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Snippets: Maps, Modi, Murder and Media


“Loyal activist of UK Conservative Party, International Political Lobbyist and Strategist, actively interested in Human Rights, Women Rights and Child Rights”. As one ironic response blared: “Killing farmers to save traders is ok. No human rights issues there.”

Portugal Erased Map to Lanka

The Portuguese king Dom Manoel issued a decree in 1504, banning the insertion on maps of any routes beyond the Congo. References to these routes were even erased on all maps drawn earlier.

Yet, the conquistadors were already at our door, casing the ocean around us. In 1497, Vasco Da Gama had rounded the Cape of White Hope by South Africa and begun attacking Kerala.

Our fullybright bulbs still argue about when the first Europeans exactly invaded: 1505? 1518? Yet, in 1505 Portugal set up a royal monopoly for spice import, to extort tribute through military means, with a royal department Casa da India (like England’s later India House), empowered to control the entire commerce between Portugal and Asia.

Even today European maps of the world don’t show everything, even while appearing to do. Of course they centre Europe in all world maps, and why not? It’s their maps!

Public maps of countries and cities still leave out important details, for strategic reasons, military and economic. Just as many industrial countries also don’t publicize the paths they’ve taken, or the paths they intend to go. They don’t boast of their economic power/dominance, especially industrial strengths. Nor do they publicize their powerful protection of their own home markets.

Murder, Modi, Mahinda and SWRD’s assassing

Is it mere coincidence that India’s PM Modi called Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister on the 61st anniversary of the murder of PM SWRD Bandaranaike in 1959? The call comes after the US War Secretary’s recent buzzing of the SL President’s ear; as rogue UN bureaucrats attempt to destroy the UN’s most loyal membership, the so-called CORE Group, led by a revanchist colonial England, a white-settler puppet Canada, and a rapidly reNazifying Germany; as local NGO and separatist ululators shriek on cue; as the business press wails against feeble import controls.

White media memories of the SWRD murder refuse to go beyond the coverup, yet the real suspects still dominate today. As Philip Gunawardena exposed: the murder was planned at the US Ambassador’s residence and well-known watering holes (Atlanta Club, etc.) of kalusuddha Kolombots led by the bloodstained de Zoysa family, with the US Ambassador meeting SWRD an hour before the assassination. All of this in a backdrop of preventing a development bank, etc., for SL to escape the imperialist stranglehold by merchants and moneylenders. None of this is allowed broadcast, even 61 years later, while the same hounds still bark.

Industry Beyond Balance of Payments 

A media-induced mental-retardation: The news makes it appear that, while there’s some talk of “local production”, the government is apologizing for restrictions on imports etc. Industrialization should be carried out as a positive means to transform the country, and not be just about ‘balance of payments’, unemployment, and collapse. The economy has long collapsed. What we have is the living dead that oppose final cremation.

When ee points out that countries with much smaller populations and markets than us are machine-making industrial powers, challenging readers want proof that ‘countries’ like Singapore are indeed ‘industrial’.
Then we realize, many don’t even know what ‘industry’ means. They still think it is ‘assembly’ and ‘manufacture’, which is how most of our ‘exports’ are made, with expensive imports, controlled by multinational corporations. Then there’s false usage of terms like ‘entrepreneur’.

Autumn’s Jokers & Warmongers: Killing Farmers not Traders

This is their season when war budgets are publicly declared in those countries where all the leaves begin falling off the trees, and those without a roof know a death sentence by ice awaits, passed by no judge or jury, but by actually existing logic of privatized capitalist existence, which has used Covid as an excuse to cull the working class.

This season is also when rogue elements who wish to reduce the UN to absurdity, make threats against member countries, backed of course by those countries with bulging war budgets, who cover up their bloody day-to-day reality by claiming to know about ‘human rights’.

So it’s in this season of the fiasco that’s now the UNHRC in autumn, our week’s most hilarious news item goes to the Wijeya Group’s Financial Times, where an “international human rights activist” says the government is “killing traders” thru import-restrictions, in order to “save” farmers: “Int’l human rights activist says killing traders via import curbs to save farmers ill-advised”

How did this joker manage to get an audience with an obliging Imports and Exports Controller? Perhaps it was arranged by the FT and their major sponsor, the Essential Food Commodities Importers & Traders Association (EFCITA), who reside in the inner bowels of the Independent Merchant Republic of the Pettah.

But there he is in the Controller’s office, complete with FT photographer, 2 ceramic cups of tea, and some bright plastic flowers. What exactly makes him ‘international’ we do not know, but his twitter describes himself as “Loyal activist of UK Conservative Party, International Political Lobbyist and Strategist, actively interested in Human Rights, Women Rights and Child Rights”. As one ironic response blared: “Killing farmers to save traders is ok. No human rights issues there.”

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