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to oppose the extension of terrorism.

     The white Quad’s maiden summit in Washington is scheduled for Sept 24. The Indo-US love affair is set to include attacks on Afghanistan, or rather threaten them. This will in turn further inflame border disputes, enabling further interference in India, and justify India’s interference in our world, etc, etc. The ‘global’ Catholic Church rather than acting coy could surely name who was behind the April 2019 terror.

• US-funded thinktank Advocata is calling for a ‘freeze’ on paying back foreign debt. They repeat the oppositional gospel ever since this popular government was elected, that ‘default’ is imminent (ee Economists, Default). While this incessant naysaying is meant to undermine the ruling coalition, why not simply ‘cancel’ this debt? Instead, they want to sell-off national assets (Random Notes).

     These debts were and are incurred to feed the wasteful lifestyle of the oligarchy? Washington’s IMF and World Bank, however, say ‘Supporters of 100% debt cancellation must be honest about the costs… It would ‘undermine the confidence of existing and potential investors whose funds are vital for the long-term development of the low-income countries’ (ee Economists, Debt). Phew! What is this ‘long-term development’ investors have sunk their money into? No such animal!

     A ‘freeze’ will bring on further IMF ‘conditions’. No economist simply states: modern industrial production is the best route to not just paying back debts, but to advance the people of the country. They will never state: ‘State-led investment in technology, skilled labor and common prosperity’ is the key (ee Economists, China).

• Besides their refusal to cancel the fake debts piled on us, the World Bank (in order to hide their absolutely scandalous blocking of vaccine production in our world, alongside the profiteering off the pandemic) has an obsequious media emblazon World Bank ‘aid’ for women and youth education, the environment (no word about organic fertilizer tho), water, transport, urban development, health, etc.

     Such fake largesse is accompanied by the benign face of its director WB Country Director for SL Faris Hadad-Zervos etc. while English banks like Standard Chartered unashamedly give themselves awards for partnering the Japanese-controlled Asian Development Bank to finance imports of vaccines, further adding to ‘our’ foreign debt!(see ee Business).

• So back we go to our favorite ee topic: Who prevents making of machines in Sri Lanka! Industrialization is not assembly & manufacture! Also, people who make money through money and rent, or sew faster by hand or with imported sewing machines, cannot be called ‘entrepreneurs’!

     The link between importers and leasers of vehicles (& machinery) and the proliferation of finance companies was inadvertently highlighted this week by the infamous Fitch ratings agency. Fitch laments the constraints on vehicle imports is challenging the finance and leasing companies.

     Fitch is linked to Capital Media, publishers of Echelon business magazine & web portal economynext. Capital Media’s chairman Channa de Silva, is also chairman of Sarvodaya Development Finance, and Vice-President of the Sarvodaya movement. SDF, this week, announced it will enter into the deep embrace of the capital market by listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

            Here is why USA’s Fitch is so concerned about finance companies and import restrictions: These finance companies have white development banks from the US, Europe, England, Canada, Japan, India behind them. These ‘development’ banks like SDF are selling their industrial and consumer machinery (farming machinery, tractors, harvesters, 2wheelers, 3wheelers, and other 4wheelers) putting rural people into unpayable debt cycles. So why hasn’t Sarvodaya invested in making tractors here? The zillion rupee question!

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