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Sex & the US Colony


collecting dirt on political leaders, whether radical or conservative, revolutionary or collaborator

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Before you study the economics, study the economists! 

e-Con e-News 02-08 January 2022


Ceaseless as waves jostling the shores are the spectacular duels and diversions of the capitalist media. Their gloomy blue moaning, suppurating white foams, spit sprays of silvery verbiage crashing upon the Black rocks of our primordial recalcitrance, eroding the sands and soils of our national waistlines. They froth up mists, fogs, and vomit out the sporadic carnivorous sea-crocodile, demoted MP, a Mumbai Jacqueline here and a Manhattan Ghislaine there.

All to befuddle and blow away any rational national conversation here about a plan for a modern industrial renaissance. All to prevent a program for removing and going beyond the rule of merchants and moneylenders who thrive under US imperialism and its NATO variants.

Turn page, switch channel, click away, and lo, ‘Business’ and Finance’ news are all glowing serendipity by the second, soaring stock markets, giving themselves and others awards, with their rating agents sticking their thumbs up, yet downgrading the state to private muscleman and masseur. Bad ratings or not, imperialist banks disguised as ‘development’ banks are gorging ‘confidently’ on local finance companies and banks.


  • The 2,000-member Association of Professional Bankers (APB) will meet for their 32nd convention on 18 January. The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) ‘Country Officer’ will strike the keynotes. Perhaps he can explain the IFC (aka US Treasury) stake in the ‘private’ Commercial Bank, and how Anglo-American and Euro ‘development’ banks are using microfinance companies to fleece peasants as well as funding NGOs to divert rural priorities. Where do multinational corporate/MNC profits go? Why do they not reinvest in modern industry here?

Meanwhile, the main harangue of fertilizer-importing multinationals led by England’s ICI-CIC, etc., who are behind the media barrage against ‘organic’, is the dearth of dollars owed to subsidize chemical imports. MNC capitalists may complain, but it’s they, not the Central Bank, who irrigate the flow of dollars and the value of the rupee (see ee Focus, SL Central Bank has No Control over Movement of US Dollar, Garvin Karunaratne)

Finance companies are also swallowing other finance companies under the Central Bank’s Master Plan for the Consolidation of Non-Bank Financial Institutions. Consolidation is a sumptuous IMF term. Yet, while muttering about ‘rule of law’, etc., John Keells and Arpico’s Central Finance are ignoring the SL Monetary Board deadline to reduce their Nations Trust Bank stakes. Their ownership is far over the maximum 15% allowed for a single entity/person to hold in a bank. Send in the seizers!

This ever-cacophonous media are ‘radio silent’ about such private-sector ‘corruption’. Their prime-time slots, which could be dedicated to mass education – are all muted into glittering ‘superstar’ sycophancy by their MNC sponsors. The unleashing of the media and their frothing foaming, barking biting, on cue and in concert midst the wider whitewash, is therefore never a coincidence.


  • This media somehow gushed all over the Delkanda market when MP Susil Premajayanth went to buy a lottery ticket. Susil then lamented soaring vegetable prices with the media. The media were then there when this State Minister of Education Reforms, Open Universities & Distance-learning Promotion was sacked. They followed him from high office to ‘humble’ 3wheeler. He said he’d go back to pettifogging at his former Hultsdorf sanctum. Unless he hits the daily ‘developmental’ jackpot with that lottery ticket! Why conduct such media inquiries at a ‘market’ alone, and not at the banks of the Kelani delta, where all rural surpluses flow ‘under the bridge’ to Quadrangular seas (now more likely by e-transfer by simply thumping computer keys). And what of the hijacking of Trincomalee’s oil tanks?


  • Media never dedicate miles of their purple prose to parasitic urban-rural relations and agricultural policy. Yet cameras and microphones now always pointing where curious rubber diseases sprout, harvests yellow, and ‘farmers’ rally. But nowhere in sight when finance companies send their imperial seizers and salesmen to cajole and threaten cultivators who fail to pay instalments for imported goods. The media never interview the workers in the massive MNC FMCG sales networks of Unilever, CIC, CTC, etc., nor dare divulge MNC complicity in the robbery of the (rural) home market.


  • ‘We are a much-nannied society. We live on subsidies from womb to tomb. We enjoy free healthcare, free education, subsidized electricity and water. Our farmers get their irrigation water free,’ concludes Sugath Kulatunge (ee Focus). This is the penance our oligarchy has to pay for refusing to develop the economy. Many of these ‘social’ programs originated in World-War-2 English bribing peasants and workers to maintain colonial power, as Japan was poised to pounce. The bribes continued after 1948 to buy off votes to reinforce the colonial import-export plantation business and prevent industrialization. In England, the state’s ‘bulk-buying’ programs to control food prices lasted until 1955, after their industries were back on their feet. This ‘nanny state’ label was amplified under Margaret Thatcher, who in the 1980s nannied the capitalists’ whining, to smash the working class, and then dismantle social programs. Unshackling a spree of deregulation, ‘liberalization’ and privatization. Yet, 1977-JR was Thatcher, before Thatcher was Thatcher (1980).


  • This week’s English media-heiress Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking crimes verdict was timed in the US for December 29, to fade with the fogs of the holiday hangover dry-news-generator season. The fog diverted from a rapist English prince on the run from US law. We were shown instead his mother’s ‘Queen’s Baton’ tossed like hot vadai between tea workers in a Melsta Madulsima Plantation.

These tea workers should demand modelling-agency rates as poster-girls for England’s Commonwealth Games. The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) could warn them about how workers are treated in ‘supermodel’ plantations. Ask Ghislaine. Meanwhile Unilever is washing its hands of directly commanding tea workers here, even as they stick their suckers deeper into the teapot, to dilute the blends of the Ceylon Tea brand, they insist is theirs to tamper. (Random Notes)


  • US colonial police penetrated private social space to collect derogatory data on Filipino political leaders, whether radical or conservative, revolutionary or collaborator.’ The media’s obsession with sex and other scandals while the US imposed its first major colony in Asia over a century ago, titillates Alfred W McCoy in Policing America’s Empire: the USA, the Philippines, & the Rise of the Surveillance State. The colony’s underside interwove ‘addiction, avarice, blackmail, cowardice, scandal, torture, venality, and violence.’ The US invasion of the Philippines shaped their colonial regime from its start in 1898, ‘to crush a national revolution and then contain the dreams that inspired such’. The most modern methods involving covert warfare, digging up and throwing dirt at their opponents, character assassination and cooption, were applied and developed, then shipped back to mainland USA. It was the Philippines that gave birth to ‘the father of US military intelligence.’

Yet their antecedents in earlier colonial repression across the world, and even within the white-settler colonial project, need more analysis. Many of the US army veterans in the ‘Geronimo’ wars on the people and land of the Apache southwest, ended up honing their skills in the ‘kill chain’ in the Philippines.

The US used such methods to extend their tentacles through their 20th century invasions,  Covert and openly bloody US wars were also treated as laboratories to hone colonizing stratagems. These may resonate with Sri Lankans:

Haiti is now run by a US-led Core Group of whites, who deliver their dictat via their white envoys, and use assassins to kill and threaten leaders (ee Quotes). Another other such experiment is being carried out in the Horn of Africa, where US-led NATO and ‘certain’ UN agencies are waging war using their ‘ethnic studies’ arsenal to fragment Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, just across the pond from us.  (Random Notes).

For more: eesrilanka.wordpress.com/2022/01/08/sex-the-us-colony

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